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The Retainer is used to keep the skin over the glans when not restoring.
Retainers can be used for other restoring methods as well.

Options are: Size, Notched or Standard , Gripper style ( holes or no holes ) and center hole , solid or threaded.
Notched or standard , Notched if you have a frenulum and standard for those without a frenulum .
Center hole :  1/4 inch center hole runs through the whole retainer. ( Direct Air , Spacers, weight can be used )
Solid :  if you want to use oils and lotions on your glans while you retain or if you prefer no center hole. ( just to retain )
Threaded hole : 1/4-20 threaded top section allows for any 1/4-20 screw of bolt to attache directly to the top of the retainer

Retainers, DTR bells and Tug bells all use the same grippers
The Retainer is approx 31.90 mm wide.
The retainer sits against the glans while the shaft skin is pulled up and held in place by a gripper.

Price is for each Retainer + gripper

Retainers available in 20 mm to 60 mm lengths
Approximate weight with/gripper
20 mm (20 grams) 30 mm (30 grams) 40 mm (38 grams) 50 mm (48grams) 60 mm (58grams)

Handmade in the USA from machined Nylon



Gripper style

No holes, Holes

Notched or standard

Notched, Standard


20 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm

Solid , Center hole , Threaded

Solid, Center hole, Threaded