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chuck torres
My name is Chuck Torres . I started my restoration journey in 2003. I'm the maker of the DTR and this is my website/post blog. Every picture you see on this site is me with the exception of the "Other DTR users" page and Alex's touch up pages.

long foreskin
In 2002 I heard about Foreskin Restoring on the radio one day while driving . When I got home I checked it out online. Information was available but not like today. I found a web site called newforeskin.biz  I learned what I could and researched as much as I could on the subject.

Any sexual play with a foreskin is extremely pleasurable. I think mainly because it stimulates the glans. I know for me personally what became my inner foreskin has changed in appearance and texture.

foreskin pull
 Glide action :This is the foreskin's ability to move over the glans so that only the foreskin is in contact with them. This feeling is amazing to say the least.

 The foreskin can stay in place as the penis moves when having sex, this prevents dryness so no extra lubrication is needed. Masturbation is also incredibly pleasurable when you have a foreskin.
My glans have become smooth and shiny and sensitive to touch. The foreskin keeps them moist and protected the way they are supposed to be. Not exposed and dried out the way circumcision causes them to become.
Before restoring
The logic in restoring made sense but the methods and devices available were not perfect. I created my own device and was able to restore my foreskin and gain more sensitivity than I had imagined , not to mention how much better I feel about my penis looking intact and the confidence I gained from accomplishing what I thought was impossible.
It took me almost a year before I decided to restore myself since I was a little skeptical on if this was really possible to do.
 I knew the sensitivity on my penis was diminishing as I got older. This is why restoring intrigued me; I also never liked the way my circumcised penis looked. It was taken longer to reach orgasm during any sexual activity even masturbation.

 I decided I would do my best to restore. Time was going to pass me by anyway and I didn't want to lose more sensitivity.

This site is my record on how I restored my foreskin. Feel free to e-mail with any questions you have on restoring that you may have. Remember this web-site is not a tutorial. It is a place where I share my own restoring project and results. Use your own judgement on what is right for you and your body. I just want to show what is achievable when you really want something. One thing I have learned is there is no fast track to this. You will only hurt yourself and slow your progress down if you try to rush it.

Bet your wondering what the heck I am looking at?

(Brass goggles not included)
  • Glans sensitivity greatly increased ( glans stay protected )
  • Sexual activity is much more pleasurable
  • Natural appearance and a feeling of being complete
  • Orgasms that are more intense
  • Confidence.. I mean come on ..I am naked all over this site.
  • loss of sensitivity ( head of the penis being constantly exposed )
  • loss of sexual satisfaction
  • Soreness for myself and my wife ( no glide action )
  • Unhappy with appearance of an unnatural looking penis
Being circumcised I was experiencing all of these problems.
So my story is simple. Like many circumcised men I was losing the penile sensitivity I had when I was younger.  My penis glans needed more stimulation and it was taking longer and longer to reach orgasm with each passing year.
Why would someone restore ?
  Being restored changed the way I experience life. Not only did it give me gave me new sensations like I never had before but it also has changed my attitude towards life. It was this dramatic of a change for me. I can't speak for anyone else. So this is just me personal perspective on restoring but I'm truly am blown away by the difference in appearance and sensation.

This is what I personally gained from restoring.
Life is an experience and your body is the tool that allows you to feel and explore the world around you.