Tip :  attach a string and a safety pin to keep from loosing the O-ring.
Just attach the safety pin to your pants or under ware and you will be safe from loosing your rings.

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If you choose to use O-rings to retain your skin when sleeping just keep in mind of the possibility when getting nocturnal erections that in O-ring could cause a problem if the penis slides through the O-ring as it becomes erect.
This can happen if the O-ring is too big.
  An important note, when it comes to retaining and sleeping. This is something that every individual will have to make his or her own decision on. What I will tell everyone is that if you are thinking of using something when you are sleeping please test this out during the day while you are awake. You will also more then likely experience nocturnal erections. This will put more pressure on the skin when you are using restoring or retaining methods.

See how long you can wear what ever it is you plan on wearing at night during the day to see if it's going to bother you after a long duration of time ( like 8 hours ).  I never advise using anything when sleeping. Always Use your own judgment.

  7/8 th inch ID (22 mm ) , 3/4 inch ID ( 19mm )  and  5/8 (16 mm )
Three sizes that work well. To improve the grip greatly wash with soap and water or at least water when you take them on and off.
Stacking is the use of multiple O-rings.  Some guys would use different sizes like I am showing here.

I tried stacking when I first started to restore and could not do it. I used black O-rings back then and these Silicone O-rings (red) are much better with grip then black standard O-rings.
Wash O-rings often with soap and water to remove skin oils. They should feel a little tacky after they are washed and dry. If it slips off,  give it a wash.
most common size used is 3/4
I do not recommend sleeping while wearing them.. what you do is your business.
I am only showing this as a demonstration of the "O-ring Stacking method" This was a method many men used to restore years ago.
Dont try this at home !
On this page I will show two ways I have used to keep my skin over the glans when I was not restoring. Retaining is an important part of restoring.
The keeper
I had used O-rings for many years as a way to keep my skin over my glans when I was not restoring.
The keeper is made from a Condom Catheter. ( Bell Skin )  This can be a great way to keep the skin from rolling back and forth over the glans when at that "almost there" Stage of restoring.
I believe that the use of O-rings over time created a narrower "Band" of skin that allows me to have partial erect coverage.
Clings extremely well to skin and allows me to retract the skin to urinate without removal.
First we will discuss Silicone O-rings
 ( condom catheter ) bell skin
I was thinking there has to be a better way to keep the skin over the glans when a person hits that stage of restoring where the skin seems to have a mind of its own and will not STAY forward over the glans. This would be good for guys that are at that CI- 5 + stage
The answer is a $2 condom catheter. Why no one has done this already is beyond me when you see how simple this is.
I am using a 36 mm Condom catheter or ( Bell skin ) as I like to call them. I unroll the catheter.
Next using scissors  I will cut most of the catheter off and only leave about 3/4 to 1 inch worth of the bottom section.
I will now cut off most of the top section leaving about 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch of the tapered  top section. This section of the catheter is thicker then the bottom.
I don't worry about making it perfectly round and even. This is what they normally look like after I cut them down.  The slight taper is what I am looking for.
Now the taper side is facing left in this picture. The bottom section of the catheter will face down the shaft of my penis. So the taper side will be at the end of my foreskin.
I will pinch my the end of my foreskin with my finger that are inside the Keeper.
While I pull the skin with one hand I can work the Keeper over the foreskin. This is easier then it looks. I can adjust the Keeper so that its positioned just right.
This is how I like to position the Keeper.  The keeper clings to the skin very well and will stay in this position all day long. After weeks of testing I have yet to have one come off on its own.
The catheter thickness works perfect. The slight taper is enough to keep the foreskin over the glans without any pressure on the skin or glans.
The material is also thin enough so that It will expand when I retract my foreskin over the glans to urinate.

I can simply move it forward back over the glans and be good to go. This has worked out extremely well at keeping the skin forward all the time without any feeling of wearing it what so ever. I can use it all day long and I have even slept with it on and had no issues doing so.

I do not recommend sleeping with any device or retaining method. What you choose to do with this information you do so at your own RISK! I am just saying its like wearing nothing.
Right now I use a 36 mm size. That happens to be close to what my skin over my glans measures out to. 
So someone with a thinner or thicker penis might need a different size.
Condom catheters can be found on the parts page but I urge anyone to just look up "Condom catheters" online to get the size you may need since they come in many sizes. The size I use is 36mm

I found that they could be washed and reused many times. I have yet to have one wear out since I have been testing them.

One single O-ring was what I used to keep my skin over the glans when I was not restoring.
I found O-rings to be very helpful for keeping the skin over the glans. The done side is they can fall off when there is not a lot of skin to work with.
The Keeper
I have urinated without retracting the Keeper and it works fine.
Official old geezer with his nut hanging out..
Could this create a taper to the foreskin over time ? The O-ring theory created a "band" around my foreskin.  So lets see if using a keeper for the rest of 2018 changes anything.
Caution! Restoring too aggressively can lead to injuries such as skin tears and bruising or possible other damaging injuries that I am un aware of.  Always use your own judgment on how you choose to restore. Pain is not part of restoring. The information on this web site is to show how I personally choose to restore and is not intended as instructions or medical advice on how everyone should restore. What you choose to do with this information you do at your own risk.