Restored foreskin glide action

Foreskin glide action is a big reason why men restore. Without the natural glide action of foreskin sexual intercourse can become painful from soreness for both men and women.

Foreskin is natures way of making all forms of sexual activity more pleasurable. You are born with it for a reason

This video is not a “masturbation” video but there is no other way to show how the foreskin moves with an erection other then moving the skin over the glans in a realistic and natural manner. The purpose is to demonstrate how a restored foreskin  moves like a natural foreskin and why the foreskin is so important to a man’s sexual pleasure.

I am not going to lie. I do feel weird posting this video.

So much for running for public office.

Click here for 2023 update with new glide video

When I looked into restoring back in 2002 I could not find one single video of anyone showing a restored foreskin. I saw a few before and after pictures and that was about it. This is why I post these images and videos on this website.