Why I restored my foreskin

Like many circumcised men I was losing the penile sensitivity I had when I was younger.  My glans needed more stimulation and it was taking longer and longer to reach orgasm with each passing year.

No reason for this picture other then showing off,

My glans just felt like every other body part and turning my penis into a pin cushion with piercings for more stimulation helped but unfortunately some piercings can cause more problems down the road.

old penis
  • Loss of sensitivity
  • Loss of sexual satisfaction
  • Soreness
  • unnatural appearance

In 2002 I heard about Foreskin Restoring on the radio one day driving my truck . When I got home I checked it out online and saw some Information but nothing like there is today.

It took me almost a year before I started to restore since I was skeptical on if this was even a possibility for me. But, since time was going to pass by regardless, doing nothing was not an option.

So I researched and found some DIY instructions for making a home made tugger and started with that. I did not want to shell out any money on a device ( did I mention I was skeptical ) if I could make my own. As I used this home made tugger I started to create my own device that eventually became known as the DTR.

restored foreskin 1

Being restored changed the way I experience life. Not only did it give me new sensations like I never had before but it also has changed my attitude towards life. It was this dramatic of a change for me. 

” Your not just restoring a penis, your restoring the man behind it”. Oklahoma Ted

Foreskin protects the glans from rubbing on clothing and drying out. This keeps the glans sensitive and protected.

restored foreskin 2

This protective feeling can be more than just physical.

Many men including myself have experienced a mental change as well from re-gaining this missing layer of protection.

Glide action is the foreskin’s ability to move over the glans so that only the foreskin is in contact with them.

This feels amazing and it seems to fix any soreness issues for both sex partners during intercourse.

The foreskin can stay in place as the penis moves when having sex, this helps prevent dryness.

My wife was not “all in” when I told her what I was doing. She, just like myself had no clue what difference a foreskin can be for both partners. She has completely changed her views after feeling the difference for herself.

restored foreskin 3

No more drying out during sex
Glans sensitivity is at an all time high
Natural intact appearance
Orgasms that are longer and more intense
All Sexual activity is much more pleasurable
An insane sense of accomplishment

My glans have become smooth and shiny and sensitive to touch. The foreskin keeps it protected the way they are supposed to be. Not exposed and dried out the way circumcision had caused them to become.

This site is an online record on how I restored my foreskin. Remember this web-site is not a tutorial. It is a place where I share my own restoring project and results. Use your own judgement on what is right for you and your body.

Although I believe foreskin restoration is very safe some precaution needs to be taken. Your skin has limits to the stress it can be subjected to.  I found this out the hard way.

One night I was very aggressive and damaged a small area of skin that took a very long time to heal since it was on the fold of my inner foreskin. The manual exercise was something I call the “Finger pull” stretch. This injury was caused by my own stupidity and arrogance thinking my skin was invincible and I went well over my limits. …for me..that’s saying something! 

It took 15 years of me using my penis as a pin cushion and test dummy to finally injure myself and it was with a simple manual stretch exercise. It’s a very good manual exercise for inner skin growth when done with restraint…but I was never one for restraint.

My arrogance was not taking a long break after this injury.  I continued this same exercise each night when I should have just stopped and allowed this injury to heal. This only made the injury worse over time.

It was only by taking a very long break did things start to improve. So use your head if you choose to restore. Your body has limits and its always best to listen to your body when it needs a rest.

You need to be consistent and patient and when your skin needs a break…listen to it.  I say this to anyone restoring regardless of what you are using to restore with.

My only regrets are the piercings I did in my foreskin and Frenulum. Surface piercings can be difficult in some areas even after many years later. Live and learn from my stupidity.

If you made it this far you may have what it takes to Restore. There is no short cuts, no magic oils, lotions or devices. Its just takes determination and equipment that will last a long time.
This is not for anyone that gives up easy.