Spacers for retainers

Spacers can also be used to add length to the retainer. This turns the Retainer into a “packing” device.

spacers on retainer

Another option for the retainer is spacers.

This makes the retainer a little more aggressive by keeping the skin from being fully relaxed so that its under a little stress when retaining.

retainer spacers DTR

The spacers are made from the same machined nylon as the retainer and are approximately 1/4 inch ( 7 – 8 mm ) and 1/2 inch (12-13mm ) thick.

DTR spacers
DTR retainer screws

Nylon screws are used to hold the spacer(s) in place.

Spacers can be added to any retainer with a center hole

DTR retainer with spacer

Spacers are countersunk so that the nylon screw sits inside the spacer.

Retainer with spacer screws

Spacers may not work well with someone that has a decent frenulum since the spacers do not have a notch option

Longer notched retainers would be better for men with larger frenulums.

I only used spacers for a short time just to test out the concept since I was restored by the time I made them available. It is a way to increase the length of the Retainer without having to purchase a longer Retainer.