How super hydrating the skin can provide better grip performance with any device.

Years ago I discovered that hydrating the skin can enhance the grip of a restoring device.

hydrating foreskin 6

Just take a washcloth and run it under some warm water than squeeze it out.

hydrating foreskin 5

Then simply wrap your shaft skin in the washcloth

hydrating foreskin 4

leave the washcloth on for one minute.

hydrating foreskin 3

I discovered the use of hydration when I first started to restore and noticed that I would have better gripping performance when I used my DTR after taking a shower.

hydrating foreskin 2

When I was activity restoring my skin could become dry. Especially during the winter months.

hydrating foreskin 1

Dry skin can make any restoring device more prone to skin slippage and this is a simple solution to help cut down this issue greatly.

shinny restores foreskin glans

After only one minute the skin feels hydrated.

Your not looking to make things wet, just Super Hydrated so that your skin does not feel dry.

This technique can be used with any restoring device.