Direct Air Method with DTR bell or Retainer
What happens inside the foreskin when using air can be seen in this illustration.
Air is not allowed to expand like a balloon with the use of a wide collar wrap I use.
This gives the air only two places to expand out at the ends. It pulls the bell away from the body and also expands the skin away from the glans edge. 
Using an air balloon instead will not produce this same effect since the balloon would not be able to lift the skin from the bottom of the glans like this method does. This has been the only way I can achieve stress on this area of skin so far.
I just insert the 1/4 inch wide silicone tube into the bottom of the DTR bell or Retainer leaving the flared insert end last. After sliding the tube into the bell the end with the plastic insert fits snug into the hole that runs through the center. This creates a seal against air leakage with the tube.
I put the DTR bell or Retainer on as I normally would except that it now has two no hole grippers with the skin in between.
Next I wrap my shaft with the elastic bandage. I have found the elastic bandage to work better then the previous Velcro wrap I used to use . The elastic bandage provides inward pressure. The wrap is needed to keep the skin from expanding like a balloon. Also by wrapping the bell it keeps the gripper from leaking air by lifting off the skin.
After I blow enough air into the DTR I just fold the tube over and use a office clip to keep the air from leaking.

I have tried many ideas to keep air from entering the urethra if to much air is used. The best method to prevent this is the use Transparent Waterproof Dressing or waterproof bandages. Do not you use regular or breathable medical tape .This is a very important thing to do and must be done. I have been told that if to much air enters the urethra it could cause possible medical problems.
Warning: Everything you read and see on this site is not to be taken as instructions on how to restore yourself. Please use common sense and your own judgment when trying anything you might see on this site. Since this method involves air there is a potential risk of injury if used incorrectly. If precautions are not taken to prevent to much air from entering the urethra there could be a chance for injury to the bladder or a urinary tract infection.  How much air it would take to cause this potential injury in unclear. I personal have never had any injuries or issues using Direct AIR.   What you choose to do with the information you find on this website you do at your own risk.
When it is all wrapped I used a Velcro strap to keep the wrap from unraveling.
What I try to achieve is this this bump of air just under the wrap. It lets me know that I am using just enough air pressure. I can push on the bump and it feels like a balloon. It is not very hard but firm.
After it is all set I just wear it like I normally would wear my DTR, the long tube allows me to let the end come up and hang out of what ever I am wearing. This allows me to instantly release air pressure in the event that I need to.
These are some examples of the bandages I have used. I just cut the adhesive strip part of the bandage and use it to cover the urethra opening. These work extremely well since they are water proof and stay on much better then medical tape. It feels like an extra layer of skin more then anything. As much as they stick they are not hard to remove.
I can get two pieces of tape out of each bandage. This ends up working perfectly since I take the DTR off after two hours of use for a pee break. Then apply it again for two hours. So my total restoring time is four hours a day.
This provides a great way to seal the urethra and prevent air from possibly leaking by.
This was my only concern when using air. So rather then take any chances I always cover my urethra so no air will leak in.

I take the end of tube and blow into it as if I was blowing a balloon. This is much safer then using a pump since I can not force to much air inside my foreskin.
Having this easy to reach release system has made this method much safer since I can release the air within seconds if I need to.
Since this is a newer concept in restoring I do not know if it would work with everyone. I only use this method when at home so I can closley monitor any changes or feel the need to remove it quickly.  
I normally start at the top over the gripper and work my way down to wrap three quarters of the shaft leaving the bottom of the shaft exposed.
DTR air foreskin restoring
DTR air foreskin restoring
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To remove the tube completely, just continued to pull on the tube until it slides completely out of the top of the device.
Feed the tube threw with the insert end at the end.
This direct air method really puts a lot of stress on the skin just under the glans.  2 to 4 hours a day when using this method is enough to stress the skin after that I may switch to a less aggressive method for a few more hours that day.
Smith and Nephew Opsite Flexifix Transparent Tape shown above is sold by the roll. 11 yards by 2 inches for under $20 online. This would last someone a very long time since you only need a small amount for each use. ( This is what I use now instead of the bandages ).
I pull the tube until the end is close to flush with the inside of the DTR bell or Retainer.
DTR air foreskin restoring
DTR air foreskin restoring
DTR air foreskin restoring
DTR air foreskin restoring
DTR air foreskin restoring
This video shows the old style wrap, any elastic bandage can be used.
DTR air foreskin restoring
  • 24 inch silicone tube with insert
  • 6 inch piece of flex-film
  • 2 binder clips (Tube clamp)
  • 34 inch elastic bandage wrap
  • 1, 8 inch Velcro strap
  • 1 Bell Skin
A quick tip on preventing air leakage. Attaching a here scrunchy at the top of the gripper will keep the gripper from lifting up. This tip was sent to me by someone who had a air leakage problem when using direct air. I personally have never needed to use this tip but I know others that have and it does work. This may be because of the amount of skin someone has to work with. When it comes to restoring the more skin you have to work with the easier things become.
Please use your own judgement with any restoring method. This is not an instructional. I am sharing what I did to restore. You can find these parts in hardware stores and online. I also have it available for in the parts page.
Click video screen to play in new window ( you can save the video also )
Air parts pack
Although many men can use just one solid gripper with direct air. Two solid grippers or a bell skin with a solid gripper will provides less chance for air leakage.
The pictures bellow will show the older Latex tube that was used in the past. This tube has been  replaced with higher quality a silicone tube.
This is much better then using a one way valve since it inflates faster and can deflate instantly by just pulling the clip off.
Direct AIR is a method I will use with the DTR or Retainer that allows me to use AIR to produce stress on the skin. This method can stress the skin like no other method.
2 solid grippers
1 solid gripper 1 bell skin
Please click here to see how a bell skin is fitted onto a DTR bell.