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longest restored foreskin
foreskin restored
foreskin results
 This is a pictorial and video scrapbook I have been
sharing since 2005 showing my personal results with restoring using the equipment and methods I show on this website. Please do not take this information as instructions or a guide on what to expect since results will vary.
Click on a box to see more of that picture series.
I will continue to post pictorial and video updates on this page to show how the foreskin look over time.
some things are just not meant to me pierced : (
O-ring theory
After corresponding with thousands of restoring men online since 2005 I can tell you that results will vary from one person to the next because there are so many variables with restoring.  The methods, Routines and anatomy of the person restoring will all come into play. 
Update 2021 Part 2
Update  in progress
Yeah I know it looks creepy but you might learn something.