Foreskin restoring equipment made to last

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DTR dual tension tugger


DTR Tug Bell

Tug Bell

DTR Retainer


DTR Retainer spacers


DTR gripper


foreskin restoring O-rings

Silicone O-rings

nylon DTR

Handmade on a lathe from non toxic safe nylon.

No 3D printing or injected molded plastic is used.

Restoring equipment that is very durable, light weight and built to last years.

funnel tugging device

When I started restoring I used a home made tugger device that I made from a plastic funnel and two modified toilet tank flapper valves.

This worked surprisingly well but did fall off often.

old DTR

During the first few months of my restoration I experimented with making more devices. This was my DTR prototype that I called my “slider” device.

I had coated the surface with aquarium silicone to enhance the grip but the silicone would break down over a period of weeks.

old DTR kit

This next prototype pictured here.
Is the original DTR I used and started making for other restoring men back in early 2005

I continued to make more refinements and included more accessories as the years past. Along with making custom parts by request.

Notched Retainer

As time went on I made other devices for myself and for a few other advanced restoring men that I would hear from occasionally.

The retainer device was one of these creations.

Thanks to everyone that has helped spread this site and made the DTR what it is today.