Alex’s foreskin restoring results.

DTR user Alex shares his restoration progress

Alex before foreskin restoring

This was some of the progress pictures and will focus on the end of his restoring project. Alex has shared a lot of photos and information over the years with me.

He lives in Europe and is truly a pioneer with restoring and has pushed the envelope in regards to “touch up surgeries” and how fast he restored.

Alex using tape

“This is how he started to restore, using a tape-ring method. He used this method to create enough skin to could wear the DTR. He used tape-ring 24/7 for about six weeks.”

I asked Alex what kind of routine he used with his DTR and this is what he said.

Alex’s restoration: “I think in the two years wearing the dtr, I had tried almost every time and tension variants I could come by. I used the dtr typically 5 – 7 h every day, with varying tension settings. Some days here and there I use a combo routine, will say that I worn the dtr for 10-12 h. But normally 5 -7h then. In the last months I did the same on what you do or did, a routine where I used dtr for 2 hrs, took 1 h break, 2 h with dtr, 1h break, so finally 1-2 h with dtr.

I changed between one and two elastics on the 6″ rod, and manually tension setting with the screw.In the beginning I used the 4″ rod, and so the 5″ rod, and then finally the 6″ rod. I also tried the 7″ rod, but found out that 6″ with two elastics was better. The first weeks in my restoration process I stared with the tape-ring method and manually stretching.

Alex with the DTR

Alex using collars

Alex using collars

Alex using weight

Alex using weight.

Alex using direct Air

Alex using direct Air.

Alex foreskin pull
Alex erect foreskin
Alex foreskin 2
Alex foreskin

After two years a restoring his foreskin growth was phenomenal. Alex. was not finished with his restoring project and chose to do a touch up surgery known as V plasty.

Although touch up surgeries a not common restoring men, Alex wanted to have a tight tapered foreskin, with the main goal being able to have full erect coverage without the skin rolling back and without having to restore for more years.