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Many DTR users can be found at www.restoringforeskin.org
I often get emails from new DTR users that ask if they are wearing the device correctly. This is a sample of how other men wear the DTR. The DTR will sit differently from one individual to the next. It all depends on how much skin you have available and the size of the penis. This does not affect the outcome of restoring.
Background: I started restoring in early 2007 as soon as I learned foreskin restoration was possible. I started with manual techniques and home-made devices for about 9 months until I bought my first device the DTR. Since that day I've used the DTR along with quite a few of the other common restoration devices. For me the DTR was the most comfortable and versatile, which is why I still use it frequently 6 years into my restoration journey. I don't let restoring drive my daily activities. Sometimes, a week will go by where I wasn't able to restore due to the craziness of the week. I do however keep positive and persistent towards my restoration goals and wouldn't trade the benefits of having a restored foreskin for anything.

Matt , contact info   restoringci10@gmail.com
Here is me using the dtr. I found over time that I grow inner much faster than outer skin. So to even the growth rates out I use a small silicone band to keep higher tension on the outside, much like the foam AIG collars.
Hi Chuck,I just thought I would update you after 12 months of buying your dtr device...so far, the results have been good, even after not using the device full time...mostly evenings and lately, more daytime and evenings. For 10 months, I just used the Standard plate but now, using both the Standard and Conform plate.Thanks H
Am I wearing it correctly?
Another DTR user is showing two different methods, dual tension and tugging
How the device will position itself will vary from one person to the next.
This creative user is using both dual tension and tugging at the same time
This picture was recently sent by someone just starting to restore. This person does not have a lot of skin to work with.
Richard kraniumm lol...little summery ..I started 3 years ago with a socket taped to what little skin I had...cross taped when sleeping...found restoringforeskin.org http://restoringforeskin.org ...then found your life saving device...by that time I had very little skin to apply..so I tugged until I had enough to apply the dtr.  Started with the notch plate as long as I could stand it...results came fast ...and when I achieved my first roll over ...I purchased the comfort notch plate...The rest is history.. I constantly retained for 7 months b4 I noticed my gland getting smooth and shiny. .and let me tell you how much better sex and masturbation us now...my wife even notices the difference in her pleasure. ..Also I didn't mention ...When I first started I was so tightly cut me erections hurt ... I have other pictures I'd like for you to use as well wearing the device and how I put it on ..and how I target what part of skin I want to stretch ..oh yeah I know everyone is different but when I take a brake from restoring ..that's when I see the most results

DTR user "Steve"
When I use the Dtr it is usually about 6hrs per day and then several hours in the evening, also manual stretching by pulling the bottom tip of my foreskin is very helpful.I easily get aroused with my foreskin forward and rubbing the bottom.I never retract my foreskin during love making and it stays forward on its own at all times including when I shower.I have visited with several restoring men on a one to one basis to show them my progress.My girl friend does not mind and she is very supportive of foreskin restoration.I have found that using an inverted nipple inside the pusher plate makes the experience of restorationmore comfortable and it is softer on the glans.I have used the Velcro strap and it works very well in conjunction with the inverted nipple. On a personal note chuck you have really come up with a perfect way to restore your foreskin with very little risk and a great reward."

"I have been restoring on and off for about 4.5 years and I have full erect coverage. "

Using Dual tension and tugging at the same time.
This was just sent from a gentleman named "Bee". He's new to using the DTR and wanted to show how it looks when he's wearing the device.
Below is an assortment of different men showing how the device is worn
A recent DTR user pictured here e-mailed me after he attached his DTR to ask if he is wearing it correctly. My answer to anyone is as long as skin is under the bell evenly as possible then your doing it correctly.
This is what I mean by placing skin around the bell so that the gripper hangs on to it.
DTR user LEE wanted to share some pictures of his success... 
Matt:  This is the result of starting at CI-3 and stretching daily for 15 months using the DTR and retainer with weights
A DTR user ( AKA Bee ) wanted to send some result pictures to put on the board.  
These are from a person new to restoring and just starting using his DTR.
J has been restoring for several years and started to use the DTR 8 months ago