The Retainer is a more aggressive approach at retaining

Years ago I was asked to create a device that would be used as a more aggressive way to retain.

DTR retainer

The idea was to have something that would keep a little stress on the skin after using more aggressive restoring methods.

It wasn’t long before the retainer was being used for more than just retaining. It’s used it for Direct Air and weight along with less aggressive tugging.

Notched Retainer

Over time I made more options available such as a notched version and more lengths 20 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm long, I do make a 50 and 60 mm on request.

Foreskin retainers hole

Center hole is for venting and to use the retainer with other methods.

The hole is a 1/4 inch (6.35mm)

Foreskin retainers  solid

Solid for those that want the Retainer without the center hole. This is good for someone that only wants to use it only as a retainer.

also good for guys that like to use oils and lotions on the glans with retaining.

Foreskin retainers on penis

The Retainer is 31.90 mm wide. The glans are NOT meant to be fully engulfed by the retainer.

Foreskin retainers gripper

The retainer sits on top of the glans and the shaft skin is pulled up and held in place by a gripper much like the DTR and Tug bell.


Guys with a larger frenulum may want to opt for a notch with their retainers.

Foreskin retainer  with notch

Notches are contoured and smooth. Not just a small groove.

The bottom of the retainer is about 10 mm deep. This is about half the depth of a DTR bell.

spacers for retainer

Spacers can be added to add length to a Retainer

spacers on retainer DTR

This turns the Retainer into a “packing” device.

weighted retainer DTR

Other then retaining I was also able to use the device with other methods such as Direct Air, weight/mag

retainer with string

Some men will make a leash for the retainer. This can simply be done with a piece of string and a safety pin. Just tie one end of the string to the collar above the gripper and the other end onto a safety pin so you can pin it to any article of clothing. This way if the retainer was to ever fall off you won’t lose it

retainer with spacers

I ended up using the retainer just as much as I used the DTR.

Although its not a must have to restore. The retainer gave me more options for my restoration project.

I found the Retainer to be a very useful device. It was able to hold on and not fall off the way O-rings can when you dont have much skin to work with. I did use it for Direct AIR and Weight when I was using those methods vs the DTR bell because it was a little more compact. I was able to sleep with the retainer in place however I would advise not to do this unless you have enough skin to work with and are comfortable doing so. Personally I feel an O-rings or the keeper are safer for sleeping and retaining.