Alex has a cone plasty surgical touch up

This page will feature Alex who has finished his restoring journey and had a rare “touch up surgery” done.  Since there is not much information on this surgery at all online I felt it was important to show it.

Alex decided to do a touch-up surgery called cone plasty, although touch-up surgeries are normally not done by most individuals that restore some guys do choose to do them. Information online is very scarce to say the least on these procedures.

foreskin restoring touch up 1

“today was the day I’ve waited for long time. The touch up surgery has been performed, and I’m back from the hospital.  First I got injection of marcaine and xylocaine solution, local anesthetics.
The touch up procedure is a cone-plasty method.

foreskin restoring touch up 2

The total heal time would be about six months. During the first few weeks there was swelling as with any surgery, and as time goes on the scar tissue will be more pliable.

This picture was taken after a few days from the initial procedure.

foreskin restoring touch up 3

He used small strips of medical tape as a kind of butterfly bandage so that the stitching would not get much pressure especially during nocturnal erections that would happen when he was sleeping. After the stitches came out and the skin healed the use of the tape was no longer needed.

foreskin restoring touch up 4

Fast forwarding to approximately 4 months of healing.

foreskin restoring touch up 5

With the skin rolled back you can see the scar line shown in this picture

foreskin restoring touch up 6

With the skin forward and covering the glans nicely it would be hard for anyone to distinguish whether he was ever circumcised.

foreskin restoring touch up 7
foreskin restoring touch up 8

As the healing process continued and swelling went down the results continue to be better.

Here we can see the scar line left by the touch-up surgery.

foreskin restoring touch up 9
foreskin restoring touch up 10
foreskin restoring touch up 11

The cone-plasty ( v- plasty ) touch up surgery is talk about online but very seldom is there any information or pictures of the progress.

foreskin restoring touch up 12

After letting everything healed and waiting another six months he decided to do another surgery called the “purse string”