Foreskin restore 2023 glans and glide action

This update will show how my restored foreskin functions after many years of being restored.

Due to my ordeal with BXO I had many requests to demonstrate if my foreskin had any issues in regards to glide during an erection. I was hesitant at first since I already have a glide video. On the other hand I dont like leaving any room for speculation. So here we go again… buckle up

No oils or lotions are added to enhance shine.
Photos and videos are not altered in any way. This is exactly how my skin looks when filmed in natural sunlight.

Video was taken with go pro hero 3

restored foreskin pull 2

I have not been actively restoring for a long time now.

I have full flaccid coverage 24/7. The only time I do not have full coverage is when fully erect .

restored foreskin pull

Although there is plenty of skin to go well past the glans when erect . The skin will not stay in that position and will slowly roll back exposing my glans when fully erect.

restored foreskin over glans b

The skin will stay over the glans until I purposely pull the skin back to reveal them when flaccid or semi erect.

restored foreskin over glans

When I am semi erect I still have full coverage.

Restored foreskin on glans

The end of my foreskin is still snug but no longer as tight as it was a few years ago.

It no longer gets stuck behind the glans when fully erect.

wrinkled foreskin

This amount of wrinkled skin is impressive and is whats needs to have coverage like this.

restored foreskin wrinkles on shaft

My glans do not have the perfect glans to shaft ration and are just a little bigger than the shaft.

restored foreskin wrinkles

Over the years my foreskin piercings have dissipated greatly leaving very little scar tissue.

healed foreskin piercings

I had originally done 2 piercing on each side.

The first was too small so I did another.

foreskin piercings healed

This healed pierced skin does not interfere with glide action at all as I have demonstrated in the video

Restored glans shine
super smooth penis glans

My glans are almost back to normal in regards to color.

restored foreskin glans d

Keeping my BXO issue at bay is very easy.

As long as I keep my skin as urine free as I have been there really isn’t much more that needs to be done.

restored foreskin glans b

I am completely satisfied with my end results even with all the ups and downs I have had over the years.

restored ultra smooth glans

The inner skin and glans are very sensitive when they are touched.

This makes all aspects of any sexual play much more pleasurable.

Restored foreskin glans

My frenulum area has healed very well considering I had removed what was left of my frenulum with a razor blade years ago.

Even with this scar tissue things have turned out much better than I hoped for.

7/18/23 I wanted to add a quick note on glans sensitivity. I thought my sensitivity gains peaked awhile ago but this has proven to be false. Even though I am no longer actively restoring my glans sensitivity and foreskin functionality continues to improve as time passes.

I hope this update has shed some light as to what is possible even when you are dealing with a major set back such as a BXO condition.