focusing on Inner and outer foreskin

How I focused on inner or outer skin just by manipulating on how I attached the device.

As I restored I found that the skin closest to my glans was a little bit thinner and clung better to my glans then the rest of my shaft skin. I thought if I could focus more on this inner skin it would be more like my original foreskin.

Restored foreskin pull down

This is how things looked after years of restoring, I gained more inner skin (Section A) So that this was equal to the length of my glans (B)

My POE would be where you see the word piercings, this is the very end of my foreskin when over the glans.

focusing on inner foreskin

By 2016 from years of being restored you can see how the inside skin has changed.

As I pull down on my foreskin while erect you can see section A makes up my “inner” skin.

The circumcision line has faded, this whole area of skin even feels different to the touch than the outer skin.

Most likely because this ” inner skin ” just like the glans are always protected. Even the piecing has changed after years of being restored.

restored foreskin glans

Its this “cling” quality that the inner skin has that I wanted.

foreskin after direct air

This was after using Direct Air for awhile. You can see how different the skin is. It folds and wrinkles more than outer skin

foreskin after direct air 2

This is right after a couple of hours with direct Air with tape covering the urethra.

My skin would get this weird texture to it


Can you have too much inner skin?

This person has gained a lot of inner skin and this can make the end of the foreskin resemble a trumpet. So focusing on outer skin would be the next step for someone at this stage in my opinion.

foreskin pucker skin

For me personally I was able to get a more natural look to the end of my foreskin by focusing more on outer skin after I knew I had enough inner skin.

foreskin rings

The only down side to outer skin development is if that person has a hairy shaft of short penis this hair line can move up higher. This is known as “Hair Creep”. This should not deter anyone into developing outer skin since most of us have some sparse hair on the penis shaft.

This issue was more of a thing years ago when T-tape was the main way to restore. T-tape mainly focusing on outer skin do to the mechanics of using tape. It really is a whole different way to restore.

With most men today are using restoring devices that can focus on both inner and outer skin, the dreaded “hair creep” is not such a problem anymore.

DTR device sunlight

The tugging method gave me the best outer skin development. Especially when I focused only on outer skin as shown here with as much skin as I need to cover my glans before I attach the bell.

DTR on with strap

Although each method does stress inner and outer skin I feel some methods work easier than others for certain skin growth.

Inner skin: Dual Tension, Direct Air

Outer skin: Tugging, Weight

A balance in needed with inner and outer skin, I feel a person needs enough inner skin so that it matches the length of the glans or more. Too much and you may have a trumpet look to the end of the foreskin. Too little and it may not cling to the glans like it should.
Everyone is going to be different. Circumcision can vary a lot. I feel in the end any skin you have on the inside ends up becoming this inner skin. At least thats what mine has done over time. So don’t go crazy with this When your starting out.