How DTR grippers work

The gripper is what holds the skin onto the devices surface

DTR grippers

The original gripper was made from a cut down baby bottle nipple. I did this so people could make their own replacements if they could not order from me and they were made from medical grade SLR

new grip vs old

As of NOV 2023 this new Gripper will be replacing the old gripper. This new gripper is longer and stronger with smooth rounded edges vs. the old gripper.

silicone gripper

This provides a better grip for those just starting out and will allow older users to use a maximum amount of tension when restoring.

injection mold machine

These new grippers are made in the USA from Injection molded Platinum cured Medical grade-class VI LSR.
These have been designed for use with the DTR, Retainers and Tug Bell.

Important note:
The gripper will feel a little more flexible after a break in period ( 200 hours of use ) You can speed this along by removing them and stretching them out with your fingers. You can also soak them in boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes before stretching them.

finger trap

Grippers hold the skin by using pressure and friction.

The more tension the more grip. Much like a “Chinese finger trap” the more you pull the tighter the grip.

The more stress (pull) the more the skin is compressed by the gripper. This is what causes skin fatigue after you have a device on for sometime and why it is important to take quick breaks every 30 to 90 minutes to avoid any discomfort when using higher amounts of tension.

foreskin stretch

This new gripper can hold my skin for longer periods of time when using high amounts of stress. I find using about 2 to 4 pounds worth of pulling force when tugging gives me the best skin growth. This is what works for me personally, I am not suggesting that anyone uses this amount of force.

If your equipment does not allow you to use higher stress because it is slipping off after ten minutes than you could be in in for a very long frustrating restoration.

Pulling skin

Holes in a gripper make it a little more flexible since there is less material.

Some guys prefer the solid gripper so it really may be just a personal choice.

firm DTR gripper
Soft gripper
liquid soap
dusted gripper
DTR gripper install 3

Gripper removal is easy, first invert the gripper so that it’s flipped inside out just as you would if you are about to attach the gripper to your skin.

DTR gripper install 2

Pull on the gripper and work it over the collar portion of the DTR Bell.

pulling off gripper

Continue to work the gripper by stretching it over the collar

DTR gripper install 1

Now work the gripper over the nylon screws if they are being used. Grippers will stretch quite a bit so it’s difficult to rip one.

To reinstall the gripper just reverse the process.

Grippers are interchangeable with the DTR bell, TugBell and Retainers.