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Highly aggressive
This method was used before the Belll skin option.
Caution! Restoring too aggressively can lead to injuries such as skin tears and bruising or possible other damaging injuries that may be more serious.  Always use your own judgment on how you choose to restore. Pain is not part of restoring. The information on this web site is to show how I personally choose to restore and is not intended as instructions or medical advice on how everyone should restore. What you choose to do with this information you do at your own risk.

Restoring methods usign the DTR and Retainer.
Retaining methods using the Retainer, O-rings and the Keeper
Techniques with restoring
This page is broken down into three sections. Restoring, Retaining and other techniques
Restoring Methods
"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results"
When progress slows..its time to change the routine or method being used.
updated 2021