Foreskin restoring results-32-to-96-months

Foreskin restoring results-32-to-96-months.
I stopped my restoring project after 24 months and decided to do a foreskin piercing. At the time I liked the way a foreskin piercing looked and I figured what the heck now that I have a foreskin I might as well do it. It took almost a full year to heal and it ended up being a huge mistake.

Restored foreskin results

This is what happened after the piercing healed in 2006.

This piercing made the end of my foreskin look odd at times. Especially if irritated.

The swelling from the piercing did go down over time but never went away completely.

restored foreskin pull

The blue arrow shows the healed foreskin piercings and the black arrow is my circumcision scar.

restored foreskin piercings

Fully erect as I pull down my skin to show my old PA, frenulum and foreskin piercings in 2006.

My glans were smooth and shiny. My frenulum was also in good shape at this time.

restored foreskin skin

This picture was taken around 2016.

I just wanted to show just how much scar tissue and extra skin these piercings did unfortunately cause.

You can see two piercings. The small one was my failed first attempt in 2005 and the second was done a few months later.

I don’t want anyone to think that foreskin piercings can help with their end results. Foreskin piercings will only make the end of your foreskin thicker and thats not what you want. They also cause you problems making restoring more difficult if you wish to continue to restore. They also hinder Glide action.

DTR grooved bell

I had to make this DTR bell with grooves to accommodate the pieced skin tubes. Otherwise this extra skin would get irritated quickly from being compressed by the gripper.

restored foreskin with ring
32 months

Unfortunately I could not longer restore as aggressively as I did in the past.

Although the piercings were healed at this point and I removed the ring when I was restoring.

The pierced skin would get irritated easily and my progress was much slower because of this.

Please note that after the first 24 months of restoring I started to take longer breaks off from restoring. I just count the days I actually restore and not just days that go by. So if I restored every other week for 2 months this would equal 1 month worth or restoring.

48 months of foreskin restoring

I also stopped taking pictures each month since all I was seeing is more wrinkles in the skin and it wasn’t as dramatic as my first 24 months.

restored foreskin rings

I would normally keep one ring through both piercings as shown here when I was not restoring.

restored foreskin

This is about 84 to 86 months of restoring. It’s getting hard to keep track of exactly how many months I am restoring now since I take many days off from restoring and even weeks at a time.

restored foreskin with ring
foreskin restore

92 months  ( guesstimate ) worth of restoring

At this point all I was doing is trying to see how far I could go with restoring. I also wanted to see if full erect coverage was possible.