Value Added Tax

As of July 2021 the VAT (Value added Tax) rules have changed. I can no longer send packages to the EU or UK directly.

My alternative is to use eBay as a middle man to make the transaction since eBay will collect and submit the (VAT) Value Added Tax to the EU and UK.

I can use this option however the order needs to be over $75 to make this option worth using.

How this works: You email me and tell me what you want to order along with what country you are located.

I will let you know the total cost and set up a listing for you on eBay for you to make the purchase. eBay will collect the VAT. This is about %18 of the total purchase.

So for example: DTR kit / standard plate / no hole gripper is $75 Shipping to the UK is $20.50 and the VAT will be about $18 So total cost is $113.50

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