O-rings as a retainer

O-rings can be a great way to keep the skin over the glans when not restoring.

foreskin restoring o-rings

I have used O-rings to retain with when not restoring . The silicone O-rings I use are Food and beverage grade FDA compliant

o-ring on foreskin

I used a 3/4 inch (19mm) O-ring as a retainer when I just wanted to passively retain my skin over my glans for many hours without removal.

I find O-rings are a good way to “train” the skin forwards over time.

There cheap and comfortable and did I mention they are cheap !

foreskin restoring o-rings

5/8 (16mm) 3/4 (19mm) 7/8 (22mm)

These are the sizes are the most common sizes used.

These can be used individually or stacked

stacked foreskin O-rings

Stacking O-ring is an old method to restore. This method was done just like you see here with as many O-rings as a person wanted to use.

O-ring on string

Tip: Attach a string and a safety pin to keep from loosing the O-ring.
Just attach the safety pin to your pants or underwear and you will be safe from loosing your rings

Wash O-rings often with soap and water to remove skin oils. They should feel a little tacky after they are washed and dry. If it slips off,  give it a wash.

I found O-rings to be very helpful for keeping the skin over the glans. The down side is they can fall off when there is not a lot of skin to work with

An important note, when it comes to retaining and sleeping. This is something that every individual will have to make his or her own decision on. What I will tell everyone is that if you are thinking of using something when you are sleeping please test this out during the day while you are awake. You will also more then likely experience nocturnal erections. This will put more pressure on the skin when you are using restoring or retaining methods.

See how long you can wear what ever it is you plan on wearing at night during the day to see if it’s going to bother you after a long duration of time ( like 8 hours ).  I never advise using anything when sleeping. Always Use your own judgment. I have tugged and used retaining methods while sleeping. I never hurt myself doing so. I am also a tinfoil hat wearing space cadet that takes silly risks at times. Don’t be silly like me.