DTR bell used as a Tugger
The DTR bell can be used as a tugging unit by removing the push plate and installing the tugging rod shown here.
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Step 1:
Placing the bell of the DTR to my glans.
Step 2:
Rolling shaft skin onto the bell.
Step 3:
Rolling the gripper onto the skin.
The DTR main bell is used along with the Tug pin to attach an elastic strap to creat tension.
Click here to see how elastic strap is used to create tension.
Click video screen to play in new window ( you can save the video also )
"Tugging" This method is great for beginners. It does require an elastic strap for tension but is also one of the easiest methods to use. This is was the first method I started with since it requires the least amount of skin to work with.
New 2017 tug pin replaces older tug/rod that required the steel hold screw to lock in place.
The tension hold screw is not needed with new 2017 tug pin
This is also allows the DTR bell to rotate freely instead of the old tug rod that was used before 2017 on a DTR that required a tension hold screw to lock the tug/rod in place as shown in the pictures bellow.
This is a much better way to attach an elastic strap to the DTR bell.
Caution! Being too aggressive can lead to injuries such as skin tears and bruising or possible other damaging injuries. I've had done this personally in the past from being too aggressive with my routines. Always use your own judgment on how you choose to restore. Pain is not part of restoring. The information on this web site is to show how I personally choose to restore and is not intended as instructions or medical advice on how everyone should restore. What you choose to do with this information you do at your own risk.