Tug bell restoring device

For years I have made a stand alone Tug bell that is used just for the tug method

DTR Tug Bell

The Tug bell was a device I was asked to make for guys that just wanted a stand alone device to tug with and nothing more.

Tug bell vs DTR

When shown next to a DTR bell the Tug bell looks similar to a DTR but with a few changes. The Tug Bell has a pull ring nub built into the device so there is no need for a tug pin.

tug bell top

The Tug bell has a 1/8 inch (3mm) vent hole instead of the 1/4 (6mm) center hole the DTR ball has in it.

Foreskin restoring Tug Bell pull

The small vent hole is needed so that the Tug bell does not create suction when it is attached and pulled away from the head of the penis.

tug bell bottom

The inside cavity depth of the Tug bell is about 1/2 depth of a DTR bell. 

The Tug bell has a 10 mm deep cavity much like a Retainer.

The diameter is the same as a DTR bell  (Approximate 34.35 mm wide) and uses the same grippers.

measuring glans

The size of the DTR bell and Tug bell is approximately 34.30 mm + – .15  wide at the base. This size has proven to be a “one size fits most” with exceptions for those with very large or small glans when flaccid.

I tested the tug bell for a few months and like it since it was so basic and simple.

Its so solid I would have to say other than a device made from steel. This could be the toughest restoring tugging device made.

I don’t think I could break this unless I used a hammer.