How DTR grippers work

The gripper is what holds the skin onto the devices surface

DTR grippers

The original grippers are made from a silicone baby bottle nipple. I did this so people could make their own replacements if they could not order from me. they are very safe and long lasting

These do provide a firm grip on the skin and can last for years.

I am working on two new options that should be available late 2023. One is a firm gripper like the original. The other will be a soft style gripper that is good for more advanced restores who can get away with less gripping power.

DTR retainer

I find that adding holes in a gripper makes it a little more flexible since there is less material.

My original thought was it could grip more do to the skin protruding through the holes a little.

DTR gripper install 4

The only drawback with using a gripper with holes is when you remove the gripper you’ll see small little bumps on the skin as shown in this picture. These small bumps quickly disappear after removal.

Some men don’t like getting these little bumps and prefer the feel of the solid gripper.

DTR gripper install 3

Gripper removal is easy, first invert the gripper so that it’s flipped inside out just as you would if you are about to attach the gripper to your skin.

DTR gripper install 2

Pull on the gripper and work it over the collar portion of the DTR Bell.

pulling off gripper

Continue to work the gripper by stretching it over the collar

DTR gripper install 1

Now work the gripper over the nylon screws if they are being used. Grippers will stretch quite a bit so it’s difficult to rip one.

To reinstall the gripper just reverse the process.

Grippers are interchangeable with the DTR bell, TugBell and Retainers.