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What is retaining ?
I have used different ways to retain my skin over the glans when sleeping. I always suggest that anyone doing this should test this during the day.  See how long you can use your "Retaining method" without feeling the need to remove it. You should be able to go at least 6 to 8 hours without any discomfort before attempting to sleep with any retaining method. Also try getting an erection with what your "Retaining method" since you will have to deal with nocturnal erections when sleeping.  When it comes to retaining and sleeping the more skin you have to work with the better. I do not advise Restoring or Retraining When sleeping.  I am a trained Mad scientist who may or may not have done what I am advising not to do or do.  Only do what you feel comfortable doing.
Retaining is a term used that just means to keep the skin "retained "over the glans. This is also called "Training" the skin . The concept is to keep the skin over the glans and over time the skin will naturally want to stay in this position. 

This can be done with anything imaginable including Medical tape, O-rings, a retaining device, or anything that would help keep the skin over the glans when not restoring.

My personal view is that Retaining is as important as restoring. The two go hand in hand in my opinion.  I feel my coverage would not be what it is today had it not been for retaining when I was not restoring.

I then used Orange Silicone O-rings to Retain as I found the material stuck to the skin better then traditional Black O rings. This worked well but there was still room for improvement since they would slip off at times. Washing them frequently makes them work better.

I Had many requests for a device just made to Retain with so the "Retainer"  was born. ( I like to keep naming these things simple )

The Keeper is the latest addition to my Retaining ideas.   This is made from a condom catheter and in my opinion works extremely well as long as you have some skin to work with. I found I could were this 24/7 with zero issues.  But that's mu own personal experience.
I started to Retain after a few months of restoring when I was able to have a little skin to work with. I used a silicone band that I made form a baby bottle nipple.
This "Retaining" Device worked great since it stayed on without slipping off like O-rings can when you don't have enough skin to use them. I made it so that the grip was not as tight as the DTR this way it could be worn for longer periods of time without removal. 
This option might be used by intact men that do not have flaccid coverage due to a short foreskin.

This was designed for just retaining originally but after a short time I added a center hole that runs through the center just like the DTR bell so it could be used for some Restoring methods such as, Air, Weight, and Tugging for some men.
Remember do not take any information you see here as Medical advise. I am clearly a lunatic. So much so that my own dogs dont listen to me. So let this info go in one ear and out the other.
As of July 2021 I now have longer retainers and a notch option for those with a pronounced frenulum that feel they need a notch.  Click here for more info