The keeper is a unique way to retain the foreskin

The keeper is made from a Condom Catheter. ( Bell Skin )  This can be a unique way to keep the skin from rolling back and forth over the glans when at that “almost there” Stage of restoring.

Here is a cool trick I came up with using a condom catheter as a way to train the foreskin forwards

foreskin keeper DTR 1

I am using a 36 mm Condom catheter or (Bell skin) as I like to call them. I unroll the catheter.

foreskin keeper DTR 2

Using scissors  I will cut most of the catheter off and only leave about 3/4 to 1 inch worth of the bottom section.

keeper DTR 3

I will now cut off most of the top section leaving about 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch of the tapered  top section. This section of the catheter is thicker then the bottom.

DTR keeper

I don’t worry about making it perfectly round and even. This is what they normally look like after I cut them down.  The slight taper is what I am looking for.

keeper DTR 4

Now the taper side is facing left in this picture. The bottom section of the catheter will face down the shaft of my penis. So the taper side will be at the end of my foreskin.

DTR keeper attaching

I will pinch the end of my foreskin with my finger that are inside the Keeper.

foreskin keeper attaching

While I pull the skin with one hand I can work the Keeper over the foreskin. This is easier then it looks. I can adjust the Keeper so that its positioned just right.

foreskin keeper DTR 5

This is how I like to position the Keeper.  The keeper clings to the skin very well and will stay in this position all day long. After weeks of testing I have yet to have one come off on its own.

The catheter thickness works perfect. The slight taper is enough to keep the foreskin over the glans without any pressure on the skin or glans.

foreskin keeper DTR 6

The material is also thin enough so that It will expand when I retract my foreskin over the glans to urinate.

This has worked out extremely well at keeping the skin forward all the time without any feeling of wearing it what so ever. I can use it all day long and I have even slept with it on and had no issues doing so.

foreskin keeper DTR 7

I do not recommend sleeping with any device or retaining method. What you choose to do with this information you do so at your own RISK.

I used a 36 mm size. That happens to be close to what my skin over my glans measures out to. So someone with a thinner or thicker penis might need a different size.

Foreskin keeper DTR 8

This is from another DTR user using a Keeper.

I personally have been using it with more skin hanging out like you see in this picture.  I feel it puts a little stress on the skin to give it a slight push over the glans.

I discovered this by accident. I tried using a bell skin as a gripper and it just made my skin slip of the DTR bell since it was too thin. It stayed on the end of my foreskin so well I figured why not see it it would work as a retaining method. I found these to be very easy to use and worked extremely well at keeping the skin forwards without it falling off.