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The "O-ring Theory"
I believe the use of an O-ring helped create a "Rigid band" to keep the foreskin forwards over my glans.
I personally use the 3/4 inch size but others may want to experiment with different sizes to see what fits best for themselves.
 It is my personal opinion that a person needs to have enough skin so that technically there is enough to cover the glans in the first place for this band to be created.  Agian this is just my opinion.
One: In early 2016 I was doing a manual stretching exercise I called the "finger pull stretch" After a few weeks I noticed it was tightening the end of my foreskin.  I was seeing great results and started to get more aggressive with this stretch.  I believe now that I was possibly causing a mild case of phimosis by doing this. I would use an O-ring as a retainer 24/7 when I was not doing this stretch. This may have constricted or distorted the skin under the O-ring and over time created a "bottle neck " in this area.
With the O-ring removed I can roll back the foreskin to the point where you can see the "band" at the very end of my foreskin.
Now keep your eye on the band as I move the skin further down the shaft.
Its pretty clear the "band" is smaller in diameter then the penis shaft.
Now, what I am about to discuss may sound out there but after close to two years of trying to understand this "band" development I truly can not find any other reason on how and why this has occurred.  This is my own personal view on what is going on and you may have your opinion.  The best I can do is share any information I have.
Two: During this time I was using the O-ring when I was sleeping. It is possible that nocturnal erections caused a lot of stress to the skin being bottle necked by the O-ring. This extra stress in a small concentrated area might have produced "Scar tissue"  that formed this band.  ?  just guessing
This would be on the inner side of the foreskin when the skin is over the glans
This is me pulling the foreskin over over the O-ring to show you the inside skin where the skin has this bottle neck.
I am using a white circle to represent where this bottle neck is located when the O-ring is in place.
I have ruled out my skin having a chemical reaction to the O-ring since the skin that comes in direct contact with the O-ring does not have this " bottle neck band"
This is about as far as I can go with out taking the O-ring off. I hope this will clear up any confusion about where this band formed.  Its on the inner side of the foreskin.
Revised ( new info ) Feb 2 2022
This band moves as I move the skin,
If anyone else is experiencing this I would like to hear from you.
I am open to anyone that has any other explanation for this "band" that I created. So far this is the best explanation I can come up with.
This is how I normally would use a 3/4 inch O-ring as a retainer.
My skin looks lighter in some areas, You can also see my pircing holes in this picture.  I have issue with skin pigment on my penis for years.
  I will continue to monitor and post any new information about this O-ring band on this page.
Three: A combination of the stretch exercise and O-ring caused this bottle neck band in the skin.
Four: Something is causing the skin in this area to deform  ( urine contact? ) 
   I developed something called BXO awhile after I posted the material above, Mine was caused by prolonged urine contact.  This was due to me having an old PA piercing that would leak out a drop or two of urine and get stuck behind my glans.   See BXO on the photos page for the story.
I will always wonder if I could have kept this "band" when it originality started if I knew about the Urine leak and how it was affecting the rest of my foreskin as time went on.  I may have been able to keep the BXO issue from happening and my have still had this band when it was pliable as it was when I original posted "Oring Theory"
Anyway .. all is good now..  I have great coverage and no issues without the band.Erect coverage was pretty cool but... I wont miss it.
You can see how everything looks today in the 2021 updates on this page.
O-rings still make great retainers to keep the skin forwards...  Most men will not have a reaction like this to urine.   But better to  play it safe and be as urine free as you can.
So no more band like i had a few years ago, but the skin is back to being very pliable with a clingy feel to it.  If it was wet it would feel like the inside of your cheek.
2022 updated info
Although the skin in this area no longer has that obvious indentation The skin still clings to the glans as it rolls back, You can see this is on this update 2021