Using the tug method with a DTR

The tug method is what most of us start with since it requires the least amount of skin when using a device.

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the tug method

I add the tug pin to my DTR simply by removing the clip and sticking the rod through the DTR body and re-attaching the clip

The DTR tug method 2

Pin in place and ready to tug.

DTR Tug Bell

The Tug Bell is another device I make that is just for this method and has a built in tugging anchor point

Its just a simple extremely tough Tug device made for only tugging.

DTR bell for tugging

A tension hold screw could be used to keep the tug pin from moving at if this is something that a person wants to do. I personally like the pin to swivel freely

The tug method 3 DTR bell

Another option some men will use for tugging is using a small push rod. The push plate can stay in place also by doing it this way.

It is possible to use dual tension and the tugging method at the same time. This can be done with any size push rod.

The tug method 4
Place bell against glans
The tug method 5
Roll skin onto bell
Rolling gripper on skin
Rolling the gripper onto the skin
Rolling gripper on skin 3
DTR bell with tug strap

Now a tug strap is needed to create tension when using the tugging method

elastic strap for tugging

The E-strap is available on the parts page. Click for more info

I would say tugging is the granddaddy of all restoring methods. Using T-tape, or a device the action is the same. Pulling on the shaft skin. It is the best way to start in my opinion since it is the easiest method to use when using a device. I used it when I started and I used it to finish my restoration. If I was forced to only use one method and could not use anything else. I would choose tugging as my method even though other methods my be better at certain stages of restoring.