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What the foreskin can look like after heat from a workout.
I was on my elliptical machine and thought I often hear " Hey Chuck, can you post some close up shots of the foreskin after doing something very warm "  Now this isn't going to to be a freak show so don't get scared. These shots were taken right after jumping off the elliptical in the back.  I grabbed my camera that was on my desk and took some shots. This will show what the foreskin looks like when its as loose as it gets.  Now since I am pierced this gives me a finger print. So I can always prove its me. 
I hope this counts for my 15 minutes of fame.
Sorry for the annoying ForeskinRestore.com  But my photos end up in some strange sites.  
Ok now the first 6 pictures are the same shot but blown up to show the back ground first.
Now I know all you in web reality are looking at this site for information on Foreskin restoration or you just like foreskin pictures..who am I to judge..  I plan on increasing the content of this site as much as I can.  To prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that we that restore are not making this stuff up. So these shots should provide a good idea what the skin look like under warm conditions..

The pictures will be in both clean and blue markers to show piecings do not move so you can be sure what you looking at is real. There is nothing on or under the skin. I will continue to make series shots like this one.
Same picture as above.. blue marks show piercings
Same picture as above.. blue marks show piercings
Same picture as above.. blue marks show piercings
Same picture as above.. blue marks show piercings
Same picture the piercings do not change.  The lower or left side blue line is the one I had for years. Its is  bigger then my original one on the right that I had for only a month.  There are two more like this on the other side.
Now the next shots will be both clean and marked.   I moved closer to the desk and turned on the light still with my shorts down it took only a few seconds to change to Macro on the camera and took these shots.. again notice the piericings are in the same spot as above although the penis did move when I walked to the desk.
Clear and getting closer to under the tip. my scrotal piercings were moving in these shots. That skin has a mind of its own some times. I know most men know what I am saying.
Now all I am doing here is opening my legs a bit to take a direct front shot. Now my finger is on the side on my penis to keep it steady for the photo. it is not being pushed forward. If you compare where the piercings are you can see this.
Now these are hopefully going to give everyone a better idea on what the foreskin looks like after a workout.. Yeah I know I am not sweating like a pig in these but it is October in New England.

 I will show some stupid tight tip shots soon.  like when its cool, cold and sitting. In a way i am glad I have the piercings to prove and to help show that the photos are always of yours truly.  I am documenting as much as I can to have a visual proof of my full restoring process.  A big Thanks to everyone that  has been so supportive in all this.
Same picture as above.. blue marks show piercings