Manual stretching foreskin

Manual stretching can be used when first beginning to restore when there is little skin to work with.

foreskin manual stretch 1

The “squeeze technique”

While pushing my first finger against the glans tip I hold the shaft skin with my index finger and thumb.

foreskin stretching squeeze

As you can see here I am holding the foreskin (new restores will hold there shaft skin)
with three fingers in this first step. You can use your other hand to help work the skin into this position. I then pull this skin away from my body.

foreskin manual stretch 2

Using my other hand I will squeeze my fingers around the skin tube I have created.
You will want to use a lube or oil on the glans so they slide down as you squeeze the skin tube.

foreskin stretching squeeze

Another view of what I am doing to create the skin tube. I work my glans down as I wrap my fingers around the skin tube.

Foreskin stretch 3

As I squeeze the skin tube I pull up with the three fingers that is holding the foreskin.
What is happening while I do this is that my first finger holds the inner skin and the other two finger grip the outer skin. As I squeeze it stretches the skin by pushing the glans down.

This works sort of the way my DTR works. Pushing and pulling at the same time.

Squeezing pretty hard so that I feel a burning sensation. I hold this for10 seconds and then release the squeeze and squeeze again for 10 seconds. I do this for about 5 minutes. If I feel my fingers slipping I just repeat the first steps to re grab the foreskin tip.

I also use a pierce of paper tower wrapped around my first finger to prevent the fingers from slipping. You can bruise your skin and your glans for that matter if you pinch them to hard so be careful if you try these techniques.

foreskin stretching

You can use two finger if you cant use your whole hand. This is a simple and fast way to get a good stretch.

foreskin stretching

The ” Two finger pull “
This technique works by inserting my two middle fingers into the foreskin and pull upwards. Even though it may look like I am pulling it outwards as I pull upwards I am not. I don’t want to stretch the foreskin tip so that I loose any taper I have I am just pulling the foreskin away from my body.     

Foreskin stretch 6

The “Grip pull”
This technique works by holding the tip of my foreskin like I would if I was doing the squeeze technique but instead of squeezing with my fingers I hold the shaft skin downward as I pull the tip upwards So the top hand goes up and the bottom hand goes down.

This stretches the shaft skin. I would do all these techniques for a total of 6-7 minutes a day when I used them.

finger pull stretch

“Finger pull”

The finger pull was my manual method for outer skin development. This is as simple as it gets.

Insert index finger into foreskin so that it presses into the glans

finger pull stretch 2

I wrap my other hand around my foreskin pulling as much as I can forwards with the tip of my finger still touching my glans.

As I pull my foreskin away from by body I am also squeezing my fingers around the foreskin that wraps around my index finger.

I will allow my fingers on the outside to slowly slide as I pull the skin away from my body.

finger pull stretch 3

Basically I am stroking the foreskin over my index finger as I move my other fingers up.

I am also pulling the index finger out slowly as I do this.

I will do this 5 second routine about 10 to 20 times

This is the only restoring method and exercise I continue to do every now and then after 2021.

Restoring can be done with just manual methods although I think it would be the slowest way to do so. I do feel manual stretching may be the best method to use when you start if you cant use a device. It is also a great way to finish your restoring project.