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Taking a closer look under the hood.
My glans skin have become incredibly smooth from restoring as shown in these pictures.
In these pictures the glands themselves are not wet. This is their natural appearance when I have an erection. Smooth and extremely sensitive the way they're supposed to be.
I get emails asking if a restored foreskin will produce a scent. The answer for me is yes.  I really noticed this change later in my restoration and especial today since I've been restored for years now.  I belive a restored foreskin can produce the same "musk" that an intact penis produces. This is unique scent that was never present before I restored. This is not to be confused with urine or sweat and is not unpleasant.
All sexual play has become more intensified. Sex and masturbation can be more adventurous since I have more options. The skin gliding over the glans is sensational and this has changed sexual intercourse dramatically for myself and my wife. She enjoys the way it feels, sex without soreness and drying out. The befits of being restored isn't just for the person restoring. To all my former fellow men who were circumcised  at birth..... You got screwed!
After being protected by my restored foreskin the glans have the appearance of being naturally intact.
Gone are the days of dry desensitized glans.
It's been a personal quest of mine to provide the best information I can about foreskin restoration.
Unfortunately most websites focusing on this issue do not provide enough visual evidence showing the end results of patience and determination.
You can see what remains of my pierced frenulum that is giving issues and also see my PA piercing that has not been in use for many years now.
Okay, Real interesting stuff here. Over time my restored foreskin has changed the color and texture of the inner skin. So much so that my old circumcision scar has changed dramatically.
oct 2012
Also notice how the foreskin piercings shrunk a bit over time. This is just before it started to reject
Aug 2015
Before Restoring
Nothing like good Before and After pictures to show the real change to the glans when restoring.
The smooth texture of the glans is a great change from the way my glans used to look.
Here you can see my Frenulum piercing is getting smaller ( new issue I am dealing with this year ) You can also see where I had a skin tear right next to the frenulum recently.
I had this photo dated 2016 by mistake when I edited this page earlier.
This is August 2017 the foreskin piercing ( circled ) is much better and is now the size it was when I first did it.  I do not use it anymore.

The area in the box is where my circumcision line was and is now the end of my foreskin when the skin is over the glans.
More to come...
This area is what is at the end of my foreskin today.
Now due to my multiple body piercings such as a PA, Foreskin and Frenulum piercing I am dealing with issues most restoring men will not go threw.  Over the past few years I have seen some major changes in them even when they have not been used for years. 

Its the scar tissue that a piercing leaves that is the issues I am dealing with now... My Advise is do not pierce your Penis..  My scrotal piercings are not an issue and never have been,
When I hold the foreskin down with force the glans will bend due to my shorter frenulum. This does not bend unless I am pulling down on the skin hard.
Here my glans are not as erect and you can see the veins are not noticeable and purple as they get when erect.
Holding the skin back I can feel my short frenulum get tight.  This is an issue I am dealing with now do an older frenulum piercing I did before restoring. Just like my foreskin piercing issues I had in 2016 this old frenulum piercing is causing issues now in 2017.