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Approximately 24 months using the DTR, 3/4 coverage when fully erect and always full coverage. you have hit on a very easy to use foreskin system, it is easy to use and WORKS !
Shown here Steve is using the AIG method.
A small picture of Steve using regular dual tension method.
The overhang and tight foreskin is really incredible.
Steve's results are extremely impressive and I will be adding to this page in the future with more information.
" When I use the Dtr it is usually about 6hrs per day and then several hours in the evening, also manual stretching by pulling the bottom tip of my foreskin is very helpful.I easily get aroused with my foreskin forward and rubbing the bottom.I never retract my foreskin during love making and it stays forward on its own at all times including when I shower.I have visited with several restoring men on a one to one basis to show them my progress.My girl friend does not mind and she is very supportive of foreskin restoration.I have found that using an inverted nipple inside the pusher plate makes the experience of restorationmore comfortable and it is softer on the glans.I have used the Velcro strap and it works very well in conjunction with the inverted nipple. On a personal note chuck you have really come up with a perfect way to restore your foreskin with very little risk and a great reward."

"I have been restoring on and off for about 4.5 years and I have full erect coverage. "

The coverage I had was before I started using the DTR was loose skin when I was flaccid but no coverage. I lost all the pictures I had from the begining of my restoreation due to a computer crash : ( always make backups!! ) So I can only share my progress after 24 months restoring.
Pictures beyond this point are from 24- 48 months of restoring,
email from Steve: