Push plates
Men with any frenulum or a PA should choose the Notched push plate instead of the Standard push plate.

The push plate presses against the glans and allows the DTR to be used in dual tension.
Dual tension is the push/pull effect on a bi-directional restoring device. This is a method of restoring that allows the user not have to rely on a tugging strap to create tension. This allows for a more convenient and discrete way to restore since it is self contained and easily worn under clothing such as shorts.
The push plate is what presses against the glans of the penis when using dual tension method.
The picture on the right shows my partial frenulum and a PA piercing. While many frenulums more pronounced than others. This area will get to much pressure placed on it when using a standard plate resulting in discomfort that slows the restoring process since the user uses less tension to relieve the discomfort.
Notched conform
Four style push plates are available for the DTR. The standard and notched push plate is what most men will start with.
When beginning restoration the standard push plate or notched push plate is what is normally used since these push plates do not require much skin to work with.
The conform plate's are used by more advanced restoring men because more skin is needed to be able to use these plates. This is the amount of slack skin needed for a conform plate. More skin makes things even easier. This picture was at eight months of restoring.
The conform plates shown here is the answer to many requests I have gotten in the past years to make a deeper push plate. The idea behind these plates is to distribute the pressure over a larger surface of the glans. I personally found them to work better when using higher amounts of tension for longer periods of time. They should be looked at as a secondary push plate to increase your restoring options.
This plate is a little more than twice as deep inside as a standard or notched plate so more skin is needed to use them.
All push plates are interchangeable and can be used on any DTR. All push plate are available on the parts page.
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The conform plate is not designed to fully engulf the glans. Like normal push plates the conform plate should be smaller then the glans diameter.
Notched conform plate

Standard Conform plate
Do not get a Conform plate unless you have been restoring for awhile and have plenty of skin to work with.
The size of the standard/notched push plate is approximately  34 mm wide.
The size of the conform push plate is approximately  35 mm wide.
A notched push plate is needed to avoid this issue.