2021 foreskin restoring update

2021 update pictures showing how my foreskin looks like after my ordeal with a skin condition known as BXO.

foreskin restoration results 2021

Its 2021 and things are almost back to normal with my glans and foreskin.

If you haven’t seen the BXO page yet click here

I decided to take these photos in direct sunlight so you can see the true color of my glans and skin.

foreskin restoration results 2021 b

Since my skin was getting back to normal from BXO I decided to see if my skin could take the stress of restoring again.

restored foreskin tip

I restored using the tugging method from Jan 1 2021 to April 1 2021.I had no issues for 4 solid months and decided to stop since I really do not need to continue restoring and I just wanted to see if it was still possible.

rolling back foreskin

Personally erect coverage did nothing for me sensitivity wise. Other than appearance all it did was to make the skin harder to retract when fully erect. This was made worse with my ordeal with BXO.

Since that band has peeled away I no longer have that “rigid band” band I developed in 2016.   I am back to the same glide action I had prior to 2016.

rolling back restored foreskin

My urethra opened back up and healed quick Other than the slight color changes I feel no difference with sensitivity or the way my skin moves or feels.

The skin is back to being very pliable and it continues to improve.

rolling back restored foreskin e

This picture is just outside direct sunlight to show the shine between this picture and the next

Restored glans 2021 top

The glans are very smooth and it feels the same as it did before BXO issue.

Restored glans 2021

The purplish/red color is slowly returning.  My glans are always protected with my restored foreskin. This “restored” skin continues to look better as years pass.

Restored glans in sun

The inner skin clings to the glans as I retract it.

Restored glans 2021

There is nothing used on the skin, this is just the natural texture/shine the foreskin and glans have from being restored for many years.  The skin has a very soft moist feel even though its not wet at all. 

I refer to it as the skin being super hydrated.

Restored glans 2021 shaft

The shaft skin was nice a supple again and has fully recovered from my BXO issue.

Restored glans 2021 frenulum

Here is a good shot of my frenulum area.  That little red spot is whats left of a 6 gauge PA piercing. Its been  17 years and still not fully closed up.

The “nub” it whats left of my frenulum that I amputated due to a frenulum piercing that migrated. 

The underside of my glans is very sensitive even without a frenulum.