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Using the nylon washer
The nylon washer is used on older DTR bells that do not have the wide collar.This washer is available on the parts page at the cost of $3.00. The price is due to the fact that the inner diameter of the washer has to be drilled out. It is simply not a part I can buy off-the-shelf.
I am using a new style DTR Bell for this demonstration.
If the DTR Bell you have looks like the one pictured here you do not have to use this washer.
Only older DTR bells like the one pictured here need this washer for the air method.
Slide the split side of the washer onto the Bell by using a downward pressure.
As you use a downward pressure the washer will open. Push the washer into the collar.
The washer will snap in place as shown here.
To remove the washer, insert the clip and of a tugging clip into the small hole on the opposite end of the split on the washer.
What's the clip is in place start to pull on the washer and give a slight twist to the clip.
Twist and pull
The washer will pop right off.
Always remove the grippers before installing or removing the washer. The gripper will stretch enough so that it can be removed even when the washer is installed.
The washer is now removed.Again this washer is only needed for older style DTR bells and it is why I no longer included it with the air parts. This also allowed me to lower the price of the air parts since many people do not needed but it can be purchased separately.