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All pictures and videos on this site are of my own results from restoring. The only exception is "Alex's touch up page and the other DTR user's page.
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Do not fall victim to hype or any other tactic telling you that they have the "best" or "most comfortable" way to restore. The truth is no device or method is perfect for everyone. There are pros and cons with every method and every device. Anyone telling you their product is the "best way to restore" is simply just using a sales pitch to get you to buy their product. What works great for one person my not be great for everyone.
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Routine circumcision negatively affects more men then I could ever imagine. Physical disfigurement and mental issues are some of the side effects from circumcision not talked about by the  "medical establishment" since it is a good source of revenue for them and most people are clueless about what a foreskin is and how beneficial it can be. Human foreskins are in demand for a number of commercial enterprises also making it a multimillion-dollar-a-year industry.
This web site is not intended to tell you how you should restore your foreskin.
Always consult your physician when starting any restoring project. Use common sense since only you can determine what's best for your body. Restoring is as safe as the person doing it.  So just use your head and listen to your body.  There are limits to what is physically possible right now with the rate of skin growth.

Real results and open information about foreskin restoring from someone who has fully restored himself using
the methods and restoring equipment I show on this website.
There are plenty of misspelled words and screw ups on my site... What's important is the content that just can't be found anywhere else online on this subject. 
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 * Mad scientist excluded
This site was originaly created to show that foreskin restoration was possible.  Please do not take what you see here as medical advise. I am not in the medical profession and I do not have any medical degrees* 
The Original hand made DTR has been used by thousands of restoring men worldwide since 2005
Here you will see every method and technique I have used to restore my foreskin.

November  2022
P.S.  If you see my photos any other websites (Other then mine) remember this site has been online since 2005. Pictures from this site have been copied and re- posted on other sites for years.
One of the largest photo and video record of Foreskin Restoration from start to finish.
This site is for anyone interested in non-surgical foreskin restoration.
This website is Blunt and Direct. My goal is to provide a look into Foreskin Restoration using my own personal pictures, videos, and experience
Est 2005
Just out of curiosity you know your going to look.
Do not take anything you read or see on this website as medical advice.

Tim hammond (norm) and Quinnipiac University
  DTR user shares his restoring and touch up surgical procedures. 
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