Balloon Air Method with Retainer or DTR Bell
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This page will show the retainer for example using to the air balloon method to restore.  The retainer fits much looser than the DTR Bell. This is because the retainer is not used for dual tension. Dual tension requires more gripping power since the air methods operate totally differently gripping power is not an issue.
Cheap easily to get balloons such as water balloons can be used.
The DTR air parts tube has a small plastic insert this works perfect as a way to hold a small O-ring to seal a balloon. Also since there is no way for air to leak only one gripper can be used.
I slide the end of a balloon onto the Air tube over the insert end.
Sliding on a small O-ring ( 1/4 inch OD 3/8 inch ID x 1/16th )
I work the O-ring over the insert. This makes a nice seal and keeps the balloon from comming off.
Now I just slide the tube threw the retainer or DTR bell as shown.
I will blow into the tube to inflate the balloon a few times, this loosens the balloon up and make inflating the balloon easier when it is worn.
DTR air foreskin restoring
As you can see in this picture without using a wrap the skin expands outward also. Using the balloon without a wrap could produce undesirable results and is not recommended.
With the Bell or Retainer in place I will now install a wrap.
Before I inflate the balloon I will pull on the Bell or retainer and inflate. This helps you elongate the skin and allows the balloon to fully inflate inside the foreskin.
This is a picture of what it looks like a fully inflated with the wrap installed. By using a wrap it keeps outward expansion to a minimum. This is a method similar to using dual tension.
I believe a wrap is essential to keep the skin from outwardly expanding. These methods can be a great alternative to mix in with your normal restoring routines such as dual tension or tugging.
Using the Air balloon method is close to using dual tension and I have found a great method to use after using normal DTR dual tension. An example would be to use the DTR dual tension for 3-4 hours then switch to the Air balloon method for a few more hours that day.
I have tried many ideas to keep air from entering the urethra if to much air is used. The best method to prevent this is the use Transparent Waterproof Dressing or waterproof bandages. Do not you use regular or breathable medical tape .This is a very important thing to do and must be done. I have been told that if to much air enters the urethra it could cause possible medical problems.
As a precautionary measure in case the balloon breaks. Using a barrier to keep any air from entering the urethra should be used.
DTR air foreskin restoring
DTR air foreskin restoring
DTR air foreskin restoring
I will continue to wrap the shaft.
I will attach a Velcro strap to keep the wrap from unraveling.
This video shows the older style wrap that was used.
DTR air foreskin restoring
I will install the retainer or DTR Bell as normal. Only one gripper is needed when using the balloon method.
Warning: Everything you read and see on this site is not to be taken as instructions on how to restore yourself. Please use common sense and your own judgment when trying anything you might see on this site. Since this method involves air there is a potential risk of injury if used incorrectly. If precautions are not taken to prevent to much air from entering the urethra there is a chance of urinary tract infection or bladder damage so I am told. How much air it would take to cause this potential injury in unclear. I personal have not had issues. Do your research first.
Please use your own judgement with any restoring method. This is not an instructional. I am sharing what I did to restore. You can find these parts in hardware stores and online. I also have it available for in the parts page.
Click video screen to play in new window ( you can save the video also )
Smith and Nephew Opsite Flexifix Transparent Tape shown above is sold by the roll. 11 yards by 2 inches for under $20 online. This would last someone a very long time since you only need a small amount for each use. ( This is what I use now instead of the bandages ).
The balloon method is no longer being offered.  I am leaving this page just as a reference for anyone that still uses this method. I personally did not like using a balloon and feel it just does not produce good results like other methods shown on this site.   I only added the balloon option originally because I had some requests for it years ago.