Flaccid coverage after workout in 2016

I had a few requests asking me how my flaccid coverage held up during a workout. Would it get loose and roll back?

restored foreskin overhang

Flaccid coverage after workout. I took these shots right after jumping off my elliptical machine. The skin stays over the glans without anything needed to keep it that way.

flaccid restored foreskin coverage

I am marking where the two foreskin piercings I had done were located.

flaccid restored foreskin coverage a

You can see that my scrotal skin is not being pulled to cover my glans. You can also see that a piercing is not needed to keep the skin over the glans even when doing something like working out.

foreskin edge

Close up picture showing piercings

foreskin piercing marks
restored foreskin marks 3

flaccid restored foreskin coverage DTR

Now my finger is on the side on my penis to keep it steady for the photo. The skin is not being pushed forward. If you compare where the piercings are you can see that there still in the same location throughout this series.

restored foreskin overhang

I hope this helps you see that the end of a restored foreskin can function like original equipment when you have enough skin under your belt… all pun intended.