Dual tension method

Dual tension method ( Bi-directional ) is a method of restoring that stresses the skin in two directions at the same time. This provides both inner and outer stress to the skin with out the use of a tug strap.

DTR Cad 1

When the DTR is in Dual tension mode the device creates its own push/pull tension. So you do not have to use weight or a tug strap to create tension.

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DTR Cad 1 foreskin restoring

When the shaft is rolled past the glans it will now have two surfaces. Inner/outer skin.

Inner skin is the surface on the inside of the foreskin

Outer skin is the surface on the outside of the foreskin… simple right.

Since there are two surfaces of the skin you can control which surface receives more stress by using the two different methods.

Section #1 “Normal method”

I used the normal roll method to focus on inner and outer foreskin. This gives about a 50/50 to 60/40 split with inner being favored normally unless I intentionally push more shaft skin forwards .

Dual tension method

Pressing my glans against the push plate.

DTR Cad 12
DTR install 1

I roll my shaft skin onto the DTR bell.

DTR Cad 14
Foreskin DTR install 2

Rolling the gripper on my skin

attaching the DTR elastics

Attaching the elastic one end at a time.

Here I am using two elastics for higher tension.

showing DTR attached

Fully installed with elastic tension

This install focuses more on outer skin than inner skin

Section #3 “push method”


Now I am showing how to focus more on inner skin

I find inner skin to be thinner and clings to the glans better.

attaching the DTR push

I found attaching the DTR this way can focus more on inner skin.

This method is also good for guys that have less skin to work with as they my find it easier to put on this way vs the roll method.

It also changes the position of the DTR so that it “hangs” more comfortably if this is an issue.

DTR push rod in foreskin

Instead of trying to roll the skin onto the Bell, I instead press the push Rod and push plate into the glands and pull on the shaft skin as shown.

DTR push rod in foreskin

I keep working the push plate against the glands as I pull the skin up.

attaching the DTR

I now roll the skin down to the edge of the push plate.

attaching DTR 3

Keeping the skin just on the edge of the push plate while holding the push plate against my glans.

DTR dual tension

I now bring the Bell down to the push plate, careful not to pinch the skin in between the Bell and push plate.

attaching DTR 3

I now roll the skin forward onto the bell.

attaching DTR 9

Rolling the gripper onto the skin just as I normally would.

DTR cad h
DTR cad f
DTR cad g

If I want to place more tension on one side of the shaft skin than the other I can do so by installing the DTR slightly to the left or right instead of straight on.

So for example if I wanted less skin growth on the right side I would place the DTR slightly to the right side of the glans. Then when tension is applied it would pull more on the left side.

Please remember I am not a trained professional Penis stretcher. I only can tell you what I have tried and what other have told me over the years. This is not an exact science.

Section #3 Tension hold screw

DRT screws

I put on the DTR just as I would when using elastic tension but without the elastics.

DTR with tension hold screw

I adjust tension by pushing the push rod down and tightening the stainless steel tension hold screw. The stainless steel screw will press against the push rod keeping it from moving. Very little tightening is required.

tighten DTR screw

This method allows me to control very precise the amount of tension I want to use. It is a very good way to use high tension settings. The more I push down on the push rod the more the skin is tightened creating more tension.

A simple tightening of the hold screw and it is secured. 

DTR with tension hold screw

This was how I used Dual tension originally. I did not start using elastics until much later. I find both methods work equally well at developing skin.

DTR under shorts

Many ask if the DTR is bulky and can it be seen under clothing.

As you can see in this photo you cant really tell I have it on even with boxer briefs.  I have worn it with all types of clothing with no problems.

DTR under shorts 2

I never used dual tension while sleeping due to night time erections. I felt doing so could possibly damage the skin tissue from lack of circulation since I would not be removing it as often to take a quick break. 

Using Dual tension was my go to method of choice for most of my restoring. I was able to stress the skin as much as I wanted with this method and not having the need to use a strap was a huge plus.

The down side is pressure on the glans over time. When I was close to the end of my restoration project I found I could not use Dual tension like I did when I started. My glans were just too sensitive for me to use it as aggressively as I did in the past. I can’t complain since gaining sensitivity was a main part of me restoring in the first place. This is why I used the tug method as the last method I used to finish.