BXO is a skin condition which affects the foreskin and glans

While most men will never deal with BXO I feel I need to share my ordeal with you.

This is not going to be pretty but you may learn something. While most men will never deal with BXO I feel I need to share my ordeal with you so that you can have more insight on this issue if it ever becomes a problem.

BXO can be from a bacteria or in my case prolonged contact with urine trapped under the foreskin with help from a leaky old PA piercing.
( don’t put extra holes in your dick folks !)

 Luckily mine was like an allergic reaction to my own urine. The cure was simple. Absorb any urine left on my glans after I urinate with a tissue and let my glans air out before I allow my foreskin to roll forwards.


Its 2019 and I am still taking a long break from restoring and was very preoccupied with restoring a house when I notice a rash…

Now since I was not restoring my glans were covered with foreskin 24/7  (showering and retracting to urinate not included) Unfortunately this allowed my glans and foreskin to stay in prolonged contact with urine due to urine leaking from my old PA piercing.

n the past my foreskin was snug and retracted easily but now it was getting harder to retract when erect due to the skin getting thicker and less pliable from this BXO skin condition

frenulum damage
My frenulum was destroyed by a ring that migrated.

The biggest cause for this urine leak was my old PA piercing that never fully closed.  Taken in 2012 ish when my frenulum piercing started to migrate.

That stupid little hole would always leak a drop or two of urine after I urinated.

BXO takes a long time to develop and cure. This is why it can go undetected for awhile.  You must first figure out what is causing BXO in order to cure it.

restored foreskin pucker

When my skin was in its normal position shown here my urethra could air out. Unfortunately my old PA piercing allowed a few drops of urine to stay under my foreskin. Basically marinating my glans and inner foreskin in urine all day. This was my primary cause of my problem. Urine trapped under my foreskin.

This “rash” went into overdrive in the summer of 2019 and my urethra was closing up. This is when I went to a urologist to find out what the hell was wrong with me. The skin was getting thicker and looked bad. I had no itch or burning. No strange odor..nothing but the skin turning white with red rash

bxo 1

One cure for BXO is circumcision and since I just spent years growing a foreskin I wasn’t about to let a doctor chop it off again.

I saw my urologist and he confirmed I had BXO He told me to keep my skin over my glans and gave me a few different steroid cremes. This made the problem worse after 24 hours.

My glans would look better for 24 hours after I used the steroid but the skin would start to get worse if I continued with them. It was as if the steroids kicked things into overdrive.

BXO from urine
Drying and flaking phase

So with my urethra shrinking and my glans getting worse by the day I decided to take my usually action… Research this for myself.

After some research online I found a Blog that someone had posted showing the same BXO issue from urine. His solution was to keep the skin retracted to dry the glans and skin out and let the skin peel. So I decided to do the same.

more doctors

The fact that my urologist did not suggest this course of action is a bit troubling. I will say my urologist is a very pleasant professional person. So this is not an insult towards him or any other urologist…but…

When the medical field describes itself as a “Medical Practice” I have to ask myself just who are they practicing on ?

bxo flake

I am not saying that this treatment works for all cases of BXO but if you ever have BXO you may want to give it a shot.  I am just a goof ball with a website and I am not a doctor so use your own judgement. 

Within days the skin started to dry and peel, although it look bad I knew that this was going to work.

The skin itself was a little more sensitive and a little itchy at times during the “Great peel” but nothing too bad or annoying.

bxo peel

I saw an improvement within days of drying the skin out. My “rigid band area” started to peel at this point.

peeling BXO

A close up of this “band” and you can see layers of skin peel.

peeling bxo 1

This area is my POE, this is the area of skin that was the end of my foreskin. 

The skin just kept peeling and getting better,  I kept my skin retracted for a few months while this took place. That wasn’t easy since my skin for years now naturally wants to stay over my glans. 

peeling foreskin band

I waited until this healing process was 90 % done before I posted this page so you would have a full story on my ordeal and not have to wait each month for an update that could take over a year.

more peeling BXO

During this I used nothing but water to clean my skin, No steroids or prescription cremes. Keeping my skin urine free was working.  It sucked to keep my skin retracted for this time period.  But  in the end it was better than the alternative.

During this time an old injury that I had for years cleared up. This area hurt like hell for years. It was a tiny section of skin that I tore years ago located on a skin fold.  This fully healed within a month after I dealt with it for years. 

I believe it healed because it was no longer in a fold. Keeping my skin retracted allowed the skin to heal as it should have.

pealed BXO skin

The area of skin that made up my POE (the end of my foreskin) was thick and not as pliable as it was prior to this issue.  This drying and peeling process took about nine months.

flakes BXO

I let it peel and flake over time,  I did not want to rush this by picking at it making things worse.

Flaking skin BXO

This are of skin is about 1/2 inch wide. As the skin peeled it got smoother and softer.

BXO from urine

The redness in my glans took forever to dissipate.

This is July 2020. My urethra was opening up and the skin on my glans were soft and not flaky like they were in 2019.

Check out update 2021 to see how things improved

Since I have posted this info Ive been contacted by someone else who suspected they might have the same problem with prolonged urine contact. I am glad this person was able to stop and reverse this issue by using the information I posted on this page. If you think you have a similar problem see a doctor first. I am not a medically trained professional and what I post is not medical advice.