Pictures and videos of my restored foreskin.
This is what the opening looks like with out my Foreskin Piercing in.

Temperature plays a large role on the tightness at the end of a restored foreskin.
Cooler temperatures = very tight.
Warmer temperatures = not as tight.
The picture you see now is more on the cooler temperature side.
I will post another picture when it get cooler to show what i am talking about.

Room temp is about 70 can see the shower door behind me. This was taken after I took a shower and was done shaving my face.

The pictures bellow were taken after about 48 months of restoring,

This picture was taken after my foreskin piercing was totally healed. Knowing what I know today 2016 I would have never done a foreskin piercing due to the problems it gave me for years as I continued my restoring project.
restored foreskin tip1
restored foreskin ring
restored foreskin pull
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restored foreskin glans
restored foreskin nude
restored foreskin nude
My advice to anyone looking into restoring is to research all you can before you do anything.
Determination and patience are the reasons I have the results I have today. Having the right tools for the job is the first step.
Okay so there is no reason for this picture other then to show off...
These pictures were taken at various stages of restoring.
foreskin restoring erection 1
foreskin restoring erection 2
foreskin restoring erection 3
foreskin restoring erection 4
foreskin restoring erection 5
foreskin restoring erection
foreskin restoring erection
foreskin restoring erection
foreskin restoring erection
foreskin restoring erection
foreskin restoring erection
foreskin restoring erection
foreskin restoring erection
foreskin restoring erection
restored foreskin glide
restored foreskin pull
A series of pictures showing how my foreskin looks when getting erection while the foreskin piercing is in place.
Erection begins
Skin starts to retract but is not putting any pressure on the piercing
As the penis becomes more erect
And fully erect
Now let's see how the skin acts without the piercing in place getting an erection.
Erections starts
You can watch the piercing point move as a reference. This would represent my POE.
At about three quarters erection the skin still stays forward pretty good.
Almost fully erect
 This is how my erection looked before I had the erect coverage I have now.
You can restore a great amount of skin. When I first began restoring I would never dream this was going to be possible.
As you can see I am not using a death grip to do this.
Pulling the skin well past the glans with a full erection. Again something I wasn't sure I would be able to achieve when I started.

foreskin restoring erection
restored foreskin stretch
After many requests I decided to update the "glide action"of my restored foreskin video. This video is not a "masturbation" video but there is no other way to show how the foreskin moves with an erection other then moving the skin over the glans in a realistic and natural manner. The purpose is to demonstrate how a restored foreskin  moves like a natural foreskin and why the foreskin is so important to a man's sexual pleasure.
The foreskin is extremely pleasurable and this is a main reason why men are choosing to restore. Most restoring web sites will not approach this subject visually. I have been requested many times to show the foreskin glide action in greater detail then my previous video.
Glide action with of the foreskin is the second biggest reason why men restore.
Without the natural gliding of skin sexual intercourse  can become painful from soreness for both men and women. Foreskin is natures way of making all forms of sexual play more pleasurable. You are born with it for a reason.
restored long foreskin
foreskin end
Overhang is the next step after flaccid coverage. This allows the skin to tighten up when its past the glans.
Just looking for an excuse to pose naked...agian
Click video screen to play in new window ( you can save the video also )
This is how the skin would roll back when I got an erection back then. This picture is a few years old.
This video was made after I stopped restoring for over one year.
Sept, 2016 update
Remember all of these pictures were taken years ago. I no longer use the foreskin piercing.
This was years ago when my piercing was not a problem and helped with the end of the foreskin. Then all hell broke loose in 2016 when the piecing started to reject after 10 years.
Later that night in a slightly cooler room with the ring in place.
Some men restore faster then others. Since 2005 I have learned that not everyone will restore at the same pace.

There has been a small percent of men that despite what they do to restore seem to have a very slow progress rate.  I think that what a person has to start with plays a much larger roll then what I previously thought.  Without a control study it will be difficult to refine these factors to fully understand why some men grow skin faster then others.