First your going to cut off the bottom flange of the nipple.
This is simple since these is a groove where you cut with the scissors so you wont mess it up ...yet.
Next cut off the top of the nipple don't take off to much, you can always cut more but you cant add it back.
You will see a small edge where the bottom flange was removed.
Just take your scissors and cut this little strip of flange that is still there off. I cut it by sliding the scissors rather then cutting with them, If your scissors are sharp this is easy. If there dull you might just want to cut with them.
Try to keep this even so it doesn't look to wavy when your done.
You may choose to put little holes using a leather hole punch tool or leave it with no holes. Some guys like the no hole gripper better.
It's your gripper so you decide.
I hope this helps take some of this mystery behind what the gripper is and how it is made. Take a little time and practice. It's not as hard as you think to make grippers.
Grippers do take about a week of use to break in. So they will stretch a little.
To remove your gripper just grab the edge and work it over one screw at a time. There very durable and wont rip easy so don't be afraid.
 A nipple is placed onto a nylon mandrel that holds the nipple in place while in the lathe. As the lathe is turning I will use a razor knife to remove the bottom ring and top section off the nipple. 

Turn the nipple inside out.
Remove bottom flange
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Making Grippers the old fashion way..... With scissors
I found this method allowed me to cerate a nice even clean cut. The only draw back is its easy to destroy the nipple if I am a little off with the razor.
The Nipple-Matic
Lathe cut grippers
Need a replacement Gripper but cant order one ?  No problem, When I created the DTR I kept the Do it yourself guy in mind.
Every country has different brand baby bottle nipple so look around for Wide neck nipple.These are three brands that I found that work great.
This is how I made grippers when I first started to make the DTR for others.
  • Philips Avent wide neck
  • Dr Browns Wide neck
  • Bfree wide neck
Dr brown and Bfree are almost the same. Philips is a little tighter but when you flip it inside out
it works really good if you need a little more grip
What your looking for is wide neck style nipples.