Some testimonials from other DTR users

When you see <name removed> it just means I removed the name of the device this person was referring too.

I’ve ordered your items a couple times before and wanted to thank you again for making such a life-changing device. The work you do is so important that I offered to purchase a DTR for my brother. I hope he’ll reach the conclusion that he has no choice but to restore and take me up on the offer.
I’m not exaggerating when I say that foreskin restoration is one of the best things a man can possibly do for himself. I’m newly recommitted to the regimen after a couple years of inconsistent effort. It demands a level of patience and dedication that few are willing to develop.

Your DTR is the best way I’ve found to incorporate restoration into my lifestyle. I work in an office and can’t commit to hourly manual methods. Outside work, I’m fairly active and need a self-contained device or only a retainer.

As much as I appreciate everything you’ve done, I can’t wait to set the device aside and bring it out only to remind my (future) son: this task was imposed on victims of ritual genital cutting.
Thanks again. PJC

Hi Chuck. I just wanted to tell you how much I like the DTR Retainer and the quality of your devices! The fact that you make these parts on a lathe by hand is truly awesome! The comfort of the DTR retainer is amazing! I’ve been using the <name removed> for most of my tugging, but now that I have received the DTR bell and air kit, I’m loving the stretch of my inner foreskin more with the DTR bell! I’ve set up my DTR bell for air only, I can use the (name removed) for tugging and the DTR retainer is the BEST retaining device I have used!!! Stays in place and very comfortable! The nylon is smooth, soft and perfect in this type of application and will never wear out! 
Thanks for such great products; your design is probably the best there is in the world of foreskin restoration!
Kurt R

Hey Chuck, I received my DTR today! Thank you so much for making this wonderful product. I have tried so many different methods to restore my foreskin and nothing has been right for me. Taping has been a nightmare and is probably the least comfortable thing I have ever experienced but your DTR couldn’t be more comfortable. I took it out of the box and immediately tried it on and it fit like it was made just for me. I actually forgot I was wearing it. I also tried wearing different types of pants including skinny jean, gym short and even sweat pants and you couldn’t see it at all. I am absolutely amazed by how discrete it is. It is truly a masterpiece. Thank you for giving me hope and I cannot wait to see some progress! Thanks again, James

I received my DTR last week and I have to say, I think it is a great device. I have only been restoring for about a month, using another tape less device. I ordered yours because the other device just didn’t seem to want to stay on. Your device is significantly easier to put on, and it stays on. It’s extremely well made as well – very impressive. I can tell a lot of thoughtful design went into this. I am hoping that with regular use, I can make some significant progress in no time. Thanks again for a wonderful product! Ric

hi, i have been using your product for the last 3 months and want to state that it is the best thing to have happened for my restoration. though i have not used any other product, i am sure there is no other alternative that comes even close to DTR. i am glad that it has not broken in spite of it falling for a number of times, a sure sign of its durability. my glans have started to feel more sensitivity and now i hardly keep them with out cover. can you please advice what my next step should be? super grip or the inner grip? and do i need to change the outer grip before it breaks out? re the elastic rubber, i dont feel great pulling force once i attach them, do i need to use a shorter elastic? thanks for your reply.

Hello Chuck I have just received the DTR and it has come in perfect condition and after admiring the craftsmanship I have started to restore!!! Yahhoooo! Thanks been look forward to start this from the first time I visited your website. So Much Thanks to You. You were not kidding that little gripper is got that skin good and feels very comfortable. Again thanks and will look forward to show you and others out there my progress at restoring my much missed foreskin. Have a great weekend bubba! Eric

Hi Chuck, You were right! After 12 days of manual tugging, I was able to put on the full DTR this evening using the 4″ rod and one rubber band. I am thrilled to be seeing progress so soon. I really like the fact that I can just put on the DTR and basically forget about it while I go about my day–it makes this long process so much easier. Thanks for a great invention. Best, Daniel

Hi Chuck I have been using your DTR for just over a month now and am amazed at the results. About all I can say is thanks for a great and well engineered product that works.
Cheers Kim from Australia

Chuck, After two weeks of using the DTR, I can see a difference in coverage already. I’m very happy about this. I had restored a little previously but never stuck to it because it was either inconvenient or uncomfortable. Your system works great. I’ve used silicone bottle nipples before, but punching holes in one was brilliant. It holds MUCH better, just with the addition of holes. The DTR works better than anything I’ve tried. It is worth every penny to get a part of my body back. I’m using it on and off all day with roughly an hour on and 30 mins off, every day, almost all day long (not at night). Seems to work well for me. Thanks, Brian

I feel fortunate to have found out about your product the Dual Tension Restorer (DTR). Over the past few years, I have used several different methods associated with foreskin restoration. I was fortunate to find out about your product through a Yahoo Group I started out using tape when I discovered that I could actually ‘grow’ my foreskin back after being cut as an infant. The tape gave me a start but I soon found that the tape was causing irritation on my skin. It also pulled and twisted causing bruising, pain, and serious discomfort half way threw the day. After seeing your product on your website and reading how you made the device and how it works, I was sold immediately! The cost didn’t really matter because I knew it was the best product being offered on the net or anywhere else, and trust me, While there are many sites that taut “state of the art” devices that will assist in foreskin growth, I found your site to be most user friendly. As a result I quickly placed an order and was not disappointed in the quality of the product or the customer service. I have been using the DTR for about three weeks now and have not regretted my purchase nor disappointed in the results. It took a couple of days to get use to wearing the DTR. Now, I can go through the entire day. You have my personal assurance that I will be recommending your product and any and all future foreskin restores that I have the pleasure of meeting. Thanks again for the professional and prompt service. You are second to when it comes to product development and customer service! Thanks for everything — I wish you all the best! Sincerely, very satisfied customer, Jason

Dear Chuck: I received the DTR today. This device is simply a work of Art! Thank you! Regards, JAV

I love my dtr and appreciate the craftsmanship it took to make it. I can tell it’s not a “cookie cutter” piece that is made in china. And I like that. It’s so easy to use. And it’s so flexible. There are so many different ways to use it. I wear it all day while I work. It’s amazing. Thanks so much for making restoring easy! Kerry

Hey Chuck, As I am sure you have heard many times, I am very impressed with the DTR you sent me. The quality build makes it stand out from other devices I have used and I can tell it will last a long time. It fits me perfectly, stays on tight and I can wear it underneath even my tight pair of jeans throughout the day without anyone noticing. I am very happy with my purchase, thank you for developing such a cool product! -Luke

Thank you so much for designing, crafting and marketing this wonderful device! Today marks 5 weeks I have been using it. I already have visible results! I wear it an average of 3-5 hours per day with daily wear time varying between 1 hour and 8.25 hours in full adjustable dtr mode. I began at a CI-3, and already have more bunching of skin behind the corona when hanging fully “loose”, and sometimes partial to full coverage, depending on how cold it is. Also, my glans has become softer and more moist. My goal, which I believe is realistic based on the already achieved results, is to be at a CI-8 in a year, with further wear until I achieve a CI-10. I also love the versatility of the device. I have used it in “tugging mode”, and with just the bell portion to keep the skin over the head during the day at work or while I sleep. It is an amazingly effective and versatile device, and the only device I will recommend. Actually the only limiting factor to the time I can comfortably wear the DTR is my frenum. Thankfully I was left with it, but it does cause discomfort with the pusher plate after a while. I wish I had noticed the notched plate option earlier. I think I will have to order it so that I can wear it for longer periods. I am so happy with your device and the results so far! A friend of mine purchased one a week after me, and I have recommended it on a couple of online groups and to several online friends. In fact, I believe a gentleman I was chatting with tonight will be sending an order soon. It’s time to put an end to tedious, inconvenient and uncomfortable taping and strapping and other “home made” devices. The DTR is truly the most effective, most comfortable and best designed device available for foreskin restoration!

Hey Chuck, just wanted to let you know that I’m incredibly happy with my DTR so far! After about a week of struggling to keep it on my penis, my foreskin is finally loose enough that I can easily pop it on and it stays in place. I even went for a hike in the woods without it coming off! The build quality of this thing is wonderful. I’m so happy I went with the DTR for restoration. I’ve already noticed some growth — it’s now bunching at the base of my glans — and my glans is even beginning to get a little shiny. Thanks so much! Thanks, Michael

hi there… it arrived yesterday — Saturday — several days before i was expecting it… very well made — comfortable even for a total newbie… and easy to use… i am impressed — both with the product and the level of service !!!! thank you so much !!!!! i appreciate it !!!!!!!

I just got my order today, Thank You. I am TOTALLY blown away by the quality construction AND PRECISION of it! already putting it to use:) its worth twice the price in my opinion! hell, i would of paid 3 times the price after seeing what others on the net are charging for their versions! You can use this email if you wish for your website.

Dude … it’s going good … your device is “the device” to have (in my inexperienced opinion). I’ve ordered more parts as I’m nearing the top of the 6″ rod … I’m using the inner grip and using high pressure. I took the week off by being sick, but still … the results are amazing and encouraging. Thanks!!! Bryon

Hi Chuck,
I want to thank you for your great DTR. This has already proven to be the best device I have ever used in order to restore. Because I was cut very close I still have some trouble placing enough skin under the retainer but I can already see a difference. On February 2nd I placed the DTR and already there is skin backing up behind my glans. There is a definite difference in sensation already, possibly because of the constant stress on the shaft skin making it a little sensitive. I did take one complete day without wearing the DTR due to a small red irritation on the shaft skin. I think I was most likely overzealous.  
Today I placed an order for some extra parts. All is fine but I don’t want to take a chance on not being able to use the device. Thanks for this very well engineered device. Steve

Chuck, Just had to write to give you another ‘atta-boy’ for your testimonials. I am a very active person. I am a retired US Marine, and am in a motorcycle club. I am an electronics technician, and I work on equipment that is so large, it requires scaffolding and ladders to get to all of the parts. While I was a Marine, I tried three other types of restorers. Without mentioning names, one was metal and required tape. The other two were tapeless tugger styles. I have been using your equipment for two weeks now, and I have to say it is the most comfortable, by far!! I have been able to wear it for my entire 10 hr shifts. I’ve had no trouble so far climbing up and down the scaffolds and ladders; I’ve had no sudden, and excruciating pinches; I haven’t had to run to the bathroom in pain because I applied too much tension; I haven’t had some strap rip, and go snapping one direction or the other (both can hurt, by the way); I can easily take it off for nature’s call then reapply it in a short amount of time. I use mine with the rubber bands. I have found that it gives me the exact amount of tension I need to make progress AND stay comfortable over a 10 hr period. I can even feel it adjusting with my body throughout the day (it’s cold outside, but very warm in our building). In short, I love it!! Thanks for taking the time and effort to make a quality product. I wish I had found your site sooner. Semper Fi, Sully

I did receive the DTR Saturday, thanks. You are to be commended – quite an ingenious invention. I have had it on for 2 days, and can tell I will be able to wear it for longer times than the old tape methods, which I had done previously – getting skin irritations, etc. The clear grip silicone with holes is very clever. A detail I appreciate – The stretch happens completely between the gripper and the push plate, and it is the foreskin closest to the head that gets stretched, not shaft skin further back. With other (homemade) devices, I did achieve stretch with tape/cones, but the skin that was created tended to hang off my balls when flaccid! I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks again. Aloha, Karl

Hi Chuck, Received my DTR kit

and have been using it for 1 month. I am an engineer and the quality and design would be described as “elegant”. This is my first attempt at restoring. I was cut very tight CI-1 on all areas but frenulum. They left me a frenulum and it is probably CI-2 in that area. First day I was only able to go 2 hrs using tugging as there was barely enough skin to grip on the bell. There was a lot of discomfort. I had such a limited amount of skin that I experienced what I have come to call “pullouts” in the areas where it is so tight (won’t reach the retention holes in the gripper). After the first week which had many pullouts ( which caused discomfort due to the differential pressure causing a pinch) things got much better. I have been tugging for the last 3 weeks and have been able to go up to 10.5 hrs before the skin would redden due to stretching. For the last week I finally have been able to use the DTR in elastic mode. I think it is much more effective in this mode. I have definitely seen gains in the quantity of Foreskin. It now covers the sulcus continually and is starting to bunch over the corona. It is getting the “velvety” texture that others have described. I definitely notice greater sensitivity in the frenular area as well as around the corona and sulcus. After I have been using the DTR for 9 or so hrs the foreskin stays half way up my glans (sadly it shrinks by morning). It is getting easier to use with elastic on the DTR as the skin will now stretch to where the gripper holes engage with the skin. I use the restroom every 3 hrs or so and it gets a rest for a few minutes. The discomfort is diminishing and I can easily see how I will be able to wear the DTR for the day with no discomfort. At the end of the day I am getting some redness due to the stretching. I am very pleased with my results after only 1 month and am keeping a photographic file as you did which I will share with you. To those who may have questions about starting: after 1 month I see results and feel an increase in sensitivity. The DTR works and do not be afraid to try it! Patience and persistence will yield results! Thanks for a great device!

Hi again Chuck, I wanted to say thanks for shipping the DTR so quickly (back at the end of October), and also tell you that it’s a great device! But you may already know that. I started restoring in January 2006, but my progress hasn’t been what I hoped it would be up to this point. I first tried the (name removed) Tugger, then ordered the (name removed)Q (for a dual-tension device), then ordered the (name removed)-X dual tension device (because the (name removed)  Q left something to be desired), but none of those methods worked as well for me as the DTR. The size of the DTR gripper is far superior to the (name removed)Q — the DTR never slips off on its own. It’s quick to put on, well-machined (feels very solid, not at all rickety), and seems to be providing good results so far (it’s only been a month). Well, I’m very pleased with your invention. I’m continuing my restoration efforts now with new enthusiasm and optimism that there is an end in sight (like I said, it’s already been almost four years, and I haven’t even achieved reliable flaccid coverage yet). So, thanks. – Stephen

Thanks for your response. I have been using quite a bit of tension – I stretch the rubber band around the screw to the opposite side to get more tension. The advanced inner grip technique is something I would like to try, but I don’t have the Internet access right now, just Juno e – mail. If there is any way you can e-mail me the technique, I’d be grateful, otherwise, I’ll wait until I can get access to check out your site. By the way, I have noticed a length increase from 6 to 7 1/2″! – a side benefit I guess. Thanks for your help. Mark

Hi Chuck, 12 days on, no problems can get it on easily and quickly, and can wear it for hours Many thanks
Got my dtr on Wednesday. Wow I’m impressed! I felt like a child on Christmas morning as I opened it. It works exactly as I thought it would.great craftsmanship! Thank you for creating a product that will make me feel whole again. You deserve some kind of award. You have earned my respect and gratitude.

Just a short message to say thanks, the DTR arrived today. I must compliment you on your workmanship, you have made a fabulous device. The kit is excellent with all the parts you have included. If you like I will email you from time to time and let you know of my restoration progress. — regards, Colin

Hello Chuck, Im still at it. Its has been nearly a year now. wow the time went by fast! I have experienced growth I’m in a similar state that you were in in Month 7. I didn’t have much to work with before as my cut was very tight but thats changing now. Night tugging is now possible with the developed skin. I think it will be another year till im covered. Its as if the new skin grown was used in letting the unit hang down more freely “gave it the slack that it needed” Now its starting to hug the glans. Your device truly holds up. It looks like the day I bought it, though it has been through countless hours of use.

Ordered 9-2-09, arrived 9-10-09, perfectly packaged. The whole shebang, with spare parts. I am an engineer, and I can say categorically that this item is a marvel of hand craftsmanship! Thank you Chuck, for your prompt, and friendly service. The DTR can be (correction- has been) put to work in a matter of seconds. I am a veteran tugger. Been at it since ’96/7 in anger. Tried pretty much every which way but loose. The DTR is without a doubt, the best device I have used, and that includes my own inventions! Thanks to Chuck, I will attain my ultimate goal. No need to mention what that is! Thanks Chuck, you’re a star craftsman, and a sheer pleasure to do business with. Regards, John.

I feel fortunate to have found out about your product the Dual Tension Restorer (DTR). Over the past few years, I have used several different methods associated with foreskin restoration. I was fortunate to find out about your product through a Yahoo Group “ClosetShutM2M” I started out using tape when I discovered that I could actually ‘grow’ my foreskin back after being cut as an infant. The tape gave me a start but I soon found that the tape was causing irritation on my skin. It also pulled and twisted causing bruising, pain, and serious discomfort half way threw the day. After seeing your product on your website and reading how you made the device and how it works, I was sold immediately! The cost didn’t really matter because I knew it was the best product being offered on the net or anywhere else, and trust me,
While there are many sites that taut “state of the art” devices that will assist in foreskin growth, I found your site to be most user friendly. As a result I quickly placed an order and was not disappointed in the quality of the product or the customer service. I have been using the DTR for about three weeks now and have not regretted my purchase nor disappointed in the results. It took a couple of days to get use to wearing the DTR. Now, I can go through the entire day. You have my personal assurance that I will be recommending your product and any and all future foreskin restores that I have the pleasure of meeting. Thanks again for the professional and prompt service. You are second to none when it comes to product development and customer service! Thanks for everything — I wish you all the best! Sincerely, very satisfied customer, Jason

Dear Chuck, Well, I’ve had my DTR for a bit over a month now, and just wanted to let you know that I’m completely satisfied so far. 🙂 Very easy to put on and take off, and very comfortable to wear. My amount of time tugging has gone way up. Of course restoration is still a slow process! But I feel like more progress is being made now. Thanks! -Michael

Just wanted to let you know of my progress. I wear it 8 to 10 hrs a day 7 days a week. I was a CI2 and now I’m a CI5- CI6. I will keep you updated possibly w/ a pic soon. My goal is to get to a CI9 – CI10. When fully hard I want to have the head completely covered. I’m very please w/ my results so far. Thanks to your DTR I know I will get myself to a what a nature man looks like, feels like and smells like. My head is very smooth and glossy and I don’t have to use any type of lube. The extra skin glides nicely over the head. Thanks again! Tim

Hey chuck Rusty here from Brisbane, Australia. I emailed you in May to order a dtr and it arrived on the 18th may so it was a very easy process and thanks you for allowing me to buy the whole kit. As you say…there are differing variants of foreskin and I must have been one of the unlucky ones as there was no free skin to play with. Trying to fit the dtr to start with was a real process of trial and error. For a start of course it’s all new and exciting and I would get a hard on every time it came near me…lol. Then I had to trick my brain and race to try to put it on before my brain cud tell my penis is had some attention happening. In the end I did persevere and cud wear it for half hour and then take it off and put it on half hour later. Then I just used the tugger and that was easier to put on as the head can go in a bit deeper in the recess. Anyway it is almost one month since I started my trial.
I am a ( occupation removed ) and now I even wear the dtr to work and yesterday had it on for 12 hours non stop…its like its just part of me now and no big deal at all and hardly any erections trying to put it on…lol. I have found I like to adapt the tugger method but while wearing the whole dtr. I bought some roll bandage for the leg and folded it a couple of times about an inch thick and it sit just below my right knee. Then I use plain elastic and sense where the correct tension will be and tie it off around the bandage. Then I just loop the end around the wide bit where the 2 screws are and it’s a triple tugger action which gets the lot with tension. For work though I just use the dtr as is. When I am wanking now I can feel lots of movement of skin under my shaft and I can’t believe I don’t have to use lube if I don’t want to. Also when my penis is relaxed there is a tiny but noticeable band of skin happening around the back of the head and I can’t believe it’s only been not even quite on a month. I am so excited that I may be able to restore my foreskin after 48 years of thinking and wondering why I was mutilated at birth. Thanks and regards rusty…

OMG!! I love this thing!!
After only a week at 5-6 hours a day I am seeing a difference in the texture of my glands. Normal for me was kind of a walnut texture, but things are already smoothing out and I can imagine if it could talk it would be a big sigh, like it’s been 40 years since it’s had a drink. I love the stretch I get from the DTR and could wear it all day. I also love the feeling of being “covered” and now I really want that all the time.
Feel free to post another happy customer comment and I’ll keep you informed as I progress.

It has become quite comefortable to wear over the last few weeks. I am very impressed with the device and have had noticable results in less than a month. I have been wearing it for 6-12 hours daily and taking 1-2 days off a week. Its going to be incredible to see what happens over the next year! I am looking forward to using it in the future and will try to give you some new business whenever I can. Thanks again for a great product.

Hi Chuck I just received my new DTR. This is my second try at this restoring device, and I had to write you today to let you know my impressions. First of all, I noticed the greatly improved device fits most perfectly than ever. You have redesigned it from the previous version I had before. Now, it’s totally wearable for me, I have none discomfort whatsoever. Like I mentioned in my first email, , I have tried them all, and this is a 100 times better than the Q something that looked great but wasn’t doing the job right. Also, thanks for adding a second pole to the package, the smaller pole works great at lesser tension for those long running hours, and the long pole is amazing for a very strong pull at shorter periods of time, but still very comfortable. What can say more, I am so glad of this purchase and even more now that the changes made to the device responds to the problems I had before. I see you’ve listened to the testimonies and applied your own experience in the making of this latest wonder of restoring foreskin. It’s been a long time for me restoring, but now, even half-way done, I feel most confident than ever that I can reach my goals faster and easier with the DTR than any other method I have been acquainted with. Thanks so much Chuck for making this, it’s for me a second chance at getting the male hood God designed for me. All the best, Denis

Hey chuck it’s Tony . I’ve been using the DTR fir 17 weeks now averaging 10 hrs a day and I’m real pleased with my results . I went to the doctor last for a check up and it was real cold in the her office . She asked me to pull down my shorts then I realized how cold I really was , I had full coverage !!! OMG this made me feel like a real man . I wad on cloud 9 . Then she pulled my foreskin back , I guess to see if I had any STD , all was good . I just wanted to share this story with you . I can’t wait till I have full coverage 24/7 : ) Tony

Chuck The product arrived in yesterday’s mail and of course I immediately applied it with little to no problem after chaning out the 6 inch rod for the 4 inch rod knowing I’d want to apply way too much pressure immediately! What can I say but to add to all the positive comments already listed on your site. It is so comfortable especially after enduring ‘O’ rings, and wearing with Levi’s is absolutely no problem at all! I wore it for three hours, going to bed and awaking to remove it, feeling just the slightest sensitivity. Am looking forward to how long I can go today, day number two, and the progress. Again, awesome product.
Chalk up another testimonial! ! ! Bob Denver CO

I received my DTR today in the mail. It works like a charm and I wanted to express a great thanks to your wonderful product. I look forward to seeing results, I will keep you posted from time to time. Regards, David

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I ordered my Dtr Very late last Wednesday evening and didn’t think it would be here until the 6th or 7th but I got it in the mail on Monday. Your DTR is everything you say it is and I am now into my second day of restoring. I will keep you posted on my progress as I took before restoration pictures over the weekend… I am currently a Cl 1 and can now look forward to one day having a full restoration. Eric

Hi Chuck, I thought I would write and provide some feedback as the feedback from other users has proved to be very helpful. I believe I purchase the DTR at the beginning of February after extensive research on the web. It was easy for me to conclude that your device is the best on the market and I found your website to be a wealth of information. When I got the DTR I wasn’t able to use it immediately. I guess I had no idea how tightly I was cut until I started restoring. In any case, I employed manual stretching techniques until I was able to wear the DTR which actually took me about a month. At first it was cumbersome and took me a while to get a good grip. This was probably due to being tightly cut and the fact that my glans are rather large so sometimes it didn’t work. I found this device works best when I’m very flaccid, so when I felt my glans were too large for the device, I would simply unload to make them smaller. After 3 months of stretching, one manual and two using the DTR, I am starting to see amazing results. My scar is shrinking and skin is growing. Even though my restoration is in its infancy, I already feel more sensitivity, my penis is even bigger, and I’ve been told that it has a very “velvety” texture. I’ll check in a couple of months, but I wanted to share my story as it was a little bit more difficult for me to get started, but with persistence and patience I was successful. Keep the faith guys, even if you can’t slip it on the day you get it! Take Care, H

Chuck, you ROCK!! Received the super gripper last Saturday, ripped open the bag and immediately put the device on my DTR. Man, does it ever GRIP! Just want to thank you for the best restoring device on the market. I wear mine every day and night and in 16 months am pushing a CI-7! Keep on a-tuggin! Thanks again, Ferdley

Hey Chuck, Thanks so much for inventing the DTR. I’ve been using it now for the last 9 months. I can’t believe how easy and comfortable it is to use. In 9 months I’ve gone from a CI2 to a CI5. The progress has been incredible. I think it’s close to the perfect restoration device. Ray

Hey, Thought I would check in and let you know how things are going after month 1. About 2 days ago the scar line started peeling like a sunburn (right now its almost peeled off and the line is wider and a lot less visible), I was worried about until I read how it has happened to other guys… Before starting to use the DTR, I had no extra skin at all, and could almost not pull any over the glans. Now after 1 month of using it daily (4-5 hours on weekdays and 8-10 hours on weekend days) I have enough to pull and cover half the glans while it moves freely, it even bunches up at the edge of the glans after a shower and starts to fold over when sitting down. I never imagined that it was going to do so much in the first month. I use it after work until I go to bed, which is when I put some Utter Cream (hypoallergenic moisturizer ) on before I sleep. Even if it stops now and I don’t notice anything for a few more months, I think what it has done thus far was well worth it. But don’t think for a second that I’m going to stop using this handy gadget! It only gets easier to use and after while you forget its even there! Many thanks,

Hey Chuck, I just wanted to let you know that the DTR is working wonderfully! I’ve had it for about a month, and I saw a change after the first week. I am extremely pleased with all the results I’ve seen and keep up the good work. I think men everywhere will be pleased with the progress they will see.
Thanks again for the great product. -Matt

Chuck, Its been almost three months of wearing the device, and man i feel truly grateful to you. This device is changing my life. My manhood now hangs as it should now that i have reclaimed some of the skin that should be down there.And hey I’m already experiencing a little rollover coverage. You don’t know how frustrating it is to go through your teens wondering why your doesn’t hang like everyone else. Always angrily questioning your creator.Wondering if the universe loves you or is just torturing you. I now know that the universe created me perfectly but human stupidity. The doctor removed too much skin! This is serious problem there might be hundreds of men walking around today facing the same problem and they would never realize it. Its a miracle. You and your device have changed my life for the better. Keep doing what your doing many men NEED this. feel free to put the above in your testimonials. Kevin

Hi Chuck, Hope that you are fine. Just a short note to say “WOW CHUCK!” you device really works. It has been 4 weeks today since I started. At first I could get nothing on the bell. Just tugging. That helped get some skin, and then on to the bell, and been using as a dual (tug and bell). Hard to believe this myself, but right now, when completely flaccid I have 90% coverage. When getting erect it slides back slowly. I have started to use the retainer 2 weeks ago and have noticed a change into smo

other tissue on the glans. I shall keep working at it. I want to get coverage while erect. It really is a different feel and different looks. I am stunned that it has progressed this fast. I giggle each time I see it. Why did I have to wait until the age of 47 to start this! Where have you been my whole life chuck? Thanks again!!!! Your fan, Den

Also – there has been another side effect benefit. Bladder control. I have had bladder control issues since surgery for prostate cancer. Keeping the DTR on has help me train my bladder muscles to hold while full (since your device acts as a stopper). I have not been able to hold more than an hour for 3 years, now I can hold for 3 hours (without your DTR). That is great. Thanks for the benefits!

Just a short note to let you know the DTR is working for me. Since I started with the DTR in October, I have made noticeable progress. I am up about one CI number to a CI-4. The device has become easier and easier to apply and use as more skin has developed. By the end of this year, I believe I will have progressed to the point that I want. You have made an exceptional product and I want to thank you again for it. I visit your website often to check for new updates. It really has been an invaluable reference as well as an inspiration. Kile

Dear Chuck, I have some really good news. I bought a device from you around November or December 2008. I’ve been using it… And, today I didn’t use it because I rode my bicycle to the train station (half hour) and when I cycle I don’t put it on. When I got home I felt funny as I was cycling. When I pulled down my trousers I noticed that my glans had tucked itself inside the ‘restored foreskin’ – WOW!!!! So I just wanted to say thank you, and that I really appreciate your work. Yours sincerely, Richard

Ok, thanks for your reply. I also wanted to tell you the workmanship is really fine. It’s beautiful, almost elegant, and is obviously made very precisely — no “slop” or “give”. I wore it 12 hours today and I was very active, on the go, and in my jeans. It stayed on perfectly which no other device has managed to do in those circumstances especially with tight Levis. My DTR will give me more hours per week of restoration time than I could manage before. Thank you again. RobertW

I wanted to drop a line to say thanks again.  It’s only been 5 months (received it in late July) and I have full flaccid coverage (started with CI 3-4) while working out, dancing, or other physical activity, and about 3/4 coverage other than that (CI 6).  What really made me want to thank you again is that a one of my friends snuck a peak while I was changing.  One of them said, “You’re not circumcised?! That’s AWESOME! None of my other friends are not circumcised!” I laughed and told him that the normal reaction is “Gross, look at all that skin you have” he said, “No way, it’s a work of art!” After that reaction I think I’m quite ok with letting everyone think I’m a natural human male.  My head no longer rubs on my pants/underwear, looks great, and is already much more sensitive.  I’m still looking forward to getting the glossy look and full coverage.  Thanks Chuck.  You’re the man.

I received the DTR a couple of weeks ago and although I am restored your product works beautifuly. Just thought I’d let you know I’ve used a lot of techniques and products and this is the best. I look forward to the xtra skin. Thanks! Tag

Chuck This new gripper ( super gripper ) is amazing, I now find myself just at that teetering point where I am further along than the rubber band but, still use it to give a little stretch relief. It is amazing how this improves and evens out the tension. Being a small business person I cannot begin to tell you what great customer service you have. Thanks Larry

Chuck, Your device is a godsend, At first I was using the tape method, but I swear it was painful and it actually ripped some skin off which was depressing. I’ve been wearing your device now for a couple of weeks and by following your instructions it’s exactly like you said it would work. I’ve already started seeing some results and I am committed and I’m looking forwards to seeing the full results. I was cut kinda short but thank goodness I have enough skin to start the journey. I believe your DTR is the best product out there and I just wanted to say I’m glad I bought it from you. Take care.

Hi Chuck, wow I got the DTR today (21st Nov) so shipping took 9 days altogether (I expected more). And it was opened by the customs authorities (it had a sticker and tape on it saying so), that’s why I guess it shouldn’t take much longer on average. I already put it on – its grip is amazing… Thank you so much for your help. Being a circumcised man makes me part of a small minority here in Germany so it’ll help me very much to have nothing to hide any longer. Or at least look natural like Nature intended it to be. Thanks again, Johannes

Hi Chuck Just to let you know that i now owned your greatest device..sorry for my snails reply! anyway I been using that now every night & day…and the result is extremely fantastic and of course it easy to put it on and when u on emergency (Nature call) it rather simple from the two device that i have from the EXPENSIVE method…shamed! So I not only use the device on it own but I combine that with LEECH OILS which is good for increasing the size of the penis and it gives moist on the skin. Thank you and i hope that i can post my pictures on your web when I get better result. Ed. United Kingdom

Chuck, Sorry i didn’t write you sooner, but I got the DTR just fine in the mail about 2 days after you sent it. Have been wearing it daily, and I am very happy with it. Good craftsmanship as well. Hope for big gains with this thing. Thanks again! Ryan

Hi Chuck Just a quick note to let you know that I got my DTR almost a month ago. I am so happy with it and can’t believe I didn’t order one years ago. I am the guy that has been at this with tape for 8 years. It seems that I have made as much progress in the past 3 weeks as I have in my best year previously. It is so comfortable that I wear it from morning until night, every day. Don

Just a quick note to let you know that I am very happy with my progress. I had a little trouble the first couple times I used my restorer. I am not quite as large as your photo’s, and my foreskin from my circumcision didn’t leave much to work with; I used my restorer as a tugger the first couple times and I am now able to get enough skin under the gripper to get a firm grip. I am now using my DTR with no trouble at all and have already seem progress with my restoration of my foreskin. I am wearing my restorer most all day and I am sure that I’ll begin seeing even more results quicker than later. Thanks for all your efforts to help all the guys that want their foreskin back. By the way; your photo gallery of your results is great. I enjoyed being able to see actual results.
Carl from Indiana

Chuck, Wow fast shipping! Thanks alot, I started using it right away and it’s really comfortable – more than I expected. The craftsmanship is impressive, and the attention to detail is not what I expected. Great work! Thanks for being cool and actually taking the time to do this and help guys out. Best, Jim

WOW! —– amazingly, my DTR arrived safely this morning which is a quite remarkable service – well done Chuck and top marks to the US postal guys too, many thanks!!!! My DTR went on straight away without a hitch and I’m very pleased indeed with the feel of it, most comfortable I’m sure we’re going to get along fine. Again, sincere thanks -Colin

Hello Chuck, received the DTR today and it’s all I thought it would be! Thanks so much, wish I were in a position a couple months back to purchase one then. It’s comfortable, easy to get on and off and easy to hide under my clothing. This should make restoring so much easier. Thanks again. Jim

Hi Chuck, I wanted to wait a while for the newness and excitement of getting my DTR to wear off before I wrote in with my testimony. I have been using the DTR for about five weeks now and all I can say is WOW! You have developed a truly phenomenal product! It is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, which ma

I expected), I have worn it on average between 10-14 hours each and every day. I have already noticed a huge difference in glans sensitivity and achieve at least partial coverage most of the time. Since I’ve started restoring I’ve met quite a few guys around my age (under 30) who are currently restoring or are interested in restoring. I’ve referred them all to your site! Chuck, your product is top notch and your customer service is impeccable. I can not thank you enough for all of your hard work in making it possible for guys like me, to gain back what was wrongfully taken from us. Taylor in Houston.

Hey Chuck, I just wanted to say that I’ve been wearing the DTR almost everyday, and that it works GREAT! It stretches just right for me, and the ease of putting it on and taking it off is truly as simple and easy as you described in the video on your site. Take care, Drew

Just got the DTR today. Great work man! It works great, stays on and is very comfortable. Great design and everything. I am very pleased. Thank you, Shane

Hey Chuck! I just got my DTR an hour ago. I never thought that your device was indeed a miracle. After two previous devices, this is “THE ONE”. First I had my thoughts about it. And Now that I have it I can’t believe how easy it is too put it on, to take it off and to assemble in different configurations. It fits perfectly!! Like it was custom made for me. Right materials, right size, right EVERYTHING!! For the first time I think restoration is happening at last. Thank you very much for inventing such a great product. BTW…. People out there…. This device is worth every single cent you pay for. Anonymous

Absolutely amazing, your product is unbeatable. It was very comfortable and I wore it for 6 hours today. I know I am going to be seeing results with the DTR, and I know that results won’t take forever either. I can’t wait to email you again down the road and tell you about how far I have progressed. Thank you so much for this device, I know it will be a life saver!

Chuck, I received the DTR today. Thanks for sending it out so quickly. It is very well designed and built – even better than I guessed from looking at the pictures on your website. Very comfortable too. I look forward to putting it to lots of use, and I’ll be sure to recommend it to friends and guys on the fr message boards. Thanks again for being an inspiration and making a great product! Tom

I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with the DTR. It’s a huge leap for me in progress. That being said, did you pay much attention on where your point of equilibrium (or whatever it’s called) was when putting on the plastic gripper? I’ve been doing this for a while and want to get to finish line as quickly as possible and your results are amazing. Thanks. John
Answer : I never paid much attention to the POE. I just changed grip location every time I put the device on.

Hello Chuck, The DTR arrived today and I applied it just as you had sent it with the 6″ push rod and rubber band. When I am completely flacid, I look like I have a lot of remaining foreskin because my glans is about 40% covered. But, this is a very misleading image because when I am erect, ALL the skin on my penis is VERY tight making sexual intercourse and masturbation somewhat uncomfortable. When I applied the DTR, I locked the push rod so that the pusher plate would be right up against the bell. I have much more foreskin on the underside of my penis and much less on top. It took a few moments, but I managed to get sufficient foreskin all round to near the top of the gripper. Just in case it might hurt, I held the push rod tightly as I loosened the set screw. I released it slowly with the thought that I would get perhaps a push rod movement of 1/8″ or so. When it stopped, it was obvious that it had moved much more than 1/8″. I made a pen mark on the push rod, then pulled the push rod back up and I was AMAZED that it had moved 3/4″! The fact that I could pinch the stretched skin all the way in to the push rod just astounded me! I had never seen so much stretched skin on my penis.
After two hours, I seemed to feel some additional pressure, so I checked the push rod length again and it had moved an additional 1/4″ for a total of 1 full inch! Needless to say, I was and am amazed. I thought I would give it a few minutes rest by removing the DTR. When I released the gripper, the pusher plate was COMPLETELY buried in foreskin! For me, that was a beautiful sight and I am hoping that it is a portent of things to come.
Thank you so very much, Chuck. You have made me a very happy man after only two hours of using the DTR!
Best regards, Bill

Chuck, Thanks for sending the DTR, I love it. I’m already wearing it most all day now. Thanks for all that your doing for those of us who had our hoods removed without our consent.

Hi Chuck, your package arrived today, unbelievable how fast it went. I took on the DTR and it feels comfortable and worked without any problems and I hope, it will increase my growth even more. Thanks and best regards, Paul

Hello Chuck, I had to write and inform you that the DTR has already far surpassed every other contraption I have tried!! Unfortunately, I tried all the more expensive inventions before I found the DTR. It is really so much more comfortable than wearing a weight that bounces around from leg to leg and clangs every hard chair you sit on. It also totally beats the “Living Hell” out of tape. Who really thinks going 2 years with tape on one of the most tender parts of your body was a realistic idea?? The DTR is light, discreet, sanitary and easy to put on. After a few seconds I forget it is there until I take it off again. I work in the construction field and climb a lot of ladders and move a lot of supplies…lately I’ve been wearing the DTR as I do those tasks…and with no real discomfort! Thanks, Carl

Hello Chuck, I had to write and inform you that the DTR has already far surpassed every other contraption I have tried!! Unfortunately, I tried all the more expensive inventions before I found the DTR. It is really so much more comfortable than wearing a weight that bounces around from leg to leg and clangs every hard chair you sit on. It also totally beats the “Living Hell” out of tape. Who really thinks going 2 years with tape on one of the most tender parts of your body was a realistic idea?? The DTR is light, discreet, sanitary and easy to put on. After a few seconds I forget it is there until I take it off again. I work in the construction field and climb a lot of ladders and move a lot of supplies…lately I’ve been wearing the DTR as I do those tasks…and with no real discomfort! Thanks, Carl

Dear Chuck, Just started my 3rd week of using the DTR. The first 3 days or so of receiving the DTR – I must have played with my foreskin more than any time I can ever remember! At first my foreskin would just barely reach the first line of holes on the gripper and would eventually slip off not much to hold onto. Now into my 3rd week the skin has stretched enough to cover the entire bell cap. I can easily wear the DTR for extened periods of time up to at least 10 or 12 hours per session. This moring after stretching I noticed the foreskin did not retract all the way back and stayed covering about 3/4 of the gland for an extended period of time. WOW never ever have I had this experience. Eventually it retracted – I can only imagine what it must be like to have full coverage 24/7 ! Chuck your invention is amazing and I am looking forward to full coverage. Jerry

While doing my initial research I saw one testimonial after another praising the DTR, but noticed that most were written promptly upon having received this device. “That’s not very objective,” I thought. I did obtain the device myself, but resolved to give it a long and thorough trial before voicing my opinion. I made it a mere three weeks, now I must speak out! First, the concept and construction of the DTR is pure genius! I must admit an admiration of the engineering prowess of your brain. A most elegant and eminently functional design indeed. Secondly, in only three weeks I have seen very remarkable results! I am having a daily coverage of 50% the glans! On some days I am actually seeing about 75% coverage. While I was blessed with some skin prior to using the DTR, it has shown DRAMATIC results in a very short time. I am very much looking forward to the long term results of your fantastic device, and I definitely recommend it, without hesitation. Thank you Sir, I send you much gratitude. From: Michael S., one VERY pleased customer.

Hi Chuck, Just a quite note to let you know that I received my DTR yesterday and am already into my second day of restoring. I had a bit of trouble getting my skin over the bell initially and getting the technique right, it took about half an hour of repeated attempts, but eventually I succeeded and now I can put it on in a few seconds. I had it on for 6 hours yesterday but did find some discomfort from the gripper until I reversed it and now its fine. The first day I used it as a tugger, however this morning I am wearing it complete and it is working great! I couldn’t be happier. Cheers Allan

Chuck, I got my DTR and put it on immediately. I’m really impressed with it. It’s obvious a lot of time and effort went in to its construction. I like that it’s so easy to use and that it’s comfortable. I’ve used other methods in the past and eventually quit using them due to varying levels of discomfort. I can easily see this is going to be the method I can stick with. This is truly money well spent. Thank you very much, Mark

What everyone else says it true, you are a genius!!!! I got this thing on in a matter of seconds and it feels soooo comfortable. I can feel the tension just with the elastic and it’s perfect…not too much or too little. You should be recognized nationally for this, I can see myself sticking to this device daily and I’m sure I can wear it to work and school. You rock!!!!!!! Daniel PS, feel free to use this in the testimonies… you can use my name if you like

Awesome. This is truly an ingenious design. I can see how well this will work. Thank you once again. Good luck with future sales and Merry Christmas! Evan

Hi Chuck, This is just to let you know that my DTR arrived safely this morning. What a great service you provide, having only ordered it (from overseas) earlier this week! I’m already wearing it with great comfort and, it was SO easy to put on! I was delighted with my previous device (name removed) which, as you know works in very much the same way as your DTR. However, I feel that you’ve refined and developed this ‘tugging’ method/principal to a higher level thus, improving both the application of more even tension, not to mention vastly improved the wearers personal comfort! I know with this clever product I’m going to have great success and, will achieve my end goal (no pun intended). I thank you for sharing this well designed and manufactured product with ‘we’ guys who (largely), were cruelly robbed of our birth right and, who strive to regain the one thing which will finally make us feel complete. Thank you. Very best wishes Ian P.S. Feel free to use as much or as little of this message on your web site and, I have no objection to you including my name.
Ian M Kendal

Hi Chuck, I received my DTR about 3 weeks ago in a very timely manner. When I first received it I had a great deal of difficulty in putting in on as I didn’t have enough skin to grasp, the first day I couldn’t get it to stay on for very long. by day 2 I could get enough skin to have it stay on for about an hour as the days progressed it would stay on longer and longer. I kept adjusting it as I was wearing it pushing it in farther and farther. After I would take it off I was rubbing vitamin E on the shaft before I went to bed at night. I would wear it for about an hour in the morning while getting ready for work and then for about 4 hours after getting home. Now after 3 weeks I can push the plunger in to the end of the shorter rod that you sent after adjusting the plunger repeatedly after putting on as I relaxed. The looseness of the skin is visibly noticeable at this time and I find that I’m getting some coverage of the head if I go out in the cold. I haven’t really used the automatic adjustment with the rubber band as it didn’t give me as much tension as I could tolerate. I realize that probably a lot of this is just the stretching of the skin and not real growth of skin but I didn’t expect this much progress in such a short period of time. Before ordering the DTR I had only played with taping on a few occasions and found it cumbersome and time consuming. I just wanted to say Thank You for coming up with such a great idea! I can’t wait to reap the rewards of increased sensitivity as I progress! Happy Holidays! John

Hey there, I just got home from work and the DTR was here! I put it on right away,…this is most comfortable and easy device I have ever used! Thank you! Tom

Hi Chuck, Thanks for sending it out asap. I got it today and it is exactly as represented. I have already started with it. The design is great, it is applying pressure uniformly and as needed. I have great expectations.
Cheers, Brian

I got the DTR last night. The grip really is fantastic, and the device’s construction is excellent. Thanks so much!!

Chuck The DTR has arrived – 5 days from the US to New Zealand, not bad. So easy to use – one failed attempt and then it was on and staying on. Fantastic holding power. Will send an update in a few months. I’m very impressed at how you’ve invented and produced this ingenious device. Feel free to put my emails minus surname and address on your web site if you wish. Thanks very much and please keep up the good work

Hi, I just wanted to say that I have received the foreskin restoration device and I really am so pleased with it! I was using the tugger and it was OK but your product for me has been an amazing improvement! I had gotten results from the other but, I have seen marked results since using yours in just a bit over a week. I always had trouble with the tugger and could not wear it at work as it would always come off as I do physical work! Yours, I wear all day with just a bit of pinching sometimes but I take it off for a bit and then put it on and it is just perfect! I was at the gym and this guy actually said he did not know that I was was uncut! It was a small thrill to be referred to that way! My foreskin is staying over the glans on a more consistent basis and so the sensitivity is returning to a greater level than I have known before. Thank you so much for this great product! I will tell others that are interested in this and, send them to your site! It was well worth the money spent!! Thank you again and keep up the great work!! Jim M

Hey Chuck! How are you doing! Just wanted to tell you a little bit about my progress. I received the DTR back in late August and have been using it everyday since I received it! It is a high quality product, very discreet, and no one knows that I have it on as well. Before I bought your product I tried some other products but none of them seemed to work out. I have been using your product right now everyday for the past couple of months and the results have been just awesome!! My skin around my head is getting looser and my head becoming more sensitive. I’m just wondering now that you are finished what it feels like to have your head covered now? It must be extremely sensitive 🙂 I can’t wait until my head is completely covered using your product. Do you have any advice you can give to me? I know that this is a long process but any sort of advice and encouragement would greatly help me. Well email me back when you have a chance. Thanks! Jerad

Hi Chuck- just a note to let you know I received my dtr. After just one day of wearing I can SEE WHY EVERYONE WHO BUYS ONE IS RAVING! It is comfortable, stays on all day and does a good job of stretching. Yours is the best and I know because I’ve tried most of the rest. More in a couple months-meanwhile, thanks for the prompt service. Dave

Hi Chuck, Please feel free to use the testimonial below if you wish. It is all TRUE. Thanks a million!!! JA
Dear Chuck, I received my DTR this afternoon and I cannot thank you enough for this miracle device. It took me a few seconds to put on, and I’m already experiencing the type of internal and external foreskin tension that I couldn’t achieve with other devices. The DTR is also incredibly comfortable and stealth under clothing. I can’t thank you enough for the DTR! JA Canada

Chuck, I received it just fine. Thanks so much for the incredibly quick turnaround—-even to Japan! I have it on now and really like the way it feels—-I can tell that the tug is something quite different from T-tape as well as the(name removed), two strategies I’ve used in the past. The twin tension feels like skin that hasn’t been tensioned before is getting put to use. Will give you an update in a few months on how it goes. Thanks again. Jason

Hi Chuck
I purchased your DTR several months ago and am I amazed as to how quick this has changed my sex life. Prior to using the device I never realized how tight my skin was when I was erect. After only a month of wearing the device I had plenty of extra skin which makes which not only makes it more comfortable in having an erection but a lot more fun during sex and masturbation. Even if I never finish and do not reconstruct my foreskin (I highly doubt it will not happen) my short experience with your device has been well worth the effort, time and money. thanks again Brad

Hi Chuck, Well my DTR arrived in Seattle yesterday. Dude I have to tell you after trying every product on the market-you device rocks! I slipped it on and had no issues at all and that lasted for 8 hours. I cleaned it up and had it on this morning before shaving or even brushing my teeth! I only wished that I had found out about you and the DTR before spending a bunch of money on 3 different products that proved very difficult to wear. No more tape-YEA! Your website is great information tool-and so has been your response. Here is to a great product that I hope will in the end keep me covered. Pete Seattle Wa

Received it today and have been wearing since 11am this morning is now 12:30 am. Fastest shipping and awesome product. Thanks, will keep you updated on how things go. Chet in Kansas

Hey Chuck, how are you??? well it arrived safe and sound….so sorry for delay in letting you know. It arrived in approx 6 days , super quick!! Thanks for such an amazing device…..the 1st restoration device that has actually surpassed my expectations!!!!! It’s ingenious, you’re a clever man!….must be a good feeling to know that you’re helping so may men around the wold.. heart felt thanks from brisbane…… can’t wait to have my skin back to play with !!!! Stay well cheers jt

Hi Chuck, I just wanted to thank you for sending out the DTR device so quickly. I received it one week ago. I have to say I am really impressed with both the engineering and craftsmanship of the device…absolutely brilliant! It took just a couple of minutes to get it on. I begun by wearing it for just a couple of hours a day at home when I had nothing else going on. Now, after having had some time to get used to it I have been wearing it for a bit longer (3-6 hours a day). It is strange, after just 8 days of using it I see some noticeable change. I suspect that this is not yet permanent and would likely go back to the previous condition if I were to stop using the DTR, but it has giving me cause for optimism. I am very happy that I have been able to wear the DTR comfortably and without it being noticeable to others (I wore it outside today because I would not have much time to wear it later). Well, I just wanted to say thanks. If I achieve significant restoration over the next several months I will report that to you so that you can include my results on your testimonials page. Take care,

Chuck, Just wanted to let you know that I received the DTR yesterday afternoon. Because of all the great information on your outstanding and comprehensive web site the DTR was exactly what I expected plus a little extra (spare screws and two sizes of elastic bands). I had previously never thought about restoration but while cleaning out the garage last weekend, I heard a doctor on the radio talk about surgical restoration and some non-surgical alternatives. This raised my curiosity and a web search found plenty of information. After hours of reading and looking at products and various methods I thought your DTR was the best approach. Your DTR appliance is akin to using a dental retainer or other dental appliance. It quickly goes on and off, easy to clean and maintain, most normal daily activity can continue while using it and with time and patience a problem can be corrected. Additionally, It is not nearly as expensive as any dental appliance. JJJJJJ I am not trashing any other systems, methods or ideas. I am grateful to the many communities of people around the world that take an interest in a subject and via the internet share their knowledge, thoughts, ideas and discoveries toward what is usually a common or similar goal. We all benefit. The DTR is a top quality appliance and you have proved yourself to be a dedicated researcher, inventor and craftsman. Many thanks,
Michael Colorado Springs

Hi Chuck, thanking you for your prompt attention to my purchase order for your DTR; I received it on Friday, April 20 only 6 days after I had sent you a postal money order. And I am wearing it now. Love it’s light weight nylon construction and relative ease of use as well as the ingenuity behind its creation. Simply put: I’m glad I ran into you. With best regards, Sean.

The email bellow is a follow up letter one month later.

Greetings Chuck, just a follow-up on your “truly amazing product”; I’ve been using it since I ordered it from you on April 14 and it is everything you said it is and “then some” a rarity in this era of quick promotional hype that often leaves us with products that leave something to be desired so it’s refreshing to find a product like your DTR that- is- and -does- what it is sold to do. It’s ease of use:( I can even adjust it while I’m wearing my trousers), lightweight yet durable nylon construction and simplicity to clean make it a “superior product” indeed. As far as I’m concerned you have “blown away the competition”. And I’m impressed even more so with the ingenuity and novel creativity that went into the development of this innovative product. You are truly “The Einstein” of the foreskin restoration nation.
Sincerely yours, Sean

Hi Chuck!

My DTR arrived (soo excited).
I used it today for about 5 hours on medium to high tension, my skin was sooo loose after I took it off, it was awesome.
I wanted to thank you for a professionally made device, there is no way anyone can tell this was hand made and not in a factory.
After 2 days of restoring, I’ve already noticed the HUGE “Stretch” phase–my skin is now as stretched as it can possibly go, and hopefully the growth stage will kick in after a couple of months. I’m worried my results will turn out disfigured and stuff, haha I’m paranoid like that. But If my results come anywhere near yours, I’ll be happy for life, I’m still shocked to see your texture change so hugely.

I agree that I must stick to it daily, even if I can do only ONE hour a day, I’ll make sure the tension is high enough in that 1 hour to make it worthwhile 🙂 I want stress/mitosis going on daily, I guess you kept going every day as well that’s why you got such fast results. Thanks.  Dave

Hi Chuck, Thank you again for sending me the shorter rod. It enabled me to wear the device for 12 to 15 hrs a day since it arrived. Thank You for your kindness in not charging me, although totally not necessary, but certainly says a lot about you, and your website, kudos to you, it is much deserved. I am happy to report that in that short period of you sending me the shorter rod, (about 4 weeks, give or take, didn’t write it down) I have now graduated to the original one you sent. This is my first week of actually seeing my foreskin actually staying over my glans. THANK YOU for developing a product that actually preforms, there are no words. I only have one question if you might be able to respond. In reviewing the time it took you to restore, if I doubled the time wearing the device, might you say, I could possible receive the results in about half the time, give or take, I know everyone is different, and possible you may not know, it’s a no hold bar question. I noticed you didn’t start wearing the device until month 5. So, I guess you only wore the device for 19mos? like, if i doubled the time you wore it, perhaps my results would be in less time? I would appreciate your input. Best Regards, Mike D

PS, feel free to use any of my e-mail for your website, would be my honor, just less my last name, thank you chuck

Hi Chuck,
I received the DTR in the mail today. Thanks for the timely shipment! I was impressed with it’s craftsmanship. I immediately put it on and was glad that indeed, “one size fits all.” I can’t wait to make some progress. Thanks again! I really needed this….-Angelo

Hi Chuck! I just have to write and tell you about your near-miraculous device you sent just a week ago so promptly to Spain. For those men not classed as ‘big’ like myself and with very little foreskin, the results are indeed proving spectacular. Even after a few hours application the results are obvious and very surprising. Getting adjusted first of all can be frustrating and I began to think my willy had a mind of its own! … In the beginning it seemed to need cajoling almost! In fact the more fiddly I got, the less co-operative it seemed to be sometimes; but EVEN SO, the manipulating in itself also seemed to loosen up the little foreskin I had. Now I just get in there straight away, slide it in and away I go attempting to clamp evenly around just the 1/4 ” skin I can get hold of. Sometimes my willy looked as if it had disappeared into my stomach and I was clamping just my balls and some hairs! Now, amazingly, after just the sum of about 8 hours over various periods I can definitely see a foreskin developing! I am able to feel comfortable for about three hours at a time now. My surprise is to find that already, while sitting, my willy tucks itself up more often than it ever did before in a small foreskin! When I want to pee too; I now find I must roll back or I shower myself! GOD … What a miracle! If I have made myself a little sore I just rub on some moisturiser and leave it off a few hours until I am ready again. I have to admit there’s a certain erotic pleasure when it all slips in together and works, of course! SO … I shall go on with this until I have reached the amazing overhang YOU achieved! Your device is beautifully made with utmost precision, craftsmanship and simplicity; born from a genius! CONGRATULATIONS and many thanks! I’ll certainly check back with you from time to time to let you know how it is going.
All the very best and thanks again. Alan.

The DTR arrived today — Dude, I’m VERY impressed with the workmanship and the overall design.  I already feel like this design will work well.  I find it to be quite comfortable, and easy to put on.  Thanks for the quick shipping too.  Looking forward to seeing how it does for growth.  Thank you again!  Sincerely, Charles B

The DTR arrived today — Dude, I’m VERY impressed with the workmanship and the overall design.  I already feel like this design will work well.  I find it to be quite comfortable, and easy to put on.  Thanks for the quick shipping too.  Looking forward to seeing how it does for growth.  Thank you again!  Sincerely, Charles B

Hi Chuck, I’ve received it about a week ago and I’m enjoying it a lot! I like it a lot, maybe more than the (name removed) tugger. I’ve just stopped tugging with straps and started using the push rod today. I must say it’s very ingenious and I really love it. Thanks for inventing this and letting other people benefit from it. Bryan

Hi Chuck, I received the DTR in the post today. Many thanks for your help. > So many people on the FRC site say it’s great, and I look forward to using > it! Jay.

Thanks Chuck for the DTR that you sent last week. It is worth every penny of the price as it works very well. I had tried O-rings and taping before and even made a homemade device to work at restoring a foreskin but all of the devices, even though they did help restore a bit of foreskin, were difficult to work with. Your DTR is easy to use and keeps on working long after other devices have let go. I have had it a week now and think that I am going to have an easier time of restoring a foreskin now even though it will be a long haul of stretching.
Thanks and keep up the good work, Rob

Hi Chuck, my apologies for not acknowledging safe arrival of the DTR up till now.  It arrived very quickly. 
I have now been using it for about 10 days and I am most impressed with it.  It feels as though it is exerting a rather different kind of pressure compared to my RECAP EZ, and as such I think they both complement each other very well.  I like the transparent gripper since it makes it easy to check that an equal amount of skin is being gripped and also it means you can see where the skin has become too bunched and pinched, allowing you to even it out.
I find the gripper takes some practice to put on, compared to the hard silicone gripper of my EZ, because its soft nature means that it does not flip over all at once to grip the skin, and of course it only grips the skin when there is tension applied.  So I have found a way to both pull the gripper away from my body at the same time as flipping it over my skin and tucking my skin up as necessary.  But once in place, it grips very well and has not yet come off.
When using maximum pressure, I feel slightly uncomfortable with pushing the rod down almost all the way since it effectively pushes the head of my penis right back into my body (I am not nearly as long as you).  So I have attached a strap (from my Tugger)  to the top of the rod, using the metal ring you kindly provided, which I then wrap round my leg. That allows me to pull the whole DTR device away from my body, and I feel much more comfortable that way. 
Anyway, many thanks for your ingenious device, and I am sure it is going to be a big help in the restoration process. Best wishes, Nick R. in the UK

Hi Chuck. . .
I just wanted to let you know that I received my DTR and have been using it ever since.  I really like your product.  I haven’t used anything before but I think your DTR will work for me; I fortunately have enough skin to grip.  I find your DTR extremely comfortable.  I am not using it as a tugger yet; I suspect that will come later.  What I have been doing is letting the tension from the elastic do the work.  As I said, I find it extremely comfortable.  I will keep you posted as to my progress.  For the first week or so, I plan on using it two to three hours a day.  I’m planning on a five hour schedule at the start of the new year.  That should be a good benchmark for recording progress. Thanks again.We’ll be in touch .Have a nice holiday. Mario

The DTR is working amazingly. I had heard from friends that other devices didn’t work. I point them at the DTR. I had a little foreskin to start with  as the doctor didn’t cut it cleanly. At first I put just the DTR on a few  times a week for 3-4 hours.  In about 2 months, I was surprised at how much  foreskin I had, so I decided to be aggressive.  I then used it about 5 – 7  hours per day for about 7 days a week and in seven months total, I’m at  where your picture showed you at 15 months. I’ve shown one friend who hasn’t seen me naked for two years. He said, “You’ve got more foreskin than some  uncut guys.” Now I’m proceeding even more aggressively. I set it every day  to stretch as much as I can handle without being in pain for most of my  waking moments. I put it on for hours. Take it off sometimes for a hour to  rest the skin, then put it back on so it’s on most of the day.
 (It’s easy to  put on and take off quickly.) I want it to hang an extra half to 3/4 inches like yours does in the pictures.
 THANKS! Your efforts are HIGHLY  APPRECIATED!    
The USA medical establishment should be castigated, actually I’d prefer them 
to be castrated for circumcising guys!
   MM or Michael  NYC

 Got the extra screws today, Chuck.  Thanks a lot for the quick response; this is great customer service,
also love the device.  The stretching must go on…  ~Paul

Chuck, I received the DTR today and am impressed.  Thanks for the prompt shipment  and quality product.    Stu

I was glad to find your web site and your DTR and your work put into it impressed me enough to purchase one.  I am completely happy with all the fast courteous responses I got and also impressed with the product itself. I’ve been restoring for years with limited results, the DTR has got me motivated and working at it again and this thing does seem like it’ll work! Thanks !”

I just wanted to let you know that the DTR works great. I received it last week,  and have been using it since. I am very impressed with the craftsmanship, and the performance. I know it will help me reach my goal. I can really feel it working, without the incontinence and problems of several other methods I have tried. Thanks,  James    P.S. You can use my  comments if you want.  James

I just wanted to let you know that the DTR works great. I received it last week,  and have been using it since. I am very impressed with the craftsmanship, and the performance.I know it will help me reach my goal. I can really feel it working, without the incontinence and problems of several other methods I have tried. Thanks,  James    P.S. You can use my  comments if you want.  James

Great product, so much better than tape! I love how easy it is to put on and the range of stretching with so little effort. Thank you for
 designing such a useful gadget and offering it to those interested. I have a question about retaining rings. You mentioned that bottle
 nipples have worked best for you. Can you tell me what brand and model  of bottle nipple you used? I went to Kmart the
 other day and couldn’t  find one that looked like the picture on your web site.

I just wanted to email you a short note and let you know that I received the thumbscrews that I needed today to replace the ones that I accidentally broke.   I also wanted to thank you for your generosity, as well.  Your DTR has been the best method of restoration that I’ve tried so far (and I’ve tried about 5 different methods).  I’m so glad that there are people out there like you.  It seems that you are more concerned about restoration and the art of restoration than any of the other technical details like money.  I am about a quarter of the way through with my restoration and am just going to keep on going with your DTR method.  It’s definitely the easiest method, as well as the path of least resistance, too! Thanks again!!! Aaron Santa Fe, NM

hi chuck, I’ve been busy and haven’t had a chance to write. I got my dtr in the mail last week Friday. it took me a day to figure out the inns and outs of wearing the dtr. now I wear the dtr to work and at home. I will never tape again! your dtr is awesome. now that I am familiar with properly adjusting the device, I wear it for 3 to 8 hours at a time and feel no discomfort at all. thank you so much for creating this wonderful product! I will be sure to post photos and spread the good word at frc. again, thank you so very much- john grand rapids, mi
also, I am keeping a photo journal and would be more than happy to supply you with monthly photos again, I feel indebted. thank you so very much….. -john

Dear Chuck, As a long time restorer who has tried all the other methods out there I can’t congratulate you enough on your DTR. Not only is it a superbly crafted instrument – in the short time I have been using it, I can clearly see already how efficient it is, overcoming all the usual obstacles that beset restorers including convenience, ease of operation (including cleaning) and fast attachment, detachment. Furthermore, it makes the process as comfortable as it can be, thereby making the project easier to tolerate in
the long term- which means assured results. I am not at all surprised you are picking up an army of referees –
I would just like to add my name to the list. Again, congratulations and thank you, Kind regards, Dan J

Hi Chuck – Just wanted to let you know I got the DTR.  I’ve used a lot of different devices,  but so far I really  like the DTR.  It’s comfortable and I like being able to use either auto or manual mode. Thanks for developing a great product.   > >  > > Milton  

Just a quick note to give you my impressions after using your device for a few months.  I already had coverage and overhang when flaccid but I’m looking for more coverage.   I’ve used almost every stretching method there is, and I feel your device is the most effective and best tolerated of anything I’ve tried.  You may quote me without attribution if you wish.

I’m going to the Southern California NORM meeting this Sunday, and I’ll share my opinion there. Thanks. Steve

Hi Chuck,  Received the part for my DTR on Monday and just wanted you to know how happy I am… I’m now wearing it 16 hours per day, and am seeing very rapid results. After 3 years of using the film-container method with an elastic strap down my leg, I’m so happy to have the easy-to-use DTR. Thanks for the great service. Dave

Hi Chuck,
 I just wanted to give you some feedback regarding my use of the DTR  tugger. After almost 3 months, my foreskin has grown tremendously,
 especially the inner foreskin, which has also become very sensitive.  I’m extremely happy with the DTR and the results I’m getting.

Unfortunately, my DTR was damaged by my dog. I had taken it off to use  the bathroom, and it fell off the sink. No sooner did it hit the  floor than my dog Lucy grabbed it. She’s a very sweet Pit-bull  terrier, but she must have though it was her toy (LOL). She damaged  the long nylon rod that threats into the DTR. Please email me the  price of a replacement rod including shipping and I’ll Paypal the $ to  you. Thanks again,

(  I sent a new rod for free, funny this is the second time a DTR fell victim to a dog )

Thank you very much, I really appreciate it.
You can put my email up on your website… I’ll look for it, LOL.
My dog has a ‘nyla-bone’, which is the same material as the DTR… I think she thought I was playing with her when she grabbed it.  Her teeth damaged only the rod part, fortunately!
BTW, my new partner really likes my foreskin, and has noticed the improvement since I got the DTR (you can use this too).Thanks again,Dave

I got it and love it, I have used other products, and this is great ….the tension adjusts with my movement and also as my penis adjusts…I truly love the way it feels.  I am an engineer and builder and can totally appreciate the craftsmanship. real nice work..Thanks, Haig

It arrived and I’m amazed – amazed! – at how easy it is to use and how effective it seems to be. I’ll check back in 6-12-24 months and see where I am then, but it looks like it will make the whole enterprise a whole lot easier. -Nick

Hi Chuck-
 I wanted to let you know how well your device is working for me.  After using the (name removed) for about 3 months the difference is night and day.  I started using the DTR about 3 weeks ago.  I use the set screw rather than the rubber bands and vary the tension throughout the day.  I shortened the pusher rod about 3/4″ to avoid having a long section of it sticking out during the day.  Since then I’ve learned how to roll the skin onto the bell so the gripper is just about at the base of my penis.  This allows me to apply tension to much more skin and consequently the pusher rod is now too short.  I’m a fairly big guy so I really need a pusher rod a little longer than the original you shipped.  I’m wondering if I can purchase one from you?  Please let me know.
Reply:  New rod was sent free of charge.

Chuck, Have been meaning to send a thank you.
I got the DTR a week or so ago.  It’s definitely better than the <name removed>.Very easy to put on and takes the guess work out of getting the tension right.I like the way you can feel it adjusting the tension sometimes. Before the DTR, restoring seemed like a daunting task.  Now I don’t feel worried about it and am confident that I can see it through.  It is much easier to put it on and forget about it than other methods I have used.  It is comfortable enough that you can’t notice it most of the time.  Sometimes so much that you wonder whether it is enough tension (although it is).  The manual tension option is great as well. You can easily push down the pusher and tighten the screw to get more tension and then release the screw if it gets painful. Thanks for building a great product, it has taken a lot of the difficulty out of the process.

Got the DTR… all I can say is WOW!  I initially thought it would be larger than it really is…  It doesn’t show thru my clothes, and I can get the tugging tension that’s comfortable for me.
I love it… been tugging for 3 years (film container)… have a solid CI-7, but looking for allot of overhang so it remains in position.
Nice job!
Yes,  you may use my comments!… I can’t say enough positive things about it.  The best is the comfort…    This has the others beat, and I’ve tried many of them.  It stays put too, and doesn’t fall off.

Hi Chuck, Wanted to let you know that this device is really what I needed, I think, you can have it on all day, the
pressure on the inner and outer is fantastic. I am at about a C8.5 and was having trouble getting good inner
stretch. This device is going to give me the results I need. I intend to use it all the way to covered when
erect with a overhang. Thanks Chuck … John

Hay Chuck
I bought a DTR last October so its now had six months of use. I thought at the time this will really get things moving in the right direction and I was right.
It is so easy to fit that it is now just a part of my daily routine and the results are excellent. I’ve a long way to go yet but have every confidence that I will arrive at my goal of having full flaccid coverage and a partial erect coverage would be good. When ever a chance comes along to sing the praises for the DTR on FRCChat I take it, so hope you are enjoying increasing business! Richard
(Feel free to use in testimonials page if you wish)

Hey Chuck,
Yep received the DTR and already wearing! Actually it is far more comfortable than I imagined and I am impressed with how brilliantly designed it is. I will take some snaps of before during and after and then allow you to put on your site. Thanks again as this is something I thought impossible until I came across your site! All best Derek

Chuck, I received my DTR today and what a good day for it to come because my (name removed) kept losing its grip all morning once again. I just want to say I wish I had found your product before I purchased this one. I have had it on for 6 hours and what a difference, it feels great and I love the auto tension. I have enough skin to cover the outer shell which  makes things much easier. Thanks again for the fast delivery and I am sure this will make me reach my goal much faster. Thanks again: Dom

Chuck I’m here to let you know that I’m starting to see some results, I’m on my 4Th week, I’m at the wrinkling phase. I had it only fell off twice but that’s after 12 hours of wearing it. that’s from sitting down driving for 12 HRS. I found out that what made it fall, when wearing it for so long that moisture builds up, when I go to the rest room, I ASAP clean it with soap and water, and it stays on good. I suggest when starting off not to pull hard just real light so that you can be comfortable and make it a part of you, once you get going there’s no stopping.
Chuck this is a kick-ass device. Take care, I’m glad to part of the Foreskin Restoring Revolution.
P.S Just keeping in touch about you product…..It’s Amazing…Cheech

Dear Chuck,
I can’t thank you enough for the shorter push rod you sent me recently (for free!!!)…. it did the trick! God, I have never had such success with a device as I have had with your DTR. I’ve been restoring now for almost 3 years and I have tried and used as many as 5 or 6 different tuggers/methods and I will say that the DTR is hands down the most effective and easy to use device I’ve ever tried. I can wear this device and forget it’s even on! The tension setting screw is so convenient also because of it’s size you can just reach and loosen or tighten it with ease without having to take off any clothing… such a simple, yet intelligent concept. I am a proud user of the DTR and will continue to advocate it’s use for restoring!
Thanks again Chuck for a very hopeful and inspiring invention that has changed my life.
Feel free to post any of what I’ve written here…Sincerely,Tony Minneapolis, Minnesota

Chuck First off, feel free to use the following quote on your web site  
I have been toying with various methods of foreskin restoring for about 4-5 years now.  Due to the demands of my work schedule, business travel and the convenience factor of the different methods, I never stuck with a regular routine.  While the manual T-tape method produced some very impressive results at the beginning of my restoring it was quickly outweighed by the time involved to get into the device, the difficulty of taping and the tackiness of the residual mastic from the tape.  The inconvenience factor alone caused me to loose interest but not the desire to restore. 
Over the next few years I continued to research the web and move to other devices, which just didn’t work either until I recently came across your website and fantastic product.  Even though I am only 2 weeks into using your device, I am impressed by the quality, the simplistic ease of use, the ability to urinate without a major production and most important the leading indicators of success.  I have been able to use your device throughout my work day without any issues and the consistent daily amount of time that I can dedicate to using  your device is what will make this  program successful.  I will be tracking my progress and will share a set of monthly photos after 6 months for your site since I am confident that your device will work based on what I am already seeing.  A huge “THANK YOU’ to you Chuck….you have a fantastic product!  Larry from PA

I just wanted to give you an update. The last time I talked to you was when I ordered the DTR from you. That was early November last year. I’ve been using the DTR for three months now. It took six weeks of t-tape to get enough skin so I could use it as a tugger. Just a few weeks ago I finally achieved enough skin to use the pusher plate. So far it works great and I don’t even notice it’s on. I have made one small improvement. I’ve given the inner (skin side) of the gripper a beveled edge. Basically I took scissors and cut away the hard edge. I removed very little but that’s all I needed. It would hurt a tiny bit right after I’d take it off before I did it. Now when I take it off it feels fine. Since I’ve been able to use the pusher I’ve also marked the rod with measurements so I can note the progress and it helps me get the tension back to where I had it last time I wore it.
I’ve been very pleased with the results so far. My results at the moment are very close to your two month picture on your site. I’ve noticed a small increase in sensitivity at times. Mainly after I’ve used the DTR frequently. It makes me wonder how it will feel once I’m done. Also, as someone else noted on your testimonies page on your site, most positions I sit the skin does roll over the glands some. The only way I can describe it is it’s comfortable. I’m sure you experience the same thing during your restoration and can relate.
Recently I’ve started marking down the times that I use it everyday on a calendar. It helps me use it more when I can see just how much time it use it every week. If I start to get lazy and use it less I see it immediately and can get back on the ball with it. It’s also nice to keep track of how much time I’ve used it.
My only regret is that I didn’t do this when I first learned it could be restored, that was about six years ago. But with how things have gone so far I’m happy I’m finally doing it and can’t wait to get done.
I’ll give you another update in a few months. Thanks again. Joe S.

I have to say my restoring is coming along great the DTR is worth twice the price you sell them at.  I will be hitting my 6 month mark this next week and have enough skin now that im going to start using a retaining ring when not restoring. — D. Massey

Chuck,   I have been using your device about 2-weeks and I LOVE it. It works perfectly and is very comfortable. Very ingenious! I have been restoring for about a year and I first used film tube and tape, then <name removed>. I can use your device 14 hours a day with no problems. The only thing I can say is that I could not have used it at the start of my restoration, but after you get enough skin, there is NOTHING BETTER! Thanks a lot, Dick

Sorry I waited so long before giving any feed back. I am completely satisfied! Love it. Although I quickly realized I would need a bit more skin to work with before I could comfortably use the auto tension mode (with the pusher plate in place I can’t get enough shaft skin under the
retainer to adequately resist the tension). So, I bought an elastic, Velcro leg brace; combined with an old shirt-to-sock blousing strap from my Air Force days and I use the DTR as a tugger – this works great. I hope after about 4-5 months I will be able to use the DTR as fully intended.
I have, however, grown enough skin now that occasionally when I sit down I actually get partial coverage! It’s a great feeling when it happens. Sensitivity is up too. Sex finally feels the way I always thought it should and I’m not even close to being finished restoring. I am very grateful that you chose to share your experience and your innovation I was merely curious about restoring until I came across
your site; then I was sold for sure. I have learned so much about FR in the last 2 months This has already been a life-changing decision for me. Thank you. Joseph

Hello Chuck,
            I just wanted to let you know that I received the DTR today. Thank you so much for shipping it out so quickly. I am so very impressed with the quality and workmanship of this product. It is really amazing that you made this yourself and it looks, and feels so good. The materials are polished smooth and everything works perfectly. 
What is most amazing to me is the rubber piece that grips the skin. I looked on your site and learned this is from a baby bottle nipple. I am amazed at how effectively this holds this skin! After all those attempts I did years ago using tape.. I feel kina foolish seeing such a simple solution! I am impressed and elated. =) 
Before I say anything further.. I have a request. Would you be willing to send me a shorter “main pole” for the DTR?  I am definitely going to want one.. about half the length of the one that comes with the DTR.. I don’t think I’m going to need all that length for some time..  😉 
When I first tried to put this on, I didn’t know about reversing the rubber material.. and I couldn’t figure out how to get it over the skin. Of course I referred myself to your website, and saw the technique of inverting the rubber back, and then over the skin.. and it worked like a charm. Skin wise.. I have barely enough to use this with the sliding mechanism on..  I figured out that if you take off the sliding part of the DTR, you can use just the top cone.. and have this work with less skin as a tugger.. absolutely ingenious design. I am going to make tugger straps for myself. Still, I was able to get this on with the extender attached.. it took a little effort.. but so long as I am flaccid, I can get this to work without it being a tugger. The only bad thing is that the main pole is too long.. this is why I am asking for a shorter one, half length would be good.. and then I can use the longer one when I build up to it. It will take me some time to figure out the best methods for me.. but I was able to use this right out of the package. It is an amazing piece of ingenuity, and my compliments to you its designer. Also, I wanted to mention that the materials are surprisingly comfortable. So I am a happy customer. Just let me know about getting a shorter pole..  I am thinking half length should work for that… Thanks again for everything!
Sincerely, Michael

I’ve been using the device non stop since I got it. I have problems encouraging growth on the underside near the frenulum. I finally have found a device that will fix this problem. I have used the DTR as a plunger, a tugger, and as a retainer. I have done Kung fu while wearing it as a retainer and there were no worries. Rolls, jumps,
hits, etc, nothing makes it come off. I’m wearing it now as I type this. I cant figure out why your device works so well while the <name removed> of similar design falls off of me at the most inopportune moments.
Thank you for your product, it has enriched my life. Have a nice day, John

Hey Chuck,
Got my DTR in the mail a couple days ago and man am I glad I decided to give it a try. I can already tell it’s doing what it’s supposed to do. (That’s a nice switch from what I was trying before, which didn’t seem to be doing anything other than annoying the crap out off me.) It’s quite comfortable and surprisingly easy to conceal. I can already tell I’m going to stick with this until I reach my goals, no matter how long it takes. Can’t thank you enough for coming up with this thing. It may look a tad strange, but it seems to me that this thing will be more effective than any of the gadgets I came across while researching restoration. Kudos for your creativity!
Thanks again,Ron
PS: you’ve also inspired me to document my progress with this. As soon as I get my digital camera back from a friend, I’m starting to keep track of things.

Hi Chuck.
>Received the DTR today it only took 5 days to get here thank you. I have worn
>it for six hours today with no discomfort well that’s after I set the
>tension to the right level, I feel confident that it will work and will keep you
>updated once again thank you for the speedy delivery. Thanks. the  UK.

hi Chuck,
I bought a DTR from you back in early December and just wanted to let you know that I am getting along great with it. I expected progress to be slow with any method (I had done my research), but I must say I am very happy to say that with your DTR I have noticed consistent noticeable progress. Just being able to notice progress is giving me the motivation to keep on restoring. The device is great, very comfortable and works perfectly. I put a very small amount of moisturizer around the outside of the pusher plate – which seems to make things work better for me – have you done this or have any views on this?
In general I am staying away from the Yahoo Group where I found your device as it seems like a nasty unproductive place, and I just don’t have the time or energy for that – but I just wanted to let you know I am very happy with your device. cheers, Greg

Dear Chuck:
I received by DTR by mail on Wednesday. I thank you for your prompt service. The standard length rod is longer than it appears in the illustration on your website. Obviously, I misjudged the length. I think it will be long enough to carry me through to the end of my restoration. The extra long rod that you most graciously made for me will probably not be necessary, however, I am saving it for possible future use. I have tried several different restoration devices. They are getting better and better as people think of different improvements. Your DTR is the best I have seen so far. It is comfortable, compact, may be worn under clothing, doesn’t fall off, and, in my brief experience, seems to be effective. I have used it every day for some hours and my foreskin already seems longer! Thanks again, and I’ll let you know how it goes. George

It came today at noon. I have to say this is the best product I have ever seen of its kind. Absolutely brilliant! I am defiantly going to purchase another one sometime in the near future just to have. Thanks allot for making
this chuck, can’t stress that enough… Thanks! Jeff

It came today at noon. I have to say this is the best product I have ever seen of its kind. Absolutely brilliant! I am defiantly going to purchase another one sometime in the near future just to have. Thanks allot for making this chuck, can’t stress that enough… Thanks! Jeff

oday was the first whole day that I wore the DTR. I can tell already that it stretches the skin in a way the (name removed) did not. Its easy to put on and off and very comfortable. I have a very active job and it did not come off at all, not even close. I have been using the (name removed) for a year so I do have some skin to hold it in place. You cant even see it through your cloths, it is easily hidden. I bought some boxer briefs today to hold it in place. Thanks for your help. Great website, its nice to know there are other guys out there doing this. I know I am going to start seeing some progress. Thanks, Jason Ill keep you posted on my progress if you want.

Hey there– 
I just sent in a new order, but I wanted to add a testimonial:  I bought my DTR kit a while ago and found it to be the most flexible and complete kit I could imagine — I started off with dual tension, then switched to tugging which is very comfortable.  
Now that I know (through my local NORM meeting) how useful inflation is, I am getting a retainer so I can do both tugging and inflating without switching parts/configurations.  Just more convenient for daily use. 
I really want to say that your attention to detail, your constant striving to upgrade, expand and improve your products, and your GREAT, SPEEDY SHIPPING AND CUSTOMER SERVICE have made me a big fan! 
Plus, your personal results and your stories are truly inspiring and motivating! 
Thanks a million, Chuck — you’re awesome.

Chuck, Next month – September – will be my third anniversary of using your DTR.  I can say that I have had very good results.  I went from no foreskin – to speak of – to a full #7C.  I intend to keep using this device – which is so simple – until I reach #8 or #9.  I highly recommend the DTR.  It is easy to use, and if you have some patience you see results.  I usually put it on when I get up in the morning and wear it most of the day.  Thank you for this simple invention that has helped so many of us who got cut at birth. 

Hey Chuck,
I just celebrated my first “anniversary” of Foreskin Restoration – and WOW what a difference just a year has made! I am amazed by the progress, and am budgeting to buy some more gear soon (like the air method pieces, and a conform plate) but just wanted to earnestly say Thank You! I feel so much better in my own skin, and can’t wait to see what another year’s progress will look like. Did you find yourself changing your routine much in your second year? Seeing your progress, I get the sense that you made most of your visible gains after the first year mark.
I am incredibly thankful for the DTR, and have been able to share my restoration story with a number of other men. I hope it’s helped drum-up more Minnesota sales! Keep up this awesome work! And again, thank you.
Best, ~Matt

Hi Chuck!
I have worn your DTR device now for about 8 hours in each of these last two days, and I am amazed! What an astoundingly effective restoration device! Just in these last two days I can tell that I will make as many gains in the next three months, as I did over three years using the T-tape method. What amazes me even more than the overall quality of your product, is the fact that it stays on! I mean, your perforated “gripper” keys into your skin, and it will NOT let go! I have used a similar competing product and it never stayed on. I had to continually keep putting it back on when it would lose it’s grip…… not so with the DTR.
To say that I am pleased with my DTR would be a gross understatement. As you know, I had quite a bit of restored skin to start with, and now my goal of being covered while erect is a distinct possibility, thanks to you!
I have already told two friends about it, and I know they will order based on my recommendation because they were both impressed with my progress using the T-tape method. So gratefully yours, John D.

Just received the kit and am stretching for the first time right now.  Thanks so much.  The device really is a no-hassle, well-made product!
“As a 35 year old circumcised man, I had little hope that I could become intact again until I saw your website for the first time. The pictures, videos, informative guides and product specs you provided made my choice an easy one after scouring the internet for the best restoration device. The process from my initial inquiry to the transaction online and final receipt of my device was handled in a personal, professional and prompt manner at every step.
The device itself in real life is everything that it’s portrayed to be on the website. It is clearly high quality yet simple, efficient and effective when used properly. I recommend it over all other devices I have researched and inquired about. 
On a personal note, I truly thank you for the service you provide in creating this product for guys like me. It offers hope and the potential of a renewed manhood. -Justin, Thailand

I’m 20 years old. Since I learned about circumcision and the like at around 13 or 14 years old and being circumcised in an area where most men are uncircumcised, coupled with envy, and my disgust towards the procedure has caused me a lot of mental anguish through the years. It was difficult trying to love myself when I hated that part of my body. I had known about foreskin restoration for a few years prior to purchasing your kit, but the methods and devices were all too troublesome and unattractive to me, so I didn’t bother. I simply incorporated some light manual stretching into a routine, which worked a bit over the years.
Initially I had a bit of trouble using the DTR, while I’m rather loosely circumcised it took some practice to put it on perfectly every time. I started out mainly tugging, as I didn’t have enough skin to use the dual tension initially. After a few weeks of just using it for a couple hours every day the skin had stretched quite a bit. I’m now at a point where I can use dual tension for several hours every day. Results are coming really fast! I see new folds and new skin every couple weeks – it’s amazing.
I’d like to thank you for making this device. I visit your site so often now and reaffirm the goal I’ve set for myself every day. Your device has helped me feel so much better about my body. I’m no longer as horribly bitter as I was about my foreskin. I only see my attitude towards myself improving from here on out. Thank you so much.

– Raleigh

I’ve received my dtr, and I’ve been using it consistently for about 6-7 hours a day for just over a week now. I wanted to send an email to you to let you know how impressed I am. First of all, I had previously purchased the <name removed>, and I already feel as though the dtr is much more user friendly. I was never able to find a comfortable way to wear the <name removed> – the cone shape just made me always have wrinkles that got uncomfortable.  The dtr is also much easier to wear out of the house. Any movement changes the way a strap method fits, and I don’t have to worry about that with the dtr. Because of that, I think I’ll be able to keep a routine together much more easily. I just find it such a better product and wanted to let you know. Thank you again! Thomas

Hi Chuck, My order arrived yesterday, thank you for sending it out so quickly!
As I suspected the DTR is very comfortable because of the rounded edges.
I ordered the additional push rods in 1 inch increments so that I could have the full range from 3 inches to 8 inches. I’m starting with a 3 inch rod using the push method and having the metal screws go into the holes at the top of the rod where the rubber bands usually go. That way I don’t have excess rod sticking out of the end and it’s more compact to fit into my underwear. I also get consistent tension as opposed to the rubber bands that flex and stretch, whereas the push method gives me constant tension throughout the day. As I progress I plan on switching out the rods in 1 inch increments and using the two holes at the end of each rod as I progress in between rods. Have any of your customers used this method? If not, you may want to post this on your website as an alternative suggested use.
The retainer is so comfortable that I don’t even notice it on and I don’t want to take it off in the morning, but I have to in order to use the DTR.
On the first day using the DTR I restored for 14 hours with noticeable pressure/tension but no pain!  I’m really looking forward to making faster progress with my restoration because of the tension on both the inner and outer foreskin!
Thanks again for inventing such a great product and getting it to me so quickly!

just wanted to let you  know that the dtr came in the mail a couple days ago. I am very happy with the device. Considering the way you make them the quality is really amazing. Also it super comfortable to wear, so much better than the tugger I had before.  Thanks for making restoring fun again, I can finally wear it outside without worries and that never happened with the old device.  I feel great wearing it, sort of intact… I think this will definitely speed up my restoring and give me much nicer results, since there also seems to be more equal tension on both inner and outer skin. This is wonderful! Thanks,

I have been using the DTR for ten months now (over 1000 hours) and am very happy with my progress. What seemed intuitively obvious when I first saw the DTR is now confirmed by my experience. The DTR is well designed, physiologically sensible, and well crafted, features which make it comfortable and easy to use. The comfort and convenience allow me to use it more often and for longer (gradually increasing) stretches of time. I am well on my way to a restored foreskin and grateful that the makers of the DTR have made this possible.Tom C Tallahassee, FL

just got it the other day….boy its great. Great product!
I can easily use it….only challenge now is the little bit of scrotal creep I’m getting, probably b/c I don’t have a lot of skin yet. Maybe an o-ring would help.
And, its funny cuz it feels surprisingly good putting it on…I was like ‘whAAAt??’ when I adjusted the tension. hahaha…
Only thing is I have a varicocele so I think I’ll start w/half the time per day, or less than that, so my scrotal veins can gradually get used to the tension. again, thanks for the DTR, and — thanks for making it!! -Avi

I received your device over the weekend. Have tried it out of course. No  Problems, works fine. During the day at work I use the silicone O-rings like  Before (I stack about 7-8).  Thanks. I’m grateful there are guys like you offering their creations to the  Rest of us”.  Foreskin Restoration bulletin ID login:  “willie19402000” 

“Hi Chuck, Just to let you know that the tugger got here today. I stopped by the house while on my Delivery route, and put it on during my lunch hour. Wore it 5 hr. straight, and NO pinching! Well, I’m
pleased to say the least. Your machining of the push to match the contour of the skin bell is excellent. There is a ‘constant’ gripping surface that the “other device” didn’t have. Don’ t know if you ever saw one of (name removed) products, but he has no match to the product that you have designed and made”. from C.T. IN, USA

Dear Chuck, Hello, Good Morning, Thanks for your email. I got a device about two weeks ago. I liked it so much I will order another device. One for home and one for driving or night time. I hope to hear from you soon. Gerard S.

Thanks for the DTR.  I just got to tell you that it’s without a doubt,  the very best device that I’ve ever had. I’ve tried so many others  that didn’t work that well or were very uncomfortable,…but yours is  the very best!  Now I know that I can start to move forward with some  progress. Thanks again…Aaron

Picked up your product today.  Better than I would have imagined. Fits like  it was made for me.  Can’t thank you enough.  Time to finish what I started  so long ago. I’ll update you on my progress.     -Rand

Picked up your product today.  Better than I would have imagined. Fits like  it was made for me.  Can’t thank you enough.  Time to finish what I started  so long ago. I’ll update you on my progress.     -Rand

Hi chuck, just to say, I love your device! it works just great, much better than the really expensive stainless steel one I bought some time back. Thanks again M Lewis

Hi Chuck,   the advice arrived today, it’s fantastic! It fits perfect and I’m convinced that I can get the same tremendous results you’ve got 🙂 What a wonderful  invention! Would you break a secret for me and tell me how old you are? Because I’ve read  that the younger you are
the better the growth will take place. I’m 34 years  old, so I think that I’m young enough that my skin will
grow in a accurate  manner – even with your advice ;-)) Thank you very much for the easy transaction and the quick delivery and good
luck for your restoration project, I’ll keep an eye on it on  Regards,  Jens 

Hi,Just to let you know I received the device today. Thank you.   I have had it on for the last 8 hours or so –
I really hardly notice it is  there.  Regards, Jason

I am very pleased with the device.  I do have a question, though.  Would it be useful for me to buy an extra one of those flexible gripper thingies with the holes in it?  That’s the part that’s most likely-seeming to wear out.  I would like to be able to pass this device to my grandsons, because, in spite of my bitter arguments, my son had them both circumcised! Tom

Hi Chuck,
Just wanted to let you know that I received my package yesterday. Also I just wanted to thank you because I have tried tape and the (name removed) neither of which worked well at all for me. The tape is not only not very cost effective because you have to keep buying it at $2-3 per week, it was just too harsh and kept causing skin tears. The (name removed), after you get good at putting it on where it will stay on, not only causes pinching but also chaffing and blistering on my skin. Even the cone alone would cause skin problems for me. It only took me a few minutes of working with your device to get good at putting it on. It is light weight, compact, or Simi compact until I can push the rod in a bit more, and quite comfortable. I can’t even tell that it is there. Today will be the a good test as I am planning to wear it all day at work.

Chuck, your a god of inventors, thank you so much. I was beginning to believe that there was just not going to be a way for me to effectively restore until I found your website. You have given me hope and inspiration because I need this restoration so desperately due to loss of sensitivity. You are my hero. Again, Thank You, Keith 

It’s now about 1 month that I’m using your restoring device – good results so  far! Really clever idea of the
 holes in the gripper – makes a big difference, so  long as the skin’s not oily. Looking for full coverage soon (not a reality, but a dream). Thanks for your ingenuity. John K  

Chuck, It’s been 6 weeks since I started using your DTR. Progress is noticeably rapid and I’m delighted!    W.H

I have been trying to think of a way to accomplish what the auto tension does, and all my concepts were too complicated to wear under clothing.  This one is simple and trivial to implement. Thanks for posting this modification. Incidentally, I am really amazed at my own progress since using the DTR.  It is the most comfortable and most effective device I have tried.  Frank

Hello. I just have receive the DTR last Friday. I just wanted to tell you that it’s a wonderful device and I love it very much. I used to use the (name removed) but your device is better for me. I love the auto-tension on the device. Your device is very easy to clean. In brief, you have designed a wonderful device and I just wanted to tell you thank you for making it available to order through the web,Thank you again.

Raphael, 29 years old, restoring since 5 years I got the DTR today. I have worn it for a few hours, and it is working wonderfully so far – great grip on the skin and lots of stretching going on! Thanks for the hard work. Jonathan

Just wanted to let you know that I received my DTR yesterday, at least a day or two before I expected it.
It fits great! No slipping off problems as with a other similar product I have been used.
I tried it out for the first time last night for a few hours and felt confident enough to wear it to work today. No problem removing it at the office urinal. It was pinching a bit so I did not reapply after my first pee at work (about 4hrs). I think I was using a bit too much tension. I just have to get that right. I’ll try to find some longer rubber bands tomorrow. I’m trying the “set” tension right now and it is very comfortable.

I’m going to try the tugger set up (down the leg) tonight.
In my opinion this is a well designed and made device. I’ll let you know in a week or so how things are going.Thanks for helping the rest of us, Bernie

I got my DTR yesterday when I got home from work. That was quick! You know how it is when you’re anticipating sticking your dick into something new for a couple days. haha. I love it. It’s quite a contraption! Great craftsmanship, it’s really comfortable and gives a good tug. I’m sure it ill be happy with it for some time. I’m 100% satisfied. thanks Gary

I feel very fortunate to have found out about your product the Dual Tension Restorer. I found your website in the files section of the ‘support for restoring men’ Yahoo group homepage. I started out using tape when I discovered that I could actually ‘grow’ my foreskin back after being cut as an infant. The tape gave me a start but I soon found that the tape was causing irritation on my skin and pulled and twisted causing bruising and pain. So I knew I had to find something else if I was going to engulf on this journey. After seeing your product on your website and reading how you made the device and how it works, I was sold immediately! The cost didn’t really matter because I knew it was the best product being offered on the net or anywhere else, and trust me, I researched allot before finding your site. Well needless to really say… I wasn’t disappointed! The purchase was seamless and quick. I started using the DTR right away but found it a bit difficult at first because of my lack of skin and pretty tight cut, anyway, once I got the hang of it and learned what was working for me as a rookie restorer – I began using as a tugger with a rubber tube wrapped around my waist. There was some pain from the constant tugging all day so started alternating tugging and just simply wearing the DTR as a retainer without auto tension or tugging. Alternating as I described and using the vitamin e lotion you recommended has worked amazingly well, I am to the point now, after 3 months, that I can use device with the auto tension attachment and also alternate with the other options. Options, that is one of the best things about the DTR, you can tug, use auto, or just use a retainer! Unbelievable, you are the KING for coming up with a device that is virtually indestructible, versatile, cleans and stores easily, not to mention support after the sale and updates on your website, you offer the ‘whole’ package at a reasonable price. For anyone considering restoring, they would be amiss if they looked any further then the DTR to accomplish their goal.
Thanks for everything! I wish you all the best! Sincerely, very satisfied customer, Jeff

Hi Chuck I received the restorer yesterday and I needed to say how amazed I am by your invention. There are so many methods I have tried, even the most expensive ones and none of them come close to the DTR. One word describes it… Priceless! I am grateful to have found you and your website. I wish you an amazing success with this and hope you get recognition like a noble prize or something cause you really deserve it. Sincerely, Denis

Hi Chuck,
My DTR arrived today, and all I can say is you are a genius. It is so easy to put on and the comfort level is like no other device I have used. The DTR will be the last device I have to buy in restoring my foreskin. Now all I will do is wear my DTR until my goal is reached. May I inquire as to how long per day do you wear it to achieve your results? Feel free to use my comments and picks to promote the DTR. Tim,

Just to let you know I received the DTR today. I am very impressed with the build quality of the device – much better than I had anticipated!
I look forward to some early success and will keep you posted. Thanks for the time and effort you have invested in designing and developing what I believe to easily be the best product/method on the market!! I wish you every success. Pete.

Just to let you know I’m still using your DTR daily, and noticing steady  results. Started 4-16-05 w/ the DTR (began w/ RECAP-EZ on 3-14-99, then  later tried O-rings on 4-15-04).  So glad to have found your DTR. Progress is noticeably faster; looking at
 YOUR 6-month progress photos, that’s about where I am now, even after 6  years w/ other methods. Notice that your progress seemed to accelerate as  more and more skin was formed. Hope I do as well.  Thanks! Six months have gone by quickly and easily. Looking forward
to even more progress in the next six months!  
 INSPIRING. “willie19402000”

Hi Chuck,
Just wanted to let you know that I received the DTR over a week ago and have been using it every day. After 8 months using the ( name removed), I am already seeing some positive results with the DTR. It is great!….very comfortable….and extremely easy to apply and disengage. The workmanship is top notch. You were right….I probably won’t use the ( name removed) anymore. Thanks for putting such a great product out there for all of us interested in restoration. Will in SF Chuck –
The device is working well, with no issues. Great work!

Hi again haven’t messaged since September. I feel an update is in order.

I got the DTR in the first week in September and now I’m in my 6th month of restoring in total! Been using the DTR close to 6-7 days a week, between 4-12 hours a day on varying tensions.

I cannot thank you enough for your initial advice and reassurance because it just motivated me to stop thinking too far ahead and to just focus on getting through each day.

I wanted to mention quickly the progress I’ve made now. My forced erect coverage was between 5-10% of the glans before I started, and it’s now 25%! I’m so impressed with this and the skin mobility during any kind of stimulation is a real nice surprise.

My inner foreskin has grown a nice amount, and the hair at the base of my penis now doesn’t go up the shaft as much. I am now a solid CI-4, since the corona is practically always covered and if not the bunching of skin around it is very prominent. I started at about a CI-2.5. So this is more than I could have expected. My frenulum and inner foreskin sensitivity has greatly increased too, I use the no holed silicone gripper as my 24/7 retainer when not restoring 🙂

Also I have over the past couple of weeks began using the 6″ rod with one elastic (since the 4″ one elastic was perfect for my size, so I wound the elastics round the screws as the skin grew, but eventually the rod was as far as it could be pushed). So now looking forward to more steady growth with the 6″ rod – I tried it a few times earlier on but it felt like it was putting far too much tension on everything, so now surely that it’s totally comfortable this is a very good sign of “growing into the device” 🙂

So yes just another customer of yours who is still very happy and the DTR is firmly part of my daily life now. Cannot thank you enough for your innovation and motivation yourself to restore and help so many others. Wanted to congratulate you on your continued progress, the update to your website, and your idea to convert the DTR to air tension – very impressive stuff!

Honestly I can’t tell you how satisfied I am with this DTR. You have an amazing product here and although I haven’t had it on for more than 2 hours I can diffidently tell that the strong grip on my skin will rarely come loose. The tension is great. I really love this product and I am very very happy being your customer. I am so happy that I will keep you updated on my restoration. Josh

Well I’ve had my DTR a week now, and thought you might like some feedback….it is by far the most comfortable restoring device I’ve tried….the other 2 being: <name removed> and <name removed>…not only is yours more comfortable…in can be used in so many different ways….incredible design….and most importantly…I have yet to have it “fall off”…the others I’ve tried always came off after a while due to perspiration and my pants rubbing against it….that has not happened at all with the DTR…perhaps it’s because of the holes in the outside part…though whatever the case me be…it stays on…  So, thanks again…and great job!– All the best,Eric

Well Happy New year Chuck and I thought it would be a good time to write to you. I’m 4 weeks in. I want to say your device is nothing short of genius. From such a simple design, an intricate function is achieved. I want to thank you so much, and I love the device. It was weird to use and a bit uncomfortable for a week, until I wore it in I guess. Now it slips on quick and the gripper surpassed all my expectations. I’m only going to track my progress starting from now. I was a Cl-1 without a doubt. I am a Cl-2. I should mention that I done a bit of t-tape before.I will keep you posted and thank you soo much again. The item is worth three times the price.  I see you started selling the DTR on Ebay. Well done and congratulations on the sales. Your device deserves nothing less than to be known. I can definitely feel a difference in the skin since using it for 4 weeks now, and I can see some conclusive results but only when flacid. I plan to track my progress from now, considering it’s 2011. I commend you for your intuition and creativity. The device is nothing short of remarkable.If there is one suggestion I could make is that you make two holes into the small push rod. Feel free to post this on your site.Thank you, and I will hopefully keep you posted over time.Nauar

I just sent an order for an extra retainer and four grippers. I wanted to tell you how satisfied I am with the retainer I have. We exchanged emails some months ago and discussed restoring after a penile implant and the difficulty I was having because the implant left virtually no slack for tugging. I have been using the retainer regularly. I did use a three inch nylon machine screw and thirty-four washers for weight. I am very satisfied with both the comfort and the utility. I can wear the retainer virtually all day and e comfortable, and alternating with the DTR is showing good results. Needless to say, I am very pleased.
I hope you have the retainer and grippers in stock. I’m going to be on the road next week and am looking forward to virtually round-the-clock tugging. Thanks for your usual great service

Hi Chuck Just a quick update for you, I am getting amazing results from the DTR, my foreskin is had definitely grown, It is much nicer now, I am covered over my glans when flaccid and i would say 3/4 when erect and before i used the DTR I was about half this so its definitely working for me, I use it a couple of hours per day sometimes more and love using the device, its comfy, it is fun to use. I also use the retainer with washers and that is great to wear also.I have just ordered the Notch conform plate as im now stretching more aggressive then i was with no problem at all apart from if this is for longer times it can get a bit uncomfy as the push plate pressure on my glans is higher. also ordered some new bands and a 5″ new rod.Great product, its easy to use, easy to clean, its nothing short of superb and so pleased i brought it.Thanks again, I will look forward to the new notched conform push plate and bits to arrive.JamesUK

Just wanted to share that my husband has been having awesome results with the dtr. There is a viable improvement already, he says that sex feels better, and last night he was able to have two orgasms within a half hour. We are both so thankful for the restoration and your dtr!! Thank you so much

Hi, Chuck,I wanted to contact you to report that I have received my DTR device that you made.I have pored over your website many times, learning as much as I can about restoring, about the time it takes, about the potential benefits.One of my favorite parts of your site is the video where you show what it takes to lathe and assemble a device.  The device is ingenious, and now that I have it in my hands, I realize how well it is designed and crafted, and how much of your own passion for restoring goes into it.  If you were not such a believer in helping other guys get back their foreskin, it’s doubtful you’d go to the effort you have put in to designing, testing materials, learning how to turn one, build it, assemble it, and send it.I’m at the beginning of a long journey, and at age 59 it may take a little longer than I want to be restored to my satisfaction.  But thanks to guys like you, I’m hopeful i can do it, and I look forward to the day when I can be as intact as possible thanks in part to your good work.Keep it up, Chuck.  I doubt many guys will take the time to write you their thanks, but believe me I represent a tip of the iceberg when I say that without people like you who really championed the concept of restoration, we’d have no idea this was even possible, let alone have a blueprint and tools for how to get it done.With great appreciation and gratitude,Bruce

I just wanted to take the time to say that I am absolutely in love with your DTR kit. I only just received it today but my initial reaction on it is amazement.
I had purchased a restoration product in the past that relied solely on the tension from an elastic band. It was called the <name removed>. I don’t know if you are familiar with this product but it was a very cheap and simple product that was an inconvenience to put on and it easily slipped off. Also, it was uncomfortable to wear. That’s when I decided to try your product and my expectations we’re totally blown away when I received it. Its truly the #1 choice for foreskin restoration in my opinion. Its made of high quality materials and comes with multiple usage techniques which is very convenient. Its also very comfortable to wear and DOES NOT slip off at all!!

So pretty much to sum things up, I just wanted to thank you for making such a wonderful product and sharing it with people that were forced to go through an unconsensual procedure of having their foreskin removed. Maybe one day this world will end this senseless operation of circumcising children but until then this will be the best option for reversing it. So again, THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH, and I look forward to the following years of regaining what is truly mine.