So your thinking of using a restoring device but are unsure where to start.

To use a restoring device some shaft skin is needed. The more shaft skin available the easier it is to attach a restoring device.

In the restoring world you will see a term called the ” CI-index” used often. This Coverage Index is based on the amount of foreskin coverage a penis has.

Click here to see the CI index chart

Attaching a device

To use a restoring device you need to be able to push any shaft skin you have onto the surface of the device. This is why a higher CI index number makes using a device easier to use.

Rolling skin onto a DTR bell

Most of us do not have much skin to work with so using the TUG method with just the DTR bell and not a push plate is easier to attache since less skin is required as there is no push plate to extend this distance.


Using a DTR bell as an example that is 34.30 mm wide. My glans measure slightly more ( 36.80 mm ) then the DTR bell.

The average DTR users glans range from 30 to 40 mm wide when flaccid.

A CI-index of 1+ is needed for the tug method.

A CI-index of 2 + is needed to use dual tension

D battery

You can test to see if you can roll any shaft skin onto a restoring device by using something close to the size of the device you are thinking about using like this D battery that is a little more than 33 mm in diameter.

D battery roll

If you are able to push or roll any shaft skin onto the object this will give you an idea on what you have to work with when you start.

Check out the G.T.S.R page for more info on glans to shaft anatomy

Click here for G.T.S.R

Almost every man that restores starts with a CI 1 or 2 on average , Consider yourself very lucky if you have more than a CI-2 when you are starting.

old tugging device

Don’t be afraid to use a home made device at first. I made this DIY tugger is made from a cut down funnel with 2 modified toilet tank flapper valves for a gripper and the base of the tugger.

finger pull foreskin stretching
finger pull foreskin stretching

Manually stretching the skin is also another way to start.

Loosening the skin is the first step in the process and this normally takes only a few days to a week making using a restoring device an easier to do.

I had trouble when I start to restore for the first time. It can feel awkward at first. You will get erections when trying to attach a device. This happens to most of us. After a few days my body became used to the idea of having something attached to it. The erection issue when installing a device diminished as will the awkward feeling of having something attached to my penis.