How I did my foreskin piercing

I DO NOT recommend a Foreskin Piercing . I am sharing this with you so you have a better understanding on this subject.

This post will show how I did my foreskin piercing. These pictures were taken years later to show the process. That is why the skin looks healed in these pictures.

piercing supply

The tools I used to make my foreskin piercing.

  •  10gauge piercing needle
  • 1 clamp
  •  2-10 gauge 3/4 inch CBR’s
  • alcohol
  • washable non toxic marker
Foreskin piercing 1

All photos were taken years after the piercings healed.

First I had to find the foreskin edge also known as the P.O.E. line ( point of equilibrium ).

I did this by rolling the skin back and forward about 10 times to make sure this is where it sat normally. Then I marked two dots with a piercing marker (non toxic marker will work) one dot on each side of the edge.

Foreskin piercing 2

This picture shows the foreskin edge marked with a line to show you where the edge is when the foreskin is forward. I then measured on half inch up and down to give me a full inch of skin to pierce. You can see the holes near the dots where my piercing really ends up after it heals.

After I made the marks I used a flash light to shine through the skin to make sure I wasn’t going to pierce into a large vein.

Foreskin piercing 3

Using a piercing clamp I clamped the skin to be pierced and pushed the piercing needle where i had made my mark ( shown enhanced ) After the needle was through the skin I put a 10 g CBR into the hole carefully released the clamp and snapped the CBR’s retaining ball in. Then repeated the same thing on the other side.

Foreskin piercing 4

The piercing will be swollen for a few days as the healing process starts and can take 6-12 months to fully heal.

When I did the piercing I used 2 rings one on each side of the foreskin. I used a silicon O-ring as a keeper to keep the foreskin from moving around to much which can aggravate a new piercing. I would take the O-ring off to shower and to soak the piercing twice a day with saltwater. The rings I used at first where 10gauge by 3/4 of an inch. The rings shown here are 6ga by 5/8.

Foreskin piercing 5

I made sure the piercings were a little towards the bottom of the urethra, so it would not interfere with urination when there was one ring threw both holes. As the piercing heals you can’t play with it or touch it unless your cleaning it! If your going to do this yourself make sure you use new piercing needles!

Don’t use a sewing needle or some other blunt object. Anyone doing this piercing should get it done by a licensed professional. Don’t do this yourself .

My foreskin piercing was intended to keep my skin over the glans 100% of the time. I could still retract my foreskin when flaccid to shower etc and I could also remove the piercing quickly.   I figured this would be a great idea back in 2005 after I reached flaccid coverage.

Foreskin piercing 6

Now, after I did my piercings I made a modified DTR bell with grooves to accommodated the pierced skin so the gripper would not press as hard on them. I still had issues but it worked much better.

l could not use the amount of tension  I was using in the past without irritating the piercings but at least I could use Dual tension again.

Unfortunately the piercing also reduced some of the gains I had made due to how a surface piercing heals.

Anyone familiar on how a spring compressor works might under stand this better. The spring represents the shaft skin.

The black arrows represent the original piercing spots.

As the skin heals it shrinks and causes this area of skin to shrink with it.

The small circle was my first attempt but it ended up shrinking too much.

The black dots represent the original piercing entry points. While the skin heals it shrinks this surface area.

Foreskin piercing 7

This was me earlier in spring of 2016 when my piercings were inflamed and started to reject after 10 years of having them.

I have had the piercings since late 2005 and although it caused many issues as I continued to restore I never had a problem like this.

After I abandoned the piercing in 2016 the skin slowly started to flatten out and become much more pliable as you can see here in 2023.

Don’t put extra holes in your dick folks ! I say this a few times on my site for a reason. My foreskin piercings were nothing but problems and made restoring painfully slow compared to my first two years of progress.