My personal foreskin restoring results and more

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 foreskin restoration results
Month 1 to 24
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Month 32 – 96 months
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Old vs new
DTR Restored Foreskin glide
Glide action
restored foreskin when flaccid
Flaccid coverage after workout
2018 update
Restored foreskin pull
Flaccid to erect
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Under the hood
O-ring theory
O-ring theory
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Piercing problems
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Foreskin piercing
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2021 update
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Update 2023

2023 foreskin restoration video

Glans and glide action 2023

funnel foreskin tugger

I started restoring using a home made tugger made from a funnel and toilet tank flapper valves that I cut up.

I used this for 6 -8 hours a day with a tug strap 7 days a week.

old DTR

A couple of months into restoring I started to make a better device than my toilet flapper tugger.

This was the first DTR I made, I even coated it with aquarium silicone. This silicone would wear off but it worked better than the flappers.

old DTR dual

At about month 16 my DTR prototypes were getting more refined.

strap pull on DTR

This is one of the oldest pictures I can find with me using one of my prototype DTR in tug mode. I called it my “slider” device back than.

DTR chest harness
This picture should be burned its so creepy.

I even used a chest harness when sleeping to try and get extra hours of restoring. This was not easy to get used to and I would find myself removing the tugger when it woke me up a few times most nights.

Even though I did this for many months I stopped because it would wake me up to much.

Sleeping was more important to me than the extra hours I was getting trying to restore while sleeping. This is why I do not recommend sleeping and restoring.

restoring results 24 months

This was my 2 years mark.

I did my foreskin piercings at this point and after they healed (took almost a year) I was not happy with the end results.

foreskin ring

The scar tissue from the piercings made the foreskin end baggy.

I urge anyone NOT to do any piercings on foreskin or glans of the penis

All this did was hinder my progress for many years to come

foreskin pucker

I put up with this stupid foreskin piercing for many years until I gave up on it and let the skin heal.

Knowing what I know today I feel I could have accomplished my goal within 3 to 5 years had I never did these piercings.

old Dual tension device

As I continued to restore I kept making improvements on the DTR and post my results on the website.

At about month 16 I just used dual tension as my primary way to restore.

DTR dual tension restorer

This is the DTR today. The end result of testing and feedback from many DTR users throughout the years.