Weight method with the Retainer using Nylon screws or Magnet
I use 1 1/4 inch OD by 1/4 inch ID stainless steel washers. Any washer can be used but I find stainless steel to work great since there is no chance of rust and are just cleaner to work with.

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foreskin weight
Medical tape is a good way to keep your stacks of washers from turning  you into a human slot machine if the wing nut came loose and all the loose washer fell to the floor.

When using a Magnet connection washers or a steel ball bearing can be used for weight.
The nylon screws that come with the Reatainer can be used for spacers or steel washers for weight.
As you can see in these pictures the 2 inch nylon screw will provide 5.3 oz of weight and the 3 inch screw gives 10.6 oz of weight.
Using tape is a much more covenant way to use washers. I just make stakes of different weight and can use what ever amount I want quickly.
A magnet connector can be used to make attaching weight easier.
This a 2 inch steel ball bearing  the weight is about 1.3 lbs.
this is okay to use when I am standing in one area for a long period of time.
Some walking it okay but moving fast will cause the weight to swing.

Steel ball bearings come in all sizes and weight. To compare a 2 inch to a 1 inch. The 2 inch is 1.3 lbs and th one 1 inch is only around 3 oz
This is a Retainer with a magnet connector and magnet attached.
This is the site I ordered from. http://www.bcprecision.com
2 inch steel ball ( 19 oz )
1.5 inch steel ball ( 8 oz )