Durability of a DTR

I wanted my device to have Durability and 3D printing or injected molded plastic just wasn’t going to cut it.

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DTR cleaning

Cleaning :
Normally I just wash my DTR with dish soap and water when finished using it for the day. Using a small amount of dish soap then rinsing until the gripper feels squeaky clean.

Do not use hand soap or body wash these contain lotions or moisturizes which will cause the gripper to slip.

washing a dtr

No other cleaning is required, Just remember when cleaning don’t use anything that would harm your skin, like bleach and strong cleaning chemicals. This would be overkill anyway and not necessary to maintain the DTR.

The DTR is dishwasher safe , good luck on trying to convince your family that you’re going to wash your foreskin restoration device with the rest of the dishes..

DTR cleaning 3

Use dish soap that does not contain moisturizers to keep your DTR gripping like new.