Various pictures of my restored foreskin

This is a group of various pictures my restored foreskin over the years. Most of these are before 2017. I will be adding more pictures

various pictures
48 months
restored foreskin overhang

Overhang is the next step after flaccid coverage. This allows the skin to tighten up when its past the glans.

foreskin ring
Foreskin ring pull

This picture was taken after my foreskin piercing was totally healed. Knowing what I know today 2016 I would have never done a foreskin piercing due to the problems it gave me for years as I continued my restoring project.

restored foreskin pull
older pic showing circumcision line
pull down skin
After years of restoring my old circumcision line faded
restored foreskin glans
smooth restored glans
restored glans
Still had my frenulum in this one
restored foreskin pull
pulling restored foreskin

Pulling the skin well past the glans with a full erection. Again something I wasn’t sure I would be able to achieve when I started.

restored foreskin wrinkles

I post these pictures for people to see what a restored foreskin can look like. I find it interesting to see what the skin looks like as the years pass.

restored foreskin show off
2012…not sure what the hell I am doing here..

Some men restore faster then others. Since 2005 I have learned that not everyone will restore at the same pace.

There has been a small percent of men that despite what they do to restore seem to have a very slow progress rate.  I think that what a person has to start with plays a much larger roll then what I previously thought.  Without a control study it will be difficult to refine these factors to fully understand why some men grow skin faster then others.