Spacers for retainers

Spacers can also be used to add length to the retainer. This turns the Retainer into a “packing” device.

spacers on retainer

Another option for the retainer is spacers.

These are used to extend the length of a retainer.

Retainer with spacer
retainer spacers DTR

The spacers are made from the same machined nylon as the retainer and are approximately 1/4 inch ( 7 – 8 mm ) and 1/2 inch (12-13mm ) thick.

standard spacers
Notched spacers
notched spacers
DTR retainer screws

Nylon screws are used to hold the spacer(s) in place.

Spacers can be added to any retainer with a center hole

DTR retainer with spacer

Spacers are countersunk so that the nylon screw sits inside the spacer.

I only used spacers for a short time just to test out the concept since I was restored by the time I made them available. It is a way to increase the length of the Retainer without having to purchase a longer Retainer.