O-ring Theory

Can O-rings be used to create a “rigid band” ?

Restored foreskin o-rings

I had posted a page I called “O-ring theory” in 2016..I know stupid name but..here goes.

In a nut shell I had been using an O-ring as a retainer in 2016 along with doing a manual stretch called the finger pull stretch.

The idea was to create a bottle neck or “rigid band” at the end of my foreskin so I could have erect coverage.

Now when I say “rigid band” I don’t mean a true rigid band like an uncut man has. This is different and its not like pucker either. That comes from having overhang and having extra skin after restoring.

It’s more like a bottle neck in the skin. A narrow band of skin that was tighter but still had an elastic quality to it. I don’t think it was caused by a reaction to the O-rings since it was the same FDA food safe silicone O rings I used in the past.

Retracting a restored foreskin h

In early 2016 I was doing a manual stretching exercise I called the “finger pull stretch”. After a few weeks I noticed it was tightening the end of my foreskin. After seeing great results I started to get more aggressive with this stretch.

As I think back I wonder if I caused a mild case of phimosis by stretching too aggressively ? I was going pretty hard on my skin and did have a slight injury.

I would use an O-ring as a retainer 24/7 when I was not doing this stretch. This may have constricted or distorted the skin directly under the O-ring and over time created a “bottle neck ” in this area over time.

Retracting a restored foreskin c

During this time I was using the O-ring when I was sleeping. It is possible that nocturnal erections caused a lot of stress to the skin being bottle necked by the O-ring. This extra stress in a small concentrated area might have damaged the skin that formed this band.  ?  just guessing

Retracting a restored foreskin b

Was it a combination of the stretch exercise and nocturnal erection stress on the O-ring ?

Retracting a restored foreskin a

As I retract the skin you can see this bottle neck on the shaft .

Retracting a restored foreskin k

This “rigid band” as I started to call it actually worked like a rigid band in how it kept the skin over the glans even with an erection.

Retracting a restored foreskin l

I was excited to see this happening at first since erect coverage was something I always thought about.

Retracting a restored foreskin n

At this point things were great. I had erect coverage that I could retract without too much issue.

Retracting a restored foreskin b
restored foreskin erect coverage

This was Dec 2016, I had erect coverage that could still retract without too much issue

BXO spot

In late 2018 my skin started was getting harder to retract when erect and by early 2019 things got worse.

This in when my Ordeal with BXO went into high gear.

See BXO page here

When I look back at the events from 2016 to 2021 It makes me wonder just what caused the “rigid band” to form in the first place. Did I cause this “band” with the use of stretching exercises and wearing an O-ring 24/7 for over time.

Was this the main trigger for the BXO since my skin was now covering my glans 24/7 even with nocturnal erections not allowing my skin to “dry out”. My BXO is basically an allergic reaction to my own urine. Just one drop left on the skin each night overtime could have accelerated it.

Most men with foreskin ( restored or natural ) will not get BXO. I just happen to be that lucky guy allergic to his own piss. This is why circumcision is a recommended fix for BXO since it keeps the skin dry.

Its possible I have always been prone to BXO since for me its a reaction to my own urine. This O-ring experiment could have made the right conditions for it to go nuclear. Being circumcised until I was 33 may have kept my BXO condition from ever becoming a noticeable problem that needed to be addressed.

restored foreskin glans

This is 2021 and I no longer have the band as before. I do not have erect coverage that stays over my glans all by itself since that tight band is gone. On the plus side my glide action is back to normal.

restored foreskin pull

I do not miss the erect coverage at all. My skin moves easily over my glans without any hangups and I always have full flaccid coverage 24/7

restored foreskin tip

I do feel that the use of O-rings and retaining are the reasons why my flaccid coverage is so good.

My skins natural state today is go over my glans and thats what I always wanted.