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For years I have made a stand alone TugBell that is used just for the tug method. These were by request only but i have decided to include them on the parts page.
It's much like a DTR bell but with a few differences.  It can not be used with a push plate and push rod for dual tension.  This bell is for tugging only.
When shown next to a DTR bell the TugBell looks similar to a DTR but with a few changes.The TugBell has a pull ring nub built into the device so there is no need for a tug pin and screws.
The 1/4 inch center hole for a push rod or tug pin is a now a 1/8 inch vent hole.
The inside cavity depth of the TugBell is about 1/2 depth of a DTR bell. 
All the restoring equipment you see on this site is made by hand on a lathe from nylon and Made in America
The TugBell is extremely durable , comfortable and made by yours truly.
This is designed for the tug method
Shown with a no hole gripper
All edges are smooth and rounded
A split ring is used as an anchor point for a Tug strap
The small vent hole is needed so that the TugBell does not create suction when it is attached and pulled away from the head of the penis.
Glans edge
 10 mm Deep
20 mm Deep
The TugBell has a 10 mm deep cavity much like a Retainer.
The DTR bell has close to a 20 mm deep cavity to accommodate a push plate.

The TugBell use the same grippers as a DTR.
The diameter is the same as a DTR bell  (Approximate 34.35 mm wide)